Staying home with a purpose

Staying home with a purpose


This hashtag has taken on the world by storm. The activities that people come up with are astonishing and the challenges that come up every day always include, #stayhome. An application that has risen to stardome, as a result of people staying home, is Tiktok. People will just try to do anything to keep themselves occupied. On a more important note, it is essential to #stayhome during such times.

Not only are you practicing social distancing, you’re also preventing yourself from infection. All in all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Staying home isn’t all boring if you find things to keep you busy. Daily activities can be very beneficial and effective. #Stayhome with a purpose. Here’s what AIP recommends you to do.

Save Yourself From Boredom!

Staying home can be a very routined life! Routine is never fun because it’s repetitive, and super extremely boring. However, home is home and there are a lot of things that you could be doing to keep yourself active!

Exercising is both fun and healthy towards your body. In times like this, maintaining a strong immune system is essential! Exclusive fitness studios are posting their classes online so feel free to hop in and perform the workout at home. Workouts do not necessarily mean buying a new set of dumbbells. There are various ways to keep fit without the use of equipment at all!

Watch movies or television series! Netflix, Hulu, and various other streaming services have been around for quite some time and there’s no better way to catch up with your favorite shows or movies than now. Heat up the popcorn, relax on your couch, and turn on the television. You’ll be surprised how addictive some of these movies or series can be.

Cooking is perfect to kill time and test out your creativity and taste buds. Especially if you have a fully equipped kitchen, there’s no reason to not try and whip up a favorite dish. Be sure to display your culinary skills on instagram (it’s currently a big thing right now). Instagram also offers a bunch of cooking trends. If you can’t come up with anything, be sure to browse on your explore feed.

Face time your friends and families across the world. Since everyone is quarantined at home anyways, it’s perfect to catch up on life! Call up your friends in different parts of the world and organize a virtual party. Technology has done the hard part. All you have to really do is connect to your WiFi and log in to your Skype or Zoom accounts!

There are a lot of things you could be doing for fun but also remember to work from home! Whether you’re working full time or working as an intern, it is important to do your job. Just because you’re quarantined at home does not mean that it’s a holiday.

Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home is as effective as working at the office. What we do not realize is how connected we are. The help of the internet and advanced technology has made everything super accessible. Imagine if we didn’t have technology in our lives, yikes.

Customize your own work schedule. Remote work is flexible and you can work based off of your own schedule. Just be sure to meet the deadline and make sure that you’re treating each assignment as if you were working at the office. It’s expected to work a standard 8 hour shift per day but that doesn’t mean you cannot take breaks! You’ll realize soon enough that the standard normal office life can be very restrictive. Play some music in the background that keeps your mood going and relax. After all, your home is a private environment where you can be yourself and de-stress.

Become more independent and self reliant. There’s absolutely no one constantly supervising you while you work from home. Hence, you’ll learn to be very independent and organized. Rely on your skill sets and be confident about your abilities. On an important note, communication tools are necessary for successful remote work. With this, you’ll master the skills of clearly communicating a message through email, or chat. In a way, you could also learn various things that will help you in the long term.

Your office is your home. Your definition of home can be anything. You might be working at your beach house, or on the porch admiring your garden. As long as you're completing the work, you're good to go. Not to mention that this saves a lot of time and money, eliminating the fact that you do not have to take the daily commute to work.  

What are Remote Internships?

Working from home is the ongoing trend in today’s world. Work from home has always been a concept that wasn’t heavily emphasized on but with the help of today’s advanced technology, working from home is just as efficient as working at the office. Remote internships fall under the category of working from home. By definition, remote internships are internships that are completed virtually.

Remote internships are perfect for college students and recent college graduates that are looking to get work experience while adding on to their resume. Throughout the course of the internship, you’ll be in direct contact with your supervisor, or manager.It is important to treat a remote internship as a regular job.

You’ll be assigned work to do on a daily basis. By the end of the week you should also report on the tasks you have completed. Remote internships are very planned out and organized. It’s important to prioritize work correctly!

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COVID-19 may have paused your goals for an internship experience abroad this summer but with remote internships, you can intern anywhere, anytime. #Stayhome with a purpose and do a remote internship with AIP!

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