Thailand's Top Industries

Thailand's Top Industries

Thailand is seen as one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia and has greatly contributed to the global economy. Categorised as a fast emerging country, it aims to become a high-income economy by the year 2037.

Thailand’s fast economic growth can be attributed to the many industries it has. From manufacturing to service sectors, Thailand is fast becoming the regional hub for many industries. An internship in Thailand will grant you a multitude of opportunities. There are industries in every field where you can explore your interests and grow your connections.

Thailand’s most Successful Industries

As mentioned before, Thailand’s economy has grown exponentially. With expansions made by local companies as well as investments made by foreign companies in the country, Thailand has flourished in the markets. This is due to the country’s low taxes and business-friendly environment.

Among the number of industries that Thailand has, the main ones that largely contribute to the growth of the economy are; Tourism, Agriculture, Export and Electronics.

Tourism Industry

In Thailand, tourism has been the main driver of economic growth, contributing about 15% of the GDP. Despite the recent slowdown, Thailand is still one of the most visited countries. There are a number of reasons why Thailand remains to be successful in this industry.

The main ones heavily influencing this growth are; the policies around tourism that are well planned and executed, the infrastructure that greatly supports activities of tourism and the natural environment and culture being well-endowed for tourism.


Fig 1. Thailand Beaches (Source: Pexels)

Thailand has implemented policies that would improve and attract people from all over the world. These policies that have been put in place ensure that the experience of a tourist in Thailand is welcoming and enjoyable.

From improving tourist sites and infrastructures to the hospitality provided, Thailand has made sure that people feel as welcome and relaxed as possible when they visit the country. Thailand has also made sure that the infrastructure compliments the number of tourists that visit the country annually. Airports and other forms of transportation have been constructed in such a way that would be easily accessible and user-friendly.

Last, but not least, the natural beauty of Thailand is a big reason why people continue to flock to this destination. The beautiful beaches, the inviting mountains and the warm climate attract a lot of tourists. Moreover, the people's hospitality, historical sites, and cuisine greatly contribute to the country’s attractiveness.

An internship in tourism will give you a glimpse of the scale at which this industry operates. It will help you develop new skills and open up new doors for your career. During the internship, you will also gain a new perspective and new outlook on the world of tourism and how it is evolving with the changing environment.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture in Thailand plays a vital role in the economy. The industry contributes about 10% of the national GDP. And since 30% of the population are still classified as an agricultural population, Thailand’s agricultural exports are highly ranked and contribute a significant amount of market shares in the economy.

However, with the effects of climate change and natural disasters, the industry is facing a bit of fallback. In order to counter this and ensure sustainable growth, the government has introduced a 20-year National Strategy. This plan aims for long-term development that will lead to systematic growth in the industry.

Another plan that was introduced is the Agricultural Development Plan under the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021). This plan aims to speed up agricultural production with technology and innovation.


Fig 2. Agriculture (Source: Pexels)

Under this plan, the country also focuses to improve the farmers' quality of life and ensure that the natural resources are balanced and sustainable. An internship in the agricultural sector will greatly enhance your knowledge and skills in this area.

With new and heightened awareness of climate change and global warming, the techniques and skills needed in the agricultural industry are also evolving. The implementation of technology in farming has greatly propelled the country and enhanced its profitability in the industry.

Export Industry

In 2020, Thailand earned a trade surplus of $20.4 billion. While the country has experienced a decrease in net exports, its activities within Asia are higher than its exports to North America. Overall, Thailand’s latest exports were 71%, with 61.6% of its exports were delivered to other Asian countries and 16.6% were exported to North American importers.

The top exports from Thailand include; vehicles, electronics, plastic, rubber, meat/seafood, medical apparatus, fruits, mineral fuels, gems and precious metals. Among these exports, gems and precious metals are among the fastest-growing in sales by 14.9%.


Fig 3. Maritime Export (Source: Pexels)

Since 2019, when the international sales of gold went up, the export of gems and precious metals from Thailand increased as well. Although Thailand’s growth in this industry has reduced since the onset of the pandemic, it is still considered a vital exporter of resources all over the world.

An internship in the export industry will be greatly beneficial. You will get the opportunity to learn about all the new rules and policies regarding trading, currencies and logistics. And if you are looking for an internship abroad, Thailand is the place to start.

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