Internships vs Externships

Internships vs Externships

Importance of work experience

Work experience really does go a long way. It is one of those things that just can not be taught in school, or a classroom setting. The little “itsy-bitsy” details that you get from working will bring you a long way. Work experiences can be gained through internships, and externships. Whichever one you decide to partake, you’ll get the experience of a lifetime.

Why should you do an internship

When students are looking for job training programs, the first thing they probably think about is internship. Internships lead to multiple opportunities, not to mention that they can also fulfill their years of study and test out their skills with the goal of growing as a professional individual. Why are internships important?

  • Secured employment: When doing an internship remember that this is your time to shine. You’ve got the floor to prove your worth and show your capabilities and potential. Companies offer internships throughout the year so you have multiple opportunities to apply and prove your worth. In recent years, startups have also emphasized hiring interns to increase the efficiency of the human resources department and also get the word out about what they do. For startups, having a strong brand awareness can mean a lot for the future of their operations.
  • Spice up your resume: Make your resume as unique as possible. How do you do that? Keep adding on to your work experiences. Whichever field, or industry, that you are interested in, make sure to approach it from all angles. For example, if you’re currently majoring in marketing, try to get internships in sales, business development, content writing, managing social media accounts, etc.
  • Increasing your marketability: What does increasing your marketability mean in this context? Well, having adequate, and quality, work experience will definitely put you in a better position than someone who has not done any internships.
  • Gain professional feedback: Your work will not go unnoticed as your employers will reciprocate your devotion to the company. What does this mean? If you put in work, you’ll receive constructive criticism from your mentors. Teachers and professors prepare you for the real world, through theories. Internships, on the other hand, will provide opportunities for receiving feedback from someone who works in the same field as you.
  • Discover your passion: It’s obvious that any intern going into work wants to leave with a positive image of the workplace, colleagues, and the whole experience in general. However, that might not be the case. Sometimes your internship might not be exactly what you envisioned but, there is a silver lining in everything. If the internship was not for you, chances are you don’t want to be working in this field after graduation. Bottom line, you’ll definitely figure out your passion and what you do not want to do.

Distinguishing internships and externships

Internships are something that is extremely common. Everyone knows that internships are and to be frank, it will be pretty redundant to give a textbook definition of what an internship is. On the other hand, here’s an interesting topic that should be tackled. The word of the day is externship. What are externships? Similar to internships, externships are job training programs that provide students opportunities to get short-term work experiences related to their field of study. The distinctive feature of an externship is the “shadowing” aspect of it.

Externships emphasize work experience that is learned through observations and hands on experience. Externships really allow students to use what they have learned into real world application. Should students do externships? The answer is yes. Externships are as important as internships, it provides a diverse perspective about the field they are passionate about. Ultimately this helps them see how working in their desired industry is about.The duration of externships are shorter than a normal internship and students can choose to do externships throughout the school year.

Making the most out of externships

Externships play a crucial role in allowing college students to explore career options and narrowing down the career fields they are interested in. This eventually leads students to find the company that they’d like to work for. Due to the condensed nature of externships, students have the option of competing multiple externships at once. Externships offer an opportunity to “test out the waters”, so to speak. You will get a realistic view of your career field. Ever seen those “a day in the life of…” videos on Youtube? Think of externships that way. Here are some ways in which you can make the most out of your externship:

  • Be very focused and network: Externships pose the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the company and how they can enhance your knowledge in your chosen field. Do not forget to talk to your fellow interns, and employees. Getting to know people in the office will help you branch out. On the topic of creating conversation, get to know people in the other departments too. Nowadays, a lot of jobs require you to be “universal” and understand how every unit operates. Your job functions alongside other departments so it doesn't hurt to get to know them.
  • Evaluate the externship: Experience as many externships as you can during your college years. By the end of each externship, evaluate the experience and see if they resonate with what you want to do in the future. If you do perform really well, an externship can open the door to internships and cement your place in an internship program. Ultimately, Internships allow for more immersed and personal association with the company while giving a more in depth look within your field of interest. Externships contribute to future enriching work experiences, so make the most out of them.

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