Asia Internship Programme


This internship allows students of all disciplines to gain real expertise. This gives students the opportunities to develop and acquire working experiences for their intended career paths.



The close relationships AIP has with top companies in Southeast Asia allows interns across all fields to gain a meaningful insight into their chosen careers with the added value of acquiring international status.



As an intern at AIP, you will have the opportunity to participate in numerous professional networking events. This allows for further career development and a better insight into the business world of Asia.


Internships in Southeast Asia:


The Asia Internship Programme connects organisations based in Asia and talented young professionals who are looking for internships. Essentially, we open the door to new horizons and offer interns a chance to become professionals in Asia. Going abroad doesn't have to be an experience you missed out on just because you didn't study abroad while in college. In fact, the experience a student gets from an abroad internship is vastly more influential and noteworthy in comparison to an abroad education; for it requires the student's independency, adaptability, and proficiency.

In today’s world, employers are more attracted to actual working experiences rather than grades and standardize scores. An international internship in Southern Asia gives you the opportunities to enroll and develop in a professional environment. Internships that we offer include various industries such as Hospitality, Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, and much more.

Due to regulations, the internships are unpaid. Nevertheless, it is an experience the will help kickstart and grow your career in the long term. Our interns are expected to work professionally with their peers and have the potential to make changes for their host companies. What we are ultimately striving for our interns is a meaningful work experience, where they make practical and tangible gains and not simply an extra line on their resumes/CVs.