Intern in Thailand this summer!

Intern in Thailand this summer!

Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”

Right in the heart of Southeast Asia is Thailand. Commonly referred to as, “The Land of Smiles”, this country’s magnificence and beauty can only, truly, be witnessed through the eyes. Its unique culture and dining experience adds up to nothing short of spectacular. An internship in Thailand will give you all the necessities of a grand trip and in the meantime, you’ll get to learn many valuable lessons about the work life.

Thailand is home to both domestic and international companies that will definitely spice up your resume. As we approach the end of spring and are slowly transitioning into summer, it is time to pack your bags for an internship in Thailand.

Thailand’s most popular industries

With a continually growing economy, Thailand is on the, “up and up” side of things. The country’s geographical location makes it perfect for trading with other countries in Southeast Asia.

The manufacturing industry is one of Thailand’s most influential industries. With various big name factories located in the suburbs of Bangkok, the import and export market has been very controversial towards the country’s economy. With that being said, manufacturing does tie in with a lot of the other industries that Thailand are known for, especially in the area of smart electronics.

Anyone with a passion for mechanical engineering and automation? Well, you do not have to look far. Thailand has the largest automotive industry in all of Southeast Asia. The country itself is able to produce about 2 million cars per day. Most of the cars produced in Thailand are also foreign. This means that multinational car brands, such as Ford, Mercedes Benz, or BMW, have their factories located in Thailand.

Thailand is known to be one of the best countries for the tourism industry. Its timeless beauty is unmatched. It is no surprise really, that the services, hospitality, and tourism industry are very popular. A lot of well known hotels have many of their branches situated throughout the country. With many provinces (especially Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand) containing its own unique culture and distinctive features, tourists around the world travel to Thailand to experience all of this first hand.

Thailand’s public health industry has also been on the rise, as of late. With the COVID-19 virus affecting many parts of the world for quite some time now, Thailand has dealt with this situation in its own way. As of May 5th, Thailand has logged only 1 new infection. What does this show? It shows that the medical staff are very equipped and ready to deal with the situation at hand.

Amazing Thailand!

Where to even begin? Thailand is a really amazing country. So unique in how they live their lives, Thai people take pride in their culture and way of living. The amount of beautiful temples is endless and located in the heart of Bangkok are the grand palaces. Don’t take this the wrong way, Bangkok is very busy but these temples really balance out the messiness with serenity. Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, or the Grand Palace, are prime examples of how rooted in culture, Thai people are. To this day, they still pay respect to these iconic attractions.

Who likes to shop? Lucky for you, shopping is a huge part of Thai culture and these Thai shopping malls are nothing like you’ve seen before. They’re grand, they’re big, and have basically everything that you need. If you get the chance, check out some of these shopping malls downtown, which are all accessible by the BTS, such as Icon Siam, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Central World, Emquartier & Emporium, or MBK.

Local Thai food tops it all. The best taste of Thai cuisine is at its source. A well known location for delicious Thai food is Yaowarat Road. It has everything, from street food to Michelin star restaurants. Along both sides of the road, there are food vendors everywhere that are open until very late. Also, be sure to check out Yaowarat’s night market for super cool local Thai souvenirs.

Remote Internship Opportunities

Work from home is something that is implemented all around the world and with the advancements in technology and communication tools, you can finish up as much work at home, and at your own comfort. South Korea is home to a variety of startups and companies. A remote internship with Korean based companies can definitely spice up your resume, or even land you your next job.

But, what are some of the perks of a remote internship?

  1. Forget about commuting to the office! A remote internship allows you to work from home.
  2. Even though you’re at home, you’ll get the opportunity to work with various individuals, hence, you’ll have the chance to make valuable connections.
  3. You’ll be in contact with other interns around the world. By the end of your remote internship, you’ll be able to get professional references from a lot of people.
  4. Remote internships are very unique and it is certainly a good addition to your CV.
  5. Effective and efficient communication skills are essential! You’ll have the opportunity to use, and familiarize yourself with high-tech digital tools and applications.

All employers in Thailand treat internships as a real job and you should too! Just because you are working remotely, doesn’t mean that you can, “chillax”, more. Get ready to report to your supervisor, or manager, by the end of each day or week.

Always remember, the key to a successful remote internship is organization and communication. If you communicate clearly between coworkers and your supervisor, you will know what to do. Organizing your time wisely and being able to prioritize work is also crucial.

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Do an internship in Thailand and experience a culture like no other. Find out what makes this country one of South East Asia’s most precious gems. At the same time, spice up your resumé by interning for multinational companies and exciting start ups. Summer is around the corner and it is time to jumpstart your professional career!

Apply for an internship in Thailand or intern from home and apply for a remote internship with AIP.

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