Interning abroad, post-pandemic

Interning abroad, post-pandemic

Why is an internship abroad important?

“Live with no regrets and travel with no excuses”- Oscar Wilde.

Rightfully so, traveling with a purpose adds so much spice and excitement to the journey. Internships are the stepping stones to success. No matter which country you live in, getting adequate work experience not only shows your employers that you possess the necessary skills to work, you also grow, professionally, as an individual. The idea of an internship abroad is astonishing and exciting. You’ll get to learn new skills and adapt to a new environment, not to mention, immersing yourself into a different and unique culture.

An internship abroad will be one of the most extraordinary experiences in your lifetime and it will definitely make your resume much more exciting. Upon graduating from college, your profile will be very distinct and unique. It will be hard for employers to not notice it.

What are the benefits of an internship abroad?

Internships abroad are an attractive trait that employers highly value, when looking to hire potential employees. The “pros” certainly outweigh the “cons”. By the end of the internship you will have concluded one of the most valuable chapters in your life. An internship abroad promises you the following:

  • Gaining international experience and professional knowledge while utilizing your own personal skills.
  • Network with professionals all around the world.
  • Learn how employees in a different country work and how foreign companies operate.
  • Your chances of employment, post grad, becomes higher as an internship abroad is a very valuable trait.
  • If the internship goes really well, you might be offered a full time job.

The real question is, “Where would you like to go?”

South Korea

South Korea is an astonishing country that is full of astonishing sights and opportunities. South Koreans really respect traditions above anything else and they take pride in this. An internship in South Korea will guarantee an experience of a lifetime, as you will be exposed to amazing sites and a very distinct culture.

South Korea is one of Asia’s most technologically developed countries and an internship within the technology industry will help you gain the work experience necessary to succeed in the future. For a very long time, South Korea has always been one of the pioneering countries that revolutionized the technology industry in Asia. In fact, South Korea has relied on technology to control the COVID-19 pandemic in their country, and they’ve been really successful.

The entertainment industry is something that should not be taken lightly either. South Korea’s pop culture has made major strides in the last couple of years, establishing themselves as a prominent force amongst entertainment conglomerates around the world. With Korean shows aired all over Netflix, and following the successes of Parasite, “K-pop” is taking the world by storm.

So, why is it safe to intern in South Korea? South Korea was one of the first countries to flatten out the COVID-19 curve and the country has reopened a lot of their businesses and organizations. Through the self discipline of the people living there, extremely effective measures, and successful testing procedures, South Korea’s success should be highlighted and followed.

Stephan Klingebiel, the director of UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) Global Policy Centre in Seoul, said, “In the second half of February and early March, when the number of new confirmed Covid-19 cases peaked, South Korea seemed to be a real global hotspot. This impression has changed fundamentally: now, rather than being seen as an epicentre, South Korea seems to be an outstanding example of how to manage the crisis!”


Known around the world for the notable clear blue beaches and extraordinary cuisine and culture, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to getting around Thailand. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is an international hub for companies and startups and an internship here will really boost up your resume and chances for success.

Thailand’s geographical location makes it ideal for trade. With the import and export market playing such an integral role in the country’s economy, manufacturing of goods and services is such a driving force for success. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has affected many international manufacturing corporations. For quite some time, China has been the main hub of manufacturing for multinational companies. However, since these factories have shut down, they are looking for a global supply chain renovation. Thailand is already a regional hub in manufacturing and this could provide an excellent opportunity for the country to really enhance its reputation.

On to a more leisure subject, it is evidence that the tourism industry has done so much for this country, mainly, attracting people from around the world to witness amazing Thailand. Thailand has slowly reopened the country and is hoping that tourism will boost the economy. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for an internship in the hospitality and tourism industry. You will have the opportunity to deal with both domestic, and international clients. It’s time for hotels and resorts to get ready.

Thailand’s success story of battling the pandemic is astonishing. With strict orders to implement social distancing, wear face masks, and practice proper hygiene, the people of Thailand and health officials throughout the country have worked together so efficiently and effectively. As of today, Songkhla Hospital was able to use plasma from a recovered patient to treat patients currently sick. That is great news.


“The Land of the Blue Dragon” has shown much resiliency in the past couple of months. The ever growing economy has made Vietnam one of the epicenters of Southeast Asia. Why intern in Vietnam? The country has everything you need; whether that be huge multinational companies, up and coming startups, or wondrous attractions.

As of late, e-commerce is an industry that has been extremely popular. The pandemic really encourages the use of technology in Vietnam. Anything that falls under the category of, “cashless payment” is bound to succeed. Online grocery shopping and food delivery services operate non-stop with such high demands. This proves that online shopping does work and that there will always be a demand for products, even in times of chaos and uncertainty.

How was Vietnam so successful in battling the COVID-19 pandemic? The answer is, they fought the battle early on. With a coordinated plan on travel bans and strict sanitation rules implemented throughout the country, Vietnam was able to lift their social isolation measures ever since April 22nd. However, safety precautions to prevent infection are still necessary.

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