Perks of A Remote Internship

Perks of A Remote Internship

What is a Remote Internship?

Everyone is fond of regular internships. You go to work at the office during the day and then you come home in the evening. You might ask yourself, "What is it like working from home?" It just seems easier and more relaxed, doesn’t it? Look no further, this summer, get a remote internship with AIP! Remote internships, essentially, are internships online.

Throughout the whole internship there will be a supervisor that keeps track of your daily tasks and assignments. With technology being such a driving force in how we live our lives, it’ll be very easy and simple for you to contact your supervisor. Whether you want to contact your supervisor through chat, messenger applications, or a phone call, it is all possible!

What are some of the advantages of remote internships for students?

Remote internships are special and advantageous in their own way! The whole idea of remote internships really revamp the concept, “work from home.” In a way, you should think of remote internships as working from home with a purpose. You’ll be tasked with assignments and jobs throughout the week. This way, you’ll learn to manage time wisely and really organize and prioritize your, “to do list”.

Here are some of the advantages of remote internships:

  1. Forget about commuting to the office! A remote internship allows you to work from home.
  2. Even though you’re at home, you’ll get the opportunity to work with various individuals, hence, you’ll have the chance to make valuable connections.
  3. You’ll be in contact with other interns around the world. By the end of your remote internship, you’ll be able to get professional references from a lot of people.
  4. Remote internships are very unique and it is certainly a good addition to your CV.
  5. Effective and efficient communication skills are essential! You’ll have the opportunity to use, and familiarize yourself with high-tech digital tools and applications.
  6. Will remote internships land you a job? They most definitely will!

Why should employers take advantage of remote internships?

Ever wonder what companies, or employers, actually think about remote internships? Here’s a little insight from AIP on how employers will actually benefit from remote internships!

Diverse pool of applicants. Employers will be able to choose from an abundance of interns around the world looking for internships. Employers around the world aren’t limited by just interns, and potential candidates, within the same geographical location.

Implement remote internships to reduce cost. There are a lot of SMES and startups around the world that sometimes can not afford to spend all their budget on hiring a new load of employees. Hiring interns through remote internships will eliminate the option of having to spend more money on temporary employees.

Promoting project based remote internships. A lot of internships today are project based, meaning that the duration of the internship is fairly short. This is the perfect opportunity to use remote internships to guarantee interns a scheduled work timeline.Employers will have the chance to assign interns projects and tasks on a daily basis to complete. Interns will always be ready to do the work anyways.

Not having to expand the office. This is something that is very beneficial to all employers. Remote internships are done at home so employers won’t have to create additional workspace. In addition, interns participating in remote internships have their own computers and WiFi.

It’s expected for them to have their own office setting at home. This helps employers save up on a lot of the small details that get the office on the go everyday. Employers won’t have to spend extra money on desks, new laptops, or office supplies!

Not having to train interns (physically). For any employers with a small staff or employers with a staff that is constantly busy, you will no longer have to constantly coach an intern for 5 days a week! Obviously there has to be an introduction to what the company does and a simple orientation during the first week.

However, when the interns are working remotely, employers won’t have to check back on them until the end of the day, or end of the week, depending on your company’s policies! One phone call, text message, or email will be enough to keep track of how the intern is doing.

Scheduling internships become more accessible to everyone. With remote internships, interns that are still students can actually intern while they are still at school. This gives a wider timeline for all employers because you won’t have to hire interns to work during the summer anymore. Employers can allocate interns throughout the year.

The most important factor is to create a schedule that benefits both the intern and the employer. That really is the key for remote internships to work. If there is a fixed timeline and schedule that is agreed upon the employer and the intern, everything will work out just fine!

Take advantage of today’s communication tools. The key ingredient of a remote internship is technology. Without effective communication tools, it will be difficult to do a remote internship. Today’s generation lives and feeds on technology. Employers should take advantage of this and take into consideration that the younger workforce loves to work remotely.

A lot of recent college graduates sometimes prefer working in comfortable clothes and sitting on their couch rather than wearing formal work attire to the office five days a week. Don’t get it wrong, an office presence is still necessary for any business to operate.

With remote internships, there are many things that can be very beneficial towards employers. Most interns are students or recent graduates and these interns enjoy working remotely. AIP can’t be happier to help you (employers) connect with them (students).

Do a Remote Internship with AIP!

AIP continually seeks ways to enhance, and improve, the idea of internships. We don’t want you to be bored by the idea of it. Why should you do a remote internship with AIP? I

t’s a new experience for you, and you won’t have to worry about spending too much! Let AIP help you land your next remote internship, this summer.

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