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Who we are

Asia Internship Program (AIP) is a pioneering social enterprise passionately committed to enriching the knowledge, skills, and employability of high-potential candidates through our enriching international internship programs.

We pride ourselves on deeply understanding the value of global professional experience in today's competitive job market.

Led by our visionary founders, and a dynamic team, AIP stands as a beacon of opportunity and a passport to the future for today's innovative young minds.

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Global Opportunities

Offering a diverse array of internships across continents, AIP is your passport to global experience. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the innovative hubs of Singapore, our placements are as varied as they are exciting.

Customized Experience

We believe in the power of a tailored approach. Each internship is personalized, aligning perfectly with your individual goals and interests, ensuring a perfect fit between you and your host company.

Cultural Engagement

Dive into immersive experiences in a variety of cultural settings for unmatched personal and professional growth. From local language workshops to cultural excursions, we ensure you're not just working, but also living the culture.

Career Development

With a laser-sharp focus on enhancing skills and building professional competencies, we prepare you for the competitive job market. Our career workshops and networking events are designed to give you a head start.

Ongoing Support

Join our strong network of alumni and resources for continuous career advancement. Benefit from mentorship, webinars, and a supportive community that stays with you long after your internship ends.

What makes us different


Spanning from Asia to the world, AIP offers global internship opportunities that transcend borders.


In a rapidly changing world, our programs evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the global market.


We maintain high standards in our internship programs, ensuring quality experiences that make a difference.


Our focus is on creating impactful experiences that leave a lasting mark on your professional journey.

Our mission

Empowering young professionals through exceptional internships that span the globe." We aim to foster personal growth, professional development, and cultural understanding. Our mission is not just to provide internships but to shape the global citizens of tomorrow.

Our vision

Envisioning a world without borders, where global citizens share, learn, and inspire one another." AIP is dedicated to creating an interconnected world, making international experiences widely accessible, and shaping future leaders who are globally aware and interculturally competent.

Our Impact in numbers

At AIP, we're committed to creating significant, measurable impacts. Our achievements are reflected in these compelling statistics:


Applicants served Annually

Guiding over 800 ambitious individuals towards professional and cultural development every year.


Leading partner universities worldwide

Collaborating with prestigious universities, we bridge academic excellence with practical internship experiences.


Partner companies

Our expansive network offers a broad spectrum of industry opportunities and experiences.


Program completion rate

Demonstrating our dedication to quality and the satisfaction of our participants, an impressive 95% of our interns successfully complete their internships,

Our history

Our plan is to welcome 10,000+ participants every year on our program by 2030. This is a future in which many participants will be completing our program as part of their degree course, and a significant percentage of participants are funded by our scholarship program.

It is a future that will promote a new generation, talented and skilled, open to the world, cooperative and understanding.


Launch of AIP with a vision to connect talents to Asia.


Registered as a company in Thailand.


Expanded to cover more Southeast Asian countries.


Gained recognition from the Board of Investment of Thailand.


Extended services to East Asia and the APAC region.


Established new headquarters in Singapore.


Expanded reach to Europe and South America.


Introduced remote internships, adapting to global trends and the new normal.

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Testimonials and success stories

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our interns and partner companies about how AIP has transformed their careers and businesses. Visit our website or social media platforms to explore a world of stories and experiences that underscore the impact of our programs.

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Our team

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Associate Director East Asia
Nafi Wernsing
Administrative Assistance
Kritsana Krongsinlatham
Multimedia Manager
Herlyn Jarder
Head Of Community Management
Daniele Cosentino
Chief Executive Officer
Monique Festejo
Head Of Business Development
Supisara (Fahsai) Rakchum
Business Development Officer
Eashan Tholia
Content Writer
Tania Novikova
Marketing Manager
Bibeki Dhungel
Business Development Associate
Nisha Shahi
Business Development Officer
Prompairoj Ken Jayaphorn
Adam Ling
Application Administration Manager

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