Internship in Hong Kong

Hong Kong overview

With its kaleidoscope of bright lights and colors as well as its skyscraper-studded skyline, not many cities look as vibrant and as breathtaking as the magnificent modern city called Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China located on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in the southern part of China. As a special administrative region, it makes use of governing and economic systems that are different from those of mainland China, and Cantonese serves as the regional language.

Hong Kong was formerly a sparsely populated area made up of small farming and fishing villages. Today however, the city, being home to over 7.4 million people of different nationalities (who usually identify as “Hongkongers”), is regarded as one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

But the population is not normally considered one of the things that make the city special, important and popular. Rather, Hong Kong is widely known as one of the world’s most significant global financial centers; a major commercial port city; the seventh-largest trading entity in the world; a city with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world; a global shopping destination; and the city with the largest number of skyscrapers in the world.

In fact, due to its position in the global economic network and the influence it exerts on other nations around the globe, Hong Kong has been classified as an Alpha+ world city.

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Internship experience in Hong Kong

As a major commercial hub in Asia, it is no surprise that many industries flourish in Hong Kong, and there are a huge number of businesses/companies operating in each of these industries. The city’s proximity to mainland China has also made it an ideal location for businesses to base their operations when trying to penetrate the Chinese market.

Needless to say, internship and job opportunities abound in Hong Kong for graduates and young professionals in various industry fields. If you are looking to do a paid internship in Hong Kong, industries such as Finance, Business Development, Information Technology, and Import Export provide the most promising career fields to explore.    

What will be the benefits of doing a summer internship in Hong Kong, you ask? A Hong Kong internship through AIP will give you the opportunity to experience this amazing city/country, both personally and professionally.

No matter which career path you have chosen to follow, learning first-hand how businesses in Asia operate can be an invaluable addition to your knowledge base. But that is not all. Because employers today highly value experience, they will readily select a candidate who has had an international internship experience over one that has not. In other words, an international internship in Hong Kong will help you stand out from the crowd, and give you a much needed competitive edge over other candidates in the job market.

Apart from developing yourself personally and professionally during your internship in Hong Kong, you will have the chance to meet and interact with other industry professionals from all around the globe, which can be a great way to grow your network. It is no secret that having a network of like-minded people in the same field (and even other fields) can be extremely beneficial to a person’s career, and that knowledge and experience are not all that matter in any sector.

AIP has made it very much easier for international students and young professionals like you to experience an internship in Hong Kong, or in any other Asian country for that matter. With our extensive network of partner companies across numerous industries, we will help you secure an internship that is ideal for you.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a summer or a winter internship in Hong Kong, we accept applications all year round. You can also start anytime as start date is completely customizable.

Things to Do In Hong Kong

Considering its conducive atmosphere, rich amount of Chinese history and heritage, delectable Cantonese cuisine, remarkable Victoria Harbor scenery, and many more sights/attractions, Hong Kong happens to be a city one can easily fall in love with.

So during your leisure time away from your Hong Kong internship activities, we strongly encourage you to move around and explore all the varied excitements Hong Kong has to offer. And while you do so, feel free to also immerse yourself in the exotic and unique culture of the city.  

The country is made up of three major areas: the New Territories, the Kowloon Peninsula, and the Hong Kong Island. You can take a leisurely stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade overlooking the scenic Victoria Harbor, and witness the Symphony of the Stars light show. Then enjoy a ride on the Star Ferry from the Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island which is home to Honk Kong’s main business district, Central. Remember to visit and shop at some of the city’s diverse street markets, such as the popular Temple Street Night Market where you will come across quite a few surprises.  

Another attraction you must absolutely visit is Victoria Peak, commonly known as “The Peak. Situated right on top of Hong Kong Island’s highest point, this very scenic peak offers incredible views of the city’s sea of skyscrapers, beautiful blue waterways, the green hills of the distant New Territories, and other interesting landmarks.

Whenever the hustle and bustle within the city becomes overwhelming for you, you can plan a short getaway and choose from a variety of tranquil spaces located outside Hong Kong’s urban centers, such as the national parks. We also recommend you visit the fishing village of Tai-O, have a relaxing time on the beaches of Shek O, and go see what the Po Lin Monastery looks like.

We promise you will always find cool things to do and exciting places to go during your internship in Hong Kong.

Work culture

Hong Kong is well-known for its long working hours. With an average of 42 hours per week, employees are expected to work hard due to societal standards. However, the hours you put into work does not only determine your passion and commitment in the work that you do, it is integral to the way in which you are being perceived by your colleagues at work.

To establish a good professional relationship in Hong Kong long term, pay respect to the organization's hierarchical structure. This includes being on time for important business meetings, prioritizing the senior members or top ranking members at all times, and being attentive to its standard and smart business attire that allude appreciation at a professional level.

Though Hong Kong's meetings are straightforward and quick, they are often scheduled months in advance. It is also crucial for attendees to always take into consideration the Asian concept of 'face' during these meetings. To 'save face' or to raise someone's reputation and prestige is thought to be one of the highest forms of respect; and a positive influence on your relationship with the other party.

Respect is expected at each level of any professional interaction. To wait for senior members to take their first sip shows respect towards another party. In Hong Kong, one's interaction with tea or the lack thereof could determine the direction in which the meeting is bound to take. If hosts left the tea untouched, for instance, it is a sign that they are keen on ending the discussion.

Top industries

Known to be the first Asian Tiger to industrialize its economy, Hong Kong quickly became the center point for the labor intensive manufacturing sector. Electronics, textiles, and other commercial goods were at the forefront of Hong Kong’s accelerating economic growth which had resulted in the establishment of new industrial towns like Kowloon and Wong Chuk Hang with enhanced infrastructures.

Decades after, Hong Kong opened up its borders and began to move some of its businesses overseas, to mainland China. This momentous shift in international policies made Hong Kong China’s major port. As its reputation grew, Hong Kong’s port extended to multiple countries around the world. Today, Hong Kong port welcomes more than 200,000 ships to over 600 different locations globally as it races to become a smart city.

Hong Kong is also reputable for being the third most popular financial center of the world following New York and London. Its low taxation policies, skilled labors, and strategic location brings in foreign direct investments from China, the United Kingdom, and Japan in banking, real estate, and insurance today.

Large inflows of foreign direct investments and advanced technological developments give Hong Kong confidence in its capabilities to rise up as future smart cities. However, the demand for local engineers are high. To compensate, Hong Kong attracts large numbers of multinational engineers with its exceptional living standards and possibilities for career prospects. Things are looking upward for the Hong Kong engineering industry as its annual growth is predicted to rise by 2% between 2022 and 2025.

Reasons to intern in Hong Kong

An internship in Hong Kong sets you up for a culturally-diverse, and rapidly-changing, work environment! Interning in Hong Kong means that you will get a chance to accustom yourself to Hong Kong’s unique blend of eastern and western culture and work alongside some of its brightest minds in your chosen areas of interest.

Undergoing an internship in Hong Kong also offers you a chance to gain new perspectives on how you should move forward in your professional and personal life. An internship in Hong Kong offers you the chance to explore another side of Hong Kong that is vibrant and full of life as you build connections with people from various walks of life.

Hong Kong accommodation

  • Furnished accommodation
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi access
  • Close proximity to the workplace (within 1 hour or less)
  • Accessible by public transport
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Visa information

Hong Kong offers a Working Holiday Scheme Program, which allows people of the following countries to enter for a limited period of training: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

The purpose of the Scheme is to facilitate cultural and educational exchange between Hong Kong and the participating countries.

Nationals of the participating countries that meet the following eligibility criteria can be granted a Working Holiday Visa:

  • he/she holds a valid national passport issued by the participating country and is ordinarily residing in that participating country
  • he/she is aged between 18 and 30
  • he/she is able to produce financial proof of having an amount sufficient for his/her maintenance during his/her proposed stay in the HKSAR, e.g. bank statement, saving accounts passbooks, etc.
  • he/she holds a return air ticket or financial proof of having sufficient funds to purchase a return air ticket; and he/she agrees to hold medical, healthcare (including hospitalization), repatriation and liability insurance to remain in force throughout his/her stay in the HKSAR

Apply online and our staff can help you further in regards to your visa eligibility for Hong Kong.

Note: Immigration laws are updated frequently, so the above text may be subject to change.

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