Kickstart Your Professional Career with an Internship in Asia

Kickstart Your Professional Career with an Internship in Asia

"Asia? I’ve Never Heard of it Before..."

Asia, that giant strap of land located on the east side of the world. Wikipedia defines Asia as, “Earth’s largest and most populous continent.” Asia is home to many things including authentic food, exquisite and unique culture, or even breathtaking sceneries. Wondrous and majestic, this continent has much to offer to anyone that visits.Its brilliance does not end there.

Asia is also home to many multinational companies that are controlling the pace of the world and dictating the future of various industries; whether that be fashion internship, business, science, arts, journalism, tourism etc. It is time to pursue an internship abroad in Asia and at Asia Internship Program, we value ourselves in finding you the best internship opportunities in this part of the world.

Perks of Interning in Asia

There are so many perks to an internship in Asia. Each continent in the world is unique in its own way and the same applies to Asia. If you are a wanderlust and want to gain work experience in your field, an internship in Asia is the perfect addition to your life.

It is not an understatement to say that most of the beloved dishes in the world are from Asia. Whether it is Japanese, Thai, or Chinese cuisine, people from around the world enjoy them nonetheless. Asian cuisine is delicious so prepare to be “wow-ed” because your taste buds are about to have the time of their lives. An internship in Asia will NEVER be complete without tasting every single dish that Asian cuisine has to offer.

Asia also houses a lot of the wonders of the world. Whether you are looking for serenity or a good time, an internship in Asia will give you the best roller coaster ride of your life.

An internship in Asia will allow you to experience Singapore’s glamorous Marina Bay Sands, Thailand’s tropical paradise, Japan’s vibrant lifestyle, or South Korea’s non stop pop culture. It is guaranteed that your internship in Asia won’t just be all work but also fun-filled.

Traveling to Asia vs Traveling in Asia

Traveling TO Asia

Depending on where you are from, traveling to Asia is simple, hop on the next flight! A lot of countries in Asia are home to the best and largest airports in the world. What does this mean? This means that it will be very easy to get a flight to Asia.

These airports act as travel hubs for a lot of flights around the world so you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of connecting or direct flights. You might find yourself asking this question, “which airline should I fly?” Well, here’s your answer.

Traveling IN Asia

Traveling in a foreign country can be very difficult. An internship in Asia will require you to use mass transportation systems because;

  1. They’re affordable (personally, it hurts my wallet, and soul, when I have to pay so much for my commute to work)
  2. They’re efficient (accessibility is important)
  3. They’re quick (no one wants to be stuck in traffic during rush hour)

Depending on which country you’re in, be sure to check out the best way to commute to your internship. It is important to get to work on time and you also don’t want to leave work too early or too late just to avoid traffic. So whether you’re taking the subway, sky train, or bus, make sure you find out what’s best for you and your journey to the office.

Uber is very popular in many countries around the world but in Asia, it is all about Grab. Predominantly used in Southeast Asia and extremely similar to Uber, Grab is an application worth downloading if you plan to intern in Southeast Asia.

They have amazing promotions, from time to time, and the application also branches out into other “sections”, such as, Grab car, Grab bike, or Grab delivery. For further information on what applications you should download for traveling during your internship in Asia, check this out.

Asia’s Growing Industries

Every continent and country in the world has an industry that is booming. It is up and coming, very trendy, and a lot of people want to get into it. This is the same with Asia but with such an abundance of industries available, which are the ones that really stand out? More importantly, which industry should you try to pursue an internship in? Asia is home to 50% of the world’s fastest growing companies, and these companies have roots all over the world. Extremely multinational and very well known around the world, an internship in one of these companies will put you in the, “higher ups” when you’re applying for jobs in the future that's how to turn an internship into a job offer.

E-commerce has been extremely successful and popular over the years. With the improvement of technology and the constant use of smart devices, it is honestly very easy for e-commerce companies to make profit during this technologically driven generation. Another industry that branches out of e-commerce is the delivery & logistics industry. Similar to what Amazon does all over the world, there are companies of the similar nature in Asia. Founded by Maximilian Bittner in 2012, Lazada has climbed its way to success by cementing itself as one of the best, and most successful, e-commerce companies in Asia.

Business development is also another industry that is growing continuously. The purpose of any type of business is to generate revenue and a specific type of business that is very popular in Asia right now is O2O business, otherwise known as online-to-offline business. In simple terms, O2O business is when digital platforms are used to make transactions with physical businesses. A perfect example of this is none other than Jack Ma’s Alibaba, which is also the parent company of Lazada.

The technology industry in Asia is something that should not be taken lightly either. In today’s world, the most innovative technological devices and services have mostly originated in Asia. Countries like Japan or South Korea have proven themselves to be huge technology endorsers and are still continuing to support this ideology by hiring anyone, or providing (temporary) work visas, with a S.T.E.M degree. Check out what coders from the Asia Pacific area bring to the table when they use their talents for consulting services.

Best Internship Destinations in Asia

With so many emerging markets in various countries in Asia, it could be very difficult to choose the destination of your internship. AIP offers internship opportunities in various countries in Asia so the decision is yours! Countries in Asia are very close to one another so during your holiday, or spare time, it will be very easy to travel around.

Whether you’re traveling domestically, or internationally, be sure to experience a country’s culture to its fullest. It isn’t everyday that you get to travel to a foreign country and work there! When deciding where to intern, also reflect on what type of person you are and which type of lifestyle you prefer. If you like hot weather, beaches, and a busy lifestyle, intern in Thailand. However, if you prefer a vibrant lifestyle, cooler temperatures, and a mountainous environment, Japan could be the perfect fit for you.

Spice Up your Resumé and Intern in Asia with AIP!

A great and valuable internship has its perks. First, you gain a lot of work experience and also get a glimpse into what work life is all about. Second of all, it improves your resumé (not to mention that all these internships really do add some “seasoning” to a once plain and boring resumé).

Sure it might be a hassle and super exhausting to hop on the next flight to Asia and fly for 15 hours, or in some cases 20 hours, but the experience is worth it! Think about it, you’ll be living in a new city, exploring and experiencing a new culture, but all in all, you’ll be working abroad, and that’s something that everyone can’t say they’ve done before.

Can’t wait to work and travel in Asia? Apply now with AIP and join a thousand others for an internship in Asia!

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