Why you should do an internship in your twenties

Importance of Internships

Internships open the doors to opportunities for your future career. It is the perfect opportunity to get work experience, learn valuable skills and life lessons, but at the same time explore your passion and what type of career you would like to pursue.

Doing an internship, while studying, is perfect for many reasons. First and foremost, the timing is right. You can spend at least two to three months of your summer break to actually work without having to worry about time constraints. Summer breaks are long and doing internships can really make your summer worthwhile.

Master some of these skills!

What does a company expect from a 20 year old intern without adequate real life work experience? Most twenty year old students are entering sophomore year of college and those “101 classes” have not really given valuable work experience. Here are some of the skills that employers value when they decide to hire interns.

  • Communication: Employers are extremely interested in your ability to write and speak professionally. You can demonstrate your written skills in a well written resume or cover letter. Your verbal skills will be tested as you give thought out answers to common interview questions.
  • Collaboration: Working with others and understanding the core values of teamwork are extremely critical in an office environment. You’ll get a chance to work with other interns and you’ll have to do your part in the assignment, or project, that was handed to you. Being a team player is always more important than chasing individual accolades in this case.
  • Interpersonal: How would you rate your “people’s skills”? Yes, this refers to your ability to create small talk with coworkers, and people around you. Depending on the industry, you will be in constant interaction with clients and vendors, as well as your co-workers and managers. Be sure to build and maintain relationships and be the kind of person team members want in the office with them every day.
  • Time management: In real life, you’re going to have to work with deadlines and a lot of requirements. This should not be surprising. There are always deadlines for assignments in college. The only thing that is different now is the fact that you’ll have to do multiple things at once. Our advice? Prioritize and learn to multitask.
  • Adaptability: Be flexible with the style of your work. Your first internship might not check off all the boxes that you had but getting the work experience will definitely help you develop as a professional individual. Whether you’re interning for a multinational company, or start up, you will find yourself doing a lot of different things.
  • Critical thinking: Your ability to analyze and evaluate a situation is crucial to how you work. Thinking critically could also refer to being prepared for anything. What does this mean? Things do not always go as planned and you should be able to come up with different solutions for all possible situations.
  • Receptiveness: Getting feedback is normal. Feed backs help us improve. Learn to accept constructive criticism. Taking initiative is important but addressing your weaknesses will help you go a long way.

Most of these skills can be mastered, or learned, before your internship even starts. College lifestyle and classes enable a person to socialize with peers, professors, or colleagues. This is why doing an internship in your twenties really matters. You’re at that age that will allow you to learn and grow. Who knows, by your late twenties you might be on the path to ridiculous success.

How can AIP help you find an internship?

There are certainly many ways in which you can prepare yourself for an internship. All in all, trust in your abilities and potential to succeed. Here is a rundown of the things AIP can do to help you find the perfect, and tailored, internship.

  • International presence: With partnered companies all around Asia, you will get the chance to work in a very diverse environment and immerse yourself into a new culture. This will certainly give you extremely valuable work experience and exposure to the international job market.
  • Tailored internship opportunities: Internships are the stepping stones to success. Schedule an interview with one of the representatives at AIP and describe your ideal internship experience and your preferred destination.

Internships abroad are amazing

One thing that everyone in their twenties should take advantage of is living life to the fullest. Yes, internships abroad really give you extremely unique work experiences but you’ll get the chance to live in another country, learn a new culture, try new dishes, and so much more. Here are some reasons why internships abroad are extremely beneficial.

  • Your resume will be noticed: When your CV and cover letter land on the desk of a recruiter, it should stand out to really grab the attention of the recruiter. A very large amount of students tend to complete their internship while pursuing their degrees. Having experience working abroad sets you apart from others, that’s for sure. Interning in a different country also provides you with knowledge in a foreign job market and this is very attractive towards employers. Therefore, working in an international environment shows that you are adaptable and can handle change, which is very convenient towards your CV.
  • Develop soft skills:This is something that people tend to overlook but is actually an asset, if done correctly. What are soft skills? Well, soft skills can really help you transition into the new workplace with ease. It is more difficult for a university setting to focus on soft skills because you are in a classroom and that doesn’t necessarily cover cultural training, communication skills, or language proficiency. By taking part in an internship abroad, you will get to improve your awareness of the world and your ability to interact confidently with international colleagues on a day-to-day basis.

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