About Us

Asia Internship Program bridges the gap between dynamic organizations in Asia and ambitious young professionals seeking internships.

Why choose the Asia Internship Program?

Asia Internship Program is a pioneering social enterprise that takes high-potential candidates and transforms their knowledge, skills, and employability via our enriching international internship programs. At AIP, we deeply understand the value of global professional experience in today's competitive job market. As the premier internship placement provider in Asia and one of the fastest-evolving entities in the international education industry, we are your passport to the future.

We're committed to nurturing today's innovative young minds, equipping them with the skills to find novel solutions to future global challenges. We firmly believe that international working experiences are the ideal pathway for students to grow personally and professionally. By engaging in such experiences, they're challenged to apply their existing skills in diverse scenarios, propelling them further in their career journeys. At AIP, we celebrate individuals who are passionate, visionary, and ambitious, and who have gained top-tier academic knowledge.

Asia Internship Program Vision

"Envisioning a world without borders, where global citizens share, learn, and inspire one another."

At AIP, we hold the conviction that the world should - and indeed, will - become interconnected. No one should be confined by the borders of their passport but should be free to live, learn, and grow where they choose.

To realize this vision, it is crucial to make international experiences widely accessible to today's youth. Internships serve as a powerful tool not only to enhance the intern's professional skills and employability but also to foster an environment of shared knowledge, learning, and inspiration between the interns and their host companies.

This approach shapes our future leaders into globally aware, interculturally competent individuals. With understanding and empathy, they will contribute to a world that is more peaceful and better for all.

This is why our internships are not just internships. They're "internships with a purpose" - pathways to personal growth, professional development, and a more interconnected world.