Interning in Japan in 2020

Ever wonder what it feels like to live in, “The Land of the Rising Sun?” The Japanese name for Japan is Nippon, which directly translates to sun origin. The beauty of Japan begins with the country’s majestic sun rise and ends long after the sun sets. Instilled in spectacular cultural traditions and exceptional world known companies, Japan has so much to offer to interns. An internship in Japan will guarantee interns an experience of a lifetime. There are a lot of benefits that come with interning in Japan. Interns will have the opportunity to work and network in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, with ample time to explore the wonders of Japan and its exquisite culture and cuisine.

Japanese temple

Interning in Tokyo

What is it like to intern in one of the busiest cities in the world? Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing is commonly seen everywhere around the world as an intersection that is packed with people during rush hours. Japan admires themselves in constantly coming up with brilliant innovations that inspire people all around the world. That being said, information technology is a driving force in Tokyo. Interns that are studying within this area will have the chance to utilize their skills and gain a lot of experience with very hands on work.

A successful business can be determined by how it performs on the international stage. While it is essential to have a strong domestic base, it is crucial to branch out overseas. This is exactly what companies in Tokyo are trying to do. The biggest perk about interning in Tokyo is that Japanese companies are welcoming immigrants to work with the newest work visa. Here are some things that interns in Tokyo should know,  about the latest revised immigration laws. Take advantage of this opportunity and intern in Tokyo! An internship in Tokyo could be one of the biggest kickstarts of your career.

shibuya intersection

Japan’s Major Industries: How They’ve Contributed to Japan’s Rock Solid Economy

What are some of the biggest industries in Japan?  Major industries in Japan have contributed to Japan's rock solid economy. With a strong core to the country’s economy, an internship in Japan will definitely guarantee a standardized paycheck.

The agriculture industry is essential to Japan's economy. The agriculture industry has played such a huge role in maintaining a strong economy for the country, with the government allowing 12% of the land dedicated to agriculture. The terrace system is applied to farming in Japan and as a result, Japan has the highest level of crop output per unit area in the world.

Is it surprising at all that manufacturing is one of the biggest industries in Japan? Some of the best cars in the world are from Japan and these car brands are household names in a lot of foreign countries; for example, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, or Mazda. Known for how diverse their manufacturing industry is, Japan manufactures more than just cars. Due to their innovative designs, Japan is also known to manufacture common day to day technological devices, such as consumer electronics or copy machines, which have all proven to be extremely useful and efficient.

Ever wonder how Japanese fishermen are able to get fish for sushi? The demand for sushi is extremely high, domestically and internationally. The fishing industry in Japan contributes so much to earning income for the country. Fun fact, medium sized boats are responsible for 50% of the total fish production in Japan while large vessels are accountable for deep fishing and the remaining portion of fishing in the country.

The tourism industry in Japan is a booming trend right now and interns should take advantage of this. With the upcoming 2020 Olympics that will take place in Tokyo, Japan’s government has already estimated that they will get around 20 million visitors every year by that time. Aside from that, there are also a lot of tourist destinations inside and outside of Tokyo.

Exploring Japan as an Intern

There is no shortage of activities that interns in Japan could partake in, especially when your internship is in Tokyo. As different as these activities may be, there are commonalities; they are fun, engaging, and extremely welcoming. Want to explore Japan while interning there? We’ve narrowed down some of the best things that interns could do while living in Tokyo.

As a country that prides themselves for their identity and culture, it would be a shame to not attend some of the festivals that happen year round in Tokyo. Matsuri, as the Japanese people call it, is the literal translation of the word, “festival.” Mostly sponsored by the local temples and organized by communities in Tokyo, these festivals are extremely rich in tradition and culture and people dress up for the occasion, like really dress up. Not only is it fun and enjoyable to watch, interns will actually learn so much about Japanese culture just by being in the moment.

Ever wonder what it feels like to live in a traditional Japanese household? A Ryokan contributes a lot to the, “wholefulness”, of Japanese culture. Extremely traditional and remaining true to its cultural roots, staying at a ryokan has all the necessary elements of experiencing life as a local. Ryokans can be found all over Tokyo and here is what living in a ryokan is like.

Eating good local food is a cultural delight and Japan prides themselves in having one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Everyone knows what sushi is and how good it tastes. What about something new? Here’s the next best thing. While in Japan, interns should really try to eat at an, “izakaya.” Izakayas can be found all over Tokyo and they combine both fun and dining into one experience. Extremely diverse in the food that they serve, izakayas are authentic pub-styled (and very bar-like, so to speak) restaurants that serve almost everything, including fried food, sashimi, tofu, and vegetables. Oh yeah, don’t forget to top it off with a tasty and refreshing glass of Japanese beer.

izakaya in tokyo

Japanese Nightlife: A Complete Guide of Partying in Tokyo

Interning is work, work can be stressful. Exploring and interning in Tokyo is coo and professional, but going out at night in Tokyo is fun. Everyone’s got to blow off some steam after all. So, to all interns in Tokyo, here is how you can have a blast in one of the liveliest cities in the world.

Any good night out starts with a pregame. Tokyo has the best place for a pregame. After your internship ends, head over to Shinjuku as it is the best place to start off your night. When you are there, prepare to be amazed by the visual display of lights, entertainment, and music. Ever seen a show with dinosaurs, robots, and dancers? Believe it or not, these "robot" restaurants are extremely entertaining. All of us at AIP want all of our interns to have fun. Here is where you can purchase the tickets for robot shows in Kabukichō.

shinjuku district

The next destination is Golden Gai. Extremely unique in its own way, Golden Gai is something that interns in Tokyo would want to experience. The bars in Golden Gai are very welcoming towards foreigners and are super intimate and close to one another. It will be great for you to meet other fellow interns in Tokyo, friends, or foreigners. Socialize, network, and most importantly, have a good time!

It is time to hit the night clubs in Tokyo. Shibuya has the best nightclubs in Tokyo and there is such a wide variety of nightclubs to go to. It will be quite an experience for interns in Tokyo to experience the glorious party scenes in Shibuya. Peak hours of nightlife in Tokyo are between 1 am to 3 am but be sure to arrive earlier on weekends to avoid long lines! And yes, it’s partying until the break of dawn.

Intern in Japan!

It’s time to visit the land of the rising sun. Japan and its serene beauty has so much to offer to interns from all around the world. Let AIP help you find your next internship in Japan and you could be on your way to explore one of the greatest countries in the world (not to mention living amongst the vibrance livelihood of Tokyo) . Click below to apply and join thousands of other interns in Japan!

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