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Malaysia overview

Malaysia is a unique and vibrant country holding a cocktail of cultures, and is home to the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Aside from its impressive capital city, the overall infrastructure of Malaysia is one of the best in Asia and is continuously developing. Rapidly growing as a major Asian business hub, an internship in Malaysia is an ideal opportunity to gain international working experience.

An international Malaysia internship will look impressive on your CV when applying to companies in the future. Employers will recognize that you are much more diverse than other candidates by seeing that you went out of your comfort zone by interning in a foreign country. Going abroad to pursue a Malaysia internship will not only increase your skills and knowledge but also your professional network by meeting industry professionals.

Choosing to take part in a Malaysia internship to acquire international work experience is a great opportunity for any young professionals or university students. As a newly industrialized country, Malaysia is undergoing a major economic development and businesses are booming. A little-known fact about Malaysia is that its economy is one of the most competitive in Asia, and is growing at a steady rate. Major industries to pursue in Malaysia are Environmental, Finance, and PR & Marketing.

AIP maintains a large network of partner companies, comprising of a broad range of industry fields to offer internships in Malaysia for international students. Whether you are interested in a Malaysia summer internship or any other time during the year, it doesn’t matter. We accept applications throughout the entire calendar year for Malaysia internships!

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Internship experience in Malaysia

Malaysia is an extraordinary country in Southeast Asia and has major cultural influences from Singapore, China, and India. When arriving in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, you will recognize that the locals are very friendly and live a relaxed lifestyle. Your lifestyle as an international intern in Malaysia will provide you the chance to experience first hand what it is like to live and work in this rapidly growing Southeast Asian business hub.

We highly encourage you to explore everything that this incredible country has to offer during your Malaysia internship. Having a mix of big city life, tropical rainforests, and stunning sandy beaches, there are so many sights to see and activities to participate in. A few must-see landmarks during your leisure time away from your internship in Malaysia are visiting the breathtaking Batu Caves, the Kuala Lumpur tower for the gorgeous city views, and the getaway Rawa Island.

Top industries

Situated at the heart of Asia, Malaysia is the international trade gateway for many. Thanks to its strategic geographical location and diverse population, a myriad of business opportunities arise in this peninsular country. The country now attracts a large number of multinational companies from more than 40 different destinations around the world.

Its open market economy has contributed to the overall GDP by drawing in massive amounts of foreign direct investment annually. The country's free trade economy not only boosts trade outside of the country; but it speeds up the emergence of new markets domestically. In fact, Malaysia's business industry is forecasted to be expanding at an accelerating speed in the future.

Ever since the formation of Federation of Malaysia in 1963, Malaysians have been maintaining its integrity and unity as a country despite being composed of a largely diverse population who carry distinct religious beliefs and opinions. Freedom of expression then becomes an instrumental part in unification of the country. An internship in Malaysia offers you the opportunity to engage in humanistic works across the nonprofit sector.

Diversity in Malaysia, however, goes beyond ethnicity and culture, this multicultural country is naturally diverse. In the country that houses more than twenty percent of the world’s animal population including the endangered Malayan tigers, you will be joining the locals in promoting natural conservation in Borneo, Selangor, and plenty others.

Work culture

In Malaysian culture, it is considered essential that you create a positive personal connection between yourself and others involved in the professional engagement. This is especially true for initial business appointments as they are reserved for the establishment of personal relationships. Once you have built trust, you are free to discuss business related matters. Successful business meetings require you to keep the Asian concept of 'face' in mind at all times.

Due to Malaysian hierarchical corporate structure, all decisions have to be approved by upper management. For this reason, it takes time for decisions to be reached in Malaysia. The same can be seen in how Malaysians carry out their business meetings which tend to start a little later than when it was originally agreed upon.

Known to be the home to vast and diverse ethnic groups, Malaysia's multi-cultural society is bonded by their common official language, Malay. Today, the majority of young Malaysians are equally fluent in English, their language of business; Chinese Mandarin; and Tamil. Despite sharing some similarities with standard English, Malaysian English has a few cultural twists to it.

Apart from their language skills, which is practical and useful when it comes to establishing new networks, Malaysians are known for being friendly and approachable. Putting on a smile and showing genuine interest in those whom you want to forge new professional connections with is the initial step towards having a successful networking during your internship in Malaysia.

Maintaining those relationships, however, requires effort. If, for instance, you do not appear to be interested in learning more about them or the work that they do you are mostly likely to be at risk of sabotaging your new found bond. To prevent that from happening, we highly suggest that you gingerly select a few contacts and focus on nurturing your relationships with them.

Malaysia accommodation

  • Furnished accommodation
  • Free Hi-Speed Wifi access
  • Close proximity to the workplace (within 1 hour or less)
  • Accessible by public transport
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Visa information

Malaysia offers a Social Visit Pass (SVP), which is eligible for students currently enrolled in a university. The SVP will allow you to stay up to 90 days in Malaysia, depending on your nationality. After the initial 90 days, the visa can be extended and will be reviewed by an immigration officer on a case by case basis.

Apply online and our staff can help you further in regards to your visa eligibility for Malaysia.

Note: Immigration laws are updated frequently, so the above text may be subject to change.

Our process

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6. Prepare
After your payment confirmation: For remote internships: We will put you in contact with your host company so that you can start to work right away on your internship. For all the other AIP programs: We will assist you in the visa application process, as well as arranging airport pickup and accommodation (if applicable).
AIPx might be a suitable option for those that are in a hurry. Via AIPx, we will have a confirmed interview for you within 21 working days (The normal process can take up to 8 weeks).
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