Will There Be Internship Opportunities for Students in 2021?

Along with the thousands of employees laid off, and businesses that had to close down due to the COVID-19 health crisis, a large number of students also lost internship opportunities.

According to a survey conducted by the job-search site Handshake of 1,000 college students, an estimated 30% of college juniors and seniors have had their summer internship offers completely rescinded, while others have had their internship programs postponed. These changes have caused many students to feel lost and defeated.

There is a survey conducted by the employment platform Yello of college students who got their internships canceled, around 70% said that they were angered but understood the situation completely, while 26% explained that they were discomposed and did not know how to get through this situation.

“Internships are extremely crucial to getting a full-time job,” said Joshua Kahn, assistant director of research and public policy at the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a nonprofit professional membership organization for college career services based in Bethlehem, Penn.

There is no doubt that 2020 is a nightmare for all interns, and it brings into serious question what will happen in the next year, especially in the economic system, which is associated with the amount of hiring process.

Much to do with the future remains unknown, however, we will tell you what we currently know about internship opportunities that you can take advantage of in 2021.

Will there be internship opportunities in 2021?

As companies transition from a traditional to a virtual version of product offerings, similar changes have been integrated into the internship process.

In an interview, CEO of software development firm “Exelaration” Steve Cooper said,

“Our process and criteria have remained the same, but the media has changed to fully virtual. We conduct all our interviews and group exercises over Zoom now ,and our scheduling and internship offer process remains fully virtual as before the pandemic.”

EWR Digital’s CEO Matt Bertram said his company has also shifted to virtual internships.

"As many of our workforces now work remotely, this was an easy decision to make. We look for interns who can help us with a current project or have specific skills that we need.”

With that said, there WILL be internship opportunities in 2021. However, there might be fewer than there used to be.

There have been numerous reports stating that there would be fewer work experience opportunities available as companies are either still in the process of transitioning into virtual platforms or are still adjusting to changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought them. Back in May 2020, the Institute of Student Employers said that its members were expecting to offer up to 40% fewer placements and internships.

Even so, it’s worth noting that some companies haven’t yet made their decision about internships. Most are waiting and observing what their economic prospects and the pandemic will be like before making the final call. What this essentially means is that there could be a surge of new opportunities in 2021, so students and PrepScholar GRE prep course takers need not lose heart!

What if I don’t get any work experience?

In current situations, it is difficult to deny that everyone worries about what will happen in the future because the pandemic is unlikely to end beautifully. We would like to say that the most important thing to handle this situation is trust in the company that decided to hire you. All companies have been trying their best to allow all interns as much as possible to gain work experience until the pandemic gets better.

Is it possible to find a company that matches my skills and interests next year?

Having an opportunity to work with a company that meets your interests and skills is such a perfect way to pave the road to build your career in the future. However, in a situation like this, many interns are worried that it is possible to get a company that matches their abilities. The answer is “yes” like what we mentioned before, that all companies have been trying to give opportunities for interns that match with abilities and skills in many different positions. Researching the company also opens the opportunity to understand more about what the company does and what you will learn from them.

What should I prepare for the upcoming year as an intern?

Due to the pandemic, the hiring rate definitely rises, and it is high competition for all interns looking for internships at this time. It will be a good opportunity to use this time as a self-development by focusing on skills that you need to improve, including soft skills and hard skills. If you have planned to do an international remote internship, you may be interested in taking online courses to learn about the language related to the country you choose as your destination.

There are plenty of online learning platforms that offer a myriad of both paid and free courses covering all sorts of different topics and skills. If you have always had a hankering for learning more things about a certain subject or even a new one, now is the perfect time to pursue it.

You might also want to consider going to grad school.

There are plenty of useful resources here at My GRE Exam Preparation, from detailed reviews of the best GRE prep courses to the best GRE prep books.

You can also visit our blog to find some tips to learn new languages and how to create an effective resume/CV to catch HR's attention.

Do we still have a chance to work in the workplace?

Some interns might prefer to work directly in the workplace than working from home. Fortunately, some companies are still open for interns to work in the office, but it depends on the pandemic’s situation when it looks getting better or worse. The best way is to keep updating news and information about the company you applied for. Are they available for normal working processes, or do they prefer working remotely?. Everything is unstable and unpredictable, so that it might change every time.

Will there be opportunities for interns who want to do an internship abroad?

There will be opportunities for all interns who want to do an international internship in the next coming year, but the countries that have high cases of coronavirus may be unable to open for all international interns.

What will I get from doing remote internships?

There is no doubt that many companies turn to open remote internships instead of working directly. The rate of remote internships has been increasing day by day, and it will keep growing until the pandemic gets better. Even if you have not worked directly in the company you applied for, you still gain the work experience in a different way through the remote internship. It is impossible to finish your internship without any working experience.

You have improved your hard and soft skills from doing the remote, such as independence, time management, technical knowledge, communication, computer program skills, etc. It also is a good opportunity to show your knowledge and abilities through what you have learned from the university. Especially when you are doing international remote internships, you will also know how to communicate with people from other countries, learning cultural norms, and creating connections at the same time.

To sum up, there are chances for all intern students in 2021, but it is more likely to be a remote internship due to an unstable situation. Luckily, at the end of this year, there has a coronavirus vaccine, which means there will be hope that everything is getting better in the next year, even if it has to take time to recover.

However, we would like to say that focusing on taking care of yourself and always practicing skills when you have time, trying not to put too much pressure on yourself. We can come through this situation together!

If you have any questions or recommendations, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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