How To Get A Web Development Internship in 2023

Want to break into the field of web development? Get yourself a web development internship with an internship in web development. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this blog where we will be exploring everything you need to know about how to get a web development internship in 2023!

Let’s begin by defining what web development is so that we know we’re on the same page.

What is web development?

Divided into three different areas of specialty: frontend development, backend development, and full-stack, web development pertains to the creation, maintenance, and development of online sites.

Web development combines both specific technical skills and a more innovative approach to establishing an online space. Some of the most common traits of successful web developers include having a creative mind and ambition for the work that they do; and possessing grit.

Why you should do a web development internship in 2023

Before we dive into the reasons why getting a web development internship in 2023 is a good idea, it is worth noting that your experience will vary depending on where your web development internship takes place.

Undertaking a web development internship in a small corporation in Asia may involve a broader range of responsibilities as opposed to say an international organization. This of course means that you will not be sharing the same internship experience as those who do an internship in Europe and elsewhere.

What will you get out of a web development internship

We hope that you have a good grip on what web development is and why it is a good area. Let’s move on to discuss how a web development internship can be beneficial to you in 2023!

A web development internship will most likely provide you with relevant experience in a niche subfield. On top of the opportunity to grow your network with and learn from a team of professional web developers, a web development internship is certainly going to expose you to an in-depth industrial insight which could evolve to become the focus of your future career.

To add, a web development internship in 2023 can equip you with opportunities to put your university coding skills like JavaScript, SQL, Python, and more to the test as you play your part in the team project. Not only is this proved to be useful in the development of your resume but it allows you to get your creative juices flowing whether it be coming up with user-friendly designs during the design and development stage or solving rising issues in the final launch.

Web development is one of the most sought after positions with a high demand for skilled professionals (source: Christina Morillo on Pexels)

Demand for web development internship in 2023

Why is there so much demand for web development professionals, you ask? Everything is moving online! Grocery shopping, consultancy, therapy… you name it, we can do all of that virtually. Have you noticed just how rapidly the industry is growing?

You've certainly made the right decision to get yourself a web development internship in 2023 because the field of web development is predicted to expand by approximately
23% in the next ten years. The future is definitely bright for aspiring web developers like you!

Best destinations for a web development internship in 2023

Now that we have established what web development is and why doing a web development internship in 2023 would be beneficial for your future career development, we would like to direct your attention to one of the more fascinating aspects of this article… which is none other than popular destinations to start your web development internship in 2023!

Of course, we can always go by our guts or personal preferences and pick out any destinations in the world to do your web development internship in 2023. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Perhaps, you have always wanted to visit Japan or South Korea once in your lifetime And you acknowledge the travel possibilities that come with your web development internship in 2023, it is only right to follow through with your plan. If an internship does not suit your personality and lifestyle, at the slightest, why should you consider doing it, right?

While there is some truth in that, that is not always the case. Factors like geographical landscapes, climatic conditions, level of education, and availability of resources account for a good portion of the industry’s growth which is naturally competitive.

Here are some of the popular destinations to do an internship in web development in 2023. You are more than welcome to check out what perks these internship destinations have to offer by simply clicking on the links below:

  1. China
  2. Vietnam
  3. Thailand
  4. Malaysia
  5. Indonesia

Steps to get a web development internship in 2023

To get a headstart at securing a web development internship in 2023, we strongly suggest that you follow our advice below!

The first step to get an internship in web development is to prepare your resume well. To do so, you must pay special attention to your skills. You should always specify what you can do and how well you can execute them. To receive a successful response from your potential employee, it is always wise to add any hard skills and soft skills requested or explicitly mentioned in the job post in your resume.

Building up a portfolio of all web development related things that you have engaged in the past is also a good idea. This gives you a chance to showcase what you are capable of doing and how well you were able to put those into practice. An attractive portfolio offers you the chance to create a positive first impression with your hiring manager which in turn higher the likelihood of you passing onto the next step in your interview process (and hopefully receiving an acceptance email; or letter, if you will).

Once you have completed those two steps, you can always choose to initiate a conversation with your potential employer online. In multinational or smaller companies, we advise that you check out the company’s presence online and start contacting their web development managers directly; introduce yourself and state your interest in their web development internship. Believe it or not, developing a connection with someone in the company can really get your hands on the internship.

It is important that you know where to search for a web development internship in 2023. A good and reliable source does not only lead to an increase in the chances of you getting yourself a web development internship in 2023 but ensures that you will be up to date with the most recent requirements for your internship!

That’s how to get a web development internship in 2023. We hope that our blog is useful in helping you proceed onto the next step in your career development journey.

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