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Consulting in Asia offers a unique experience that can’t be found in the West. This sector is very diverse and competitive and is growing at a fast pace in the Asia-Pacific region. An international Consulting internship in Asia’s rapidly changing market will let you dive right into the real-life business world.

The broad nature of Consultation means that you will be able to tackle a wide range of tasks. You will be in charge of various types of consultation, for example, strategy, operations, project management, and human resources. This business sector immediately gets your foot in the door and while working in Asia, your professional network will grow substantially.

Your Consulting internship  through Asia Internship Program will be completely customized for you, based on your own specifications and requirements. With our extensive network of partner companies in which we have access to, we are sure to find the ideal placement for you. We will help you build the foundation for your internship, resume, and future career.

Past AIP Consulting interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:

  • Conducting research and data collection to understand the organization.
  • Managing focus groups, facilitating workshops, preparing business proposals, and presentations. Identifying client and organization issues, and forming hypotheses & solutions.
  • Making recommendations for improvement and using computer software models to test, and present findings to clients.
  • Liaising with clients to keep them informed and up to date with progress to help make effective decisions.

Note that all AIP interns are given a personal supervisor who will train, monitor and guide you throughout your international internship experience.

Internship tasks will vary from company to company, as well as intern to intern. These are only examples of tasks that were carried out from previous interns.

AIP Consulting Internship Scope Areas

Depending on their internship requirements and the available internship positions in our partner companies, prospective interns may work in any of the following (or other) disciplines during their Consulting Internship with AIP:

  • Strategy Consulting: strategy consultants help business leaders make important decisions and answer questions that require in-depth analysis and market understanding.
  • Operations Consulting: since businesses are always seeking for ways to make their operational processes more streamlined, operations consultants work hand-in-hand with top-level business executives to figure out how to make a business’s operations better, cheaper, more efficient, etc.
  • Human Resources Consulting: businesses require a clear roadmap when it comes to employee engagement, training, development and satisfaction; employee benefits and pensions; conflict resolution, and so on. Human resource consultants assist companies in managing and making the most use of their personnel.
  • Financial Advisory Consulting: when the time comes to make informed and objective financial decisions which must also take a large number of complex variables into account, businesses usually employ the services of financial advisory consultants who provide them with sound financial advice and help them make the right financial decisions.
AIP Consulting Internship Benefits

The world of consultancy is a competitive one, and one of the surest routes to gaining valuable real-world consulting experience and finding full-time employment in the industry is through internships.

As a potential future employee, a consultancy internship gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers that you are capable of taking on significant responsibility.

It also gives you a reasonable amount of project experience and business exposure, while enabling you to develop specific soft skills, such as analytical and problem-solving skills you would otherwise not have developed.

Because you will likely be exposed to clients from different industries as a consulting intern, your perspective and outlook will become very much broadened due to the fact that each client will have different needs, audiences, products, and services, etc.

By identifying with societies and clubs within the company of their internship, and also by attending company events, our consulting interns can network with team leads and even managers who are in the position to give them the opportunity of working on higher-profile projects that will expand their knowledge in the field better.

Therefore, in the tough but rewarding industry which is management consulting, a successful consultancy internship equips you and prepares you for the demands of the job.

The Demand for Experienced Consultants Worldwide

The global consulting market has recorded steady yearly growth over the past years, with only a few exceptions, so much so that today, with its total value of about $250 billion, it is recognized as one of the largest and most mature markets as far as the professional services industry is concerned. [1]

It’s no surprise then that consultants who are worth their salt have always been in high demand, and will continue to be, especially as more and more businesses are established, and the need for expert knowledge increases. One thing to note, however, is that while the demand for consultancy services is growing, it is also changing rapidly, moving towards new directions.

Today, digital is penetrating all aspects of the business. A business strategy that does not incorporate technology is not regarded as much of a strategy.

Business executives are becoming increasingly focused on the strategic utilization of new technologies which will enable them reap from the digital opportunities in their respective industries. Therefore, the demand is much higher for consultants who have real insights and experience in digital technologies.

As an aspiring consultant then, it is recommended that you pay attention to digital technology and its applications to business, as a lot of clients will expect you to help them figure out how digital tools such as mobile, cloud, social, analytics, and IoT can positively impact their customer-facing business, customer engagement, employee engagement, and internal operations.

The Role of Consulting in an Economy

Since management consultants, by reason of their profession, have access to exclusive or confidential information not readily available to the average decision-maker, and therefore possess significantly superior knowledge and experience in well-defined business domains, the quality of their professionalism is recognized as a standard for the advancement of a knowledge-driven economy.

Therefore when business executives and other decision-makers who thrive on “packaged knowledge” and “packaged solutions” engage management consultants and base their decisions and actions on the executive summaries of the reports prepared by these experts, they are likely to make fewer mistakes and better decisions which will positively impact their businesses and ultimately, the economy in general.

Consulting interns at AWR Lloyd

Our process

1. Apply
Click "Apply Now", fill the form and schedule an interview to discuss your dream internship.
2. Interview
During your interview, one of our AIP representatives will ask you questions about your background, past work experiences, internship preferences and goals.
3. Pay Deposit
If you are officially accepted into AIP, you will be asked to confirm your spot in our program with a deposit fee.
4. Placement
Our experienced placement team will match you with your ideal host company and arrange an online interview for you with them.
5. Final Payment
Once your internship has been accepted by yourself and the host company, you will be invoiced for the final payment which will officially confirm your placement.
6. Prepare
After your payment confirmation: For remote internships: We will put you in contact with your host company so that you can start to work right away on your internship. For all the other AIP programs: We will assist you in the visa application process, as well as arranging airport pickup and accommodation (if applicable).
AIPx might be a suitable option for those that are in a hurry. Via AIPx, we will have a confirmed interview for you within 21 working days (The normal process can take up to 8 weeks).
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