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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Internship

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are very much what the future of money will look like. Since its emergence all the way back in 2009; there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies one could invest in. Here in Asia, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are booming like elsewhere in the world, and with Asian markets being financially strong, it’s an ideal area to gain invaluable experience.

A cryptocurrency and blockchain internship in Asia is sure to bring one of the most valuable experiences you can gain. With practical hands-on engagement, along with an international environment, it will be an exceptional opportunity to advance yourself in the future.

Your internship through Asia Internship Program will be perfectly suited to match your skill set and interests. Our extensive network of startups, SMEs and large multinational companies, provides us with the resources to find an internship in cryptocurrency and blockchain that is best suited for you.

Past AIP cryptocurrency and blockchain interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:

  • Researching different types of cryptocurrencies in the market
  • Assist in analyzing and predicting trends in cryptocurrency
  • Recommending areas of improvement in blockchain applications
  • Research and assist with the design, development, and testing of blockchain technologies
  • Write about complex topics in a way that’s easily understood

Note that all AIP interns are given a personal supervisor who will train, monitor and guide you throughout your internship experience.

Internship tasks will vary from company to company, as well as intern to intern. These are only examples of tasks that were carried out from previous interns.

AIP Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Scope

Depending on their internship requirements and the available internship positions in our partner companies.

Prospective interns may work in any of the following (or other) disciplines during their cryptocurrency & blockchain internship with AIP:

Investments: involves the estimation of the expected return and risk of an investment on a particular cryptocurrency as well as the assessment of alternative investment opportunities.

Developers: assist in handling the entire lifecycle of a blockchain project. Responsibilities would include researching as well as executing the application.

Analysts: involves the collection of required data, analyzing results using statistical techniques and providing ongoing reports.

Engineering: involves assisting with the designing and building of blockchain.

AIP Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Benefits

In a world that is becoming increasingly obsessed with cryptocurrency and blockchain, an internship in this field will allow you to apply your passion and knowledge in this exciting new form of money. Not only will you learn from industry experts and fellow enthusiasts but this experience will endow you with the necessary skills to perform various cryptocurrency & blockchain related tasks such as investments in cryptocurrencies, assisting with developing blockchains, researching and analyzing blockchains and much more.

The skills that you will acquire during your internship and the tasks that you will have to perform can be critical factors in making your future in this industry a successful one.

An internship in cryptocurrency & blockchain will provide new entrants into an industry that is continuously growing and one that has an exciting future. Interns will have the opportunity to explore or deepen their interest and explore areas they would like to specialize in.

This is what an internship at AIP can provide you, as you will be able to work in different roles and handle different responsibilities throughout your internship duration in Asia. This will help you narrow down your career options in the field so you can specialize in an area that is of interest to you.

An internship with AIP will also help develop your network by helping you make those important professional connections. It is therefore important to build and maintain good relationships with the professionals at your internship firms as it can increase your chances of getting glowing references for future jobs when your internship has finished.

The Role of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain in the Economy

While cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to take over the world, their popularity and influence are starting to increase as well. Despite the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchains, its impact on the economy is yet to be determined.

Not every country has accepted cryptocurrencies due to the fact that they are not relegated in comparison to the normal markets. However, because of the increase in popularity and the impact, it's starting to have on local markets, it is likely that cryptocurrency and blockchain will play a big part in global economies.

Considering there are hundreds of different currencies and millions of cryptocurrency and blockchain users worldwide, it will only be a matter of time to see what the impact will be on the global economy.

This, therefore, makes it an exciting industry to be part of as cryptocurrencies and blockchain will start to influence different financial markets worldwide. What the future of money in the digital world will look like will be a great mystery.

The Demands For Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Professionals Worldwide

With cryptocurrency and blockchain becoming more popular as a result of advancements in technology, the demand for experienced professionals is increasing.

According to Glassdoor, there was a growth of 300% in blockchain-based jobs in 2019 in comparison to the previous year. This number is only expected to increase with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology improving as well as increasing. As a result of this growing landscape, blockchain has become one of the most in-demand skills in 2022. The Global Blockchain Market is also expected to reach US$34 billion by 2026.

There is a similar interest in cryptocurrencies as more companies are starting to immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrency. As more countries are starting to launch digital currencies, the demand for crypto experts increases as well. In 2021, there are more than 6000 cryptocurrencies available in comparison to the 33 back in 2013 according to Statista.

To add to the immense growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain, as of June 2021, Indeed key findings regarding job postings showed that crypto and blockchain careers increased by 118%, which was the same as the previous year.

As technology keeps advancing so too will the idea of using digital money. This only increases the demand for more experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain as it will start to have a bigger impact on the world.

Cryptocurrency & blockchain interns at Bitkub

Bitkub is a new generation digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform that was founded in February 2018. The platform offers advanced cryptocurrency exchange services to individuals who intend to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.

Bitkub is a legally registered company, with a registered capital of 290 million baht and office space in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our process

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2. Interview
During your interview, one of our AIP representatives will ask you questions about your background, past work experiences, internship preferences and goals.
3. Pay Deposit
If you are officially accepted into AIP, you will be asked to confirm your spot in our program with a deposit fee.
4. Placement
Our experienced placement team will match you with your ideal host company and arrange an online interview for you with them.
5. Final Payment
Once your internship has been accepted by yourself and the host company, you will be invoiced for the final payment which will officially confirm your placement.
6. Prepare
After your payment confirmation: For remote internships: We will put you in contact with your host company so that you can start to work right away on your internship. For all the other AIP programs: We will assist you in the visa application process, as well as arranging airport pickup and accommodation (if applicable).
AIPx might be a suitable option for those that are in a hurry. Via AIPx, we will have a confirmed interview for you within 21 working days (The normal process can take up to 8 weeks).
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