Intern in South Korea this summer!

Intern in South Korea this summer!

South Korea, “The Land of the Morning Calm”

The Land of the Morning Calm is one of Asia’s most popular countries. Whether you’re visiting for a casual, or business trip, South Korea is full of astonishing sceneries and cultural wonders that will mesmerize you. South Korea is technologically advanced but the country is deeply rooted in its culture and originality.

South Koreans really respect traditions above anything else and they take pride in this. An internship in South Korea will guarantee an experience of a lifetime, as you will be exposed to amazing sites and a very distinct culture.

South Korea’s Most Popular Industries

It is evident that South Korea’s technology industry is extremely advanced and has influences with, literally, everything in the country. For a very long time, South Korea has always been one of the pioneering countries that revolutionized the technology industry in Asia. An information technology internship in South Korea would definitely jump start an intern's professional career. You will have the opportunity to live in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. That itself is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, you’ll be working with a very, “tech-savvy”, group of individuals that will teach you a lot of valuable skills.

In this part of the world, South Korea’s entertainment industry is as big as Hollywood. Where to even begin? Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world right now and some of these korean television shows are taking the world by storm. Aside from movies and television shows, Korean music has also influenced the world in many ways, with a variety of listeners from all around the world. The Gangnam Style music video by PSY became the first Youtube Video to reach one billion views while girl bands, like Black Pink, have unprecedented success and have made very successful strides in their musical career.

As of now, South Korea’s public health industry is one of the best and most efficient in dealing with the COVID-19 virus. The pandemic has resulted in a lot of changes worldwide but to everyone’s astonishment, South Korea has done an amazing job in flattening out the curve of the COVID-19 virus.

How are they doing that? South Korea has, very successfully, dealt with the pandemic by organizing an early response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. South Korea also has a very technologically advanced health care system and South Koreans really respect the rules and recommendations advised by health officials domestically, and internationally. Most importantly, their mass testing system has been very effective on a huge scale.

A huge shoutout to all the public health officials in South Korea, they have worked together very effectively to handle this chaotic situation. A lot of countries are now actually trying to adopt the method that South Korean health officials use to deal with the virus and bring the country back to normal.

Exploring the many aspects of Korean culture

Shopping in South Korea is as vibrant and exciting as it sounds. Seoul is loaded with domestic markets and elegant shopping malls. While interning you’ll have a chance to explore how South Koreans shop, so be sure to visit some of Seoul’s best shopping and hip districts such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, and Hongdae.

Myeongdong is undoubtedly the most popular shopping destination for locals, and foreigners alike, in Seoul. The Lotte Department Store is Seoul’s brightest gem in the shopping industry and it is located in the heart of Myeongdong. If you’re into pop songs and ecstatic nightlife, hit up Dongdaemun and Hongdae, two other popular districts in Seoul that are targeted towards a younger crowd.

Korean cuisine is delicious everywhere around the world but it’s even better in South Korea. After all, a local dish is the best anywhere around the world right? You best be sure that an internship in South Korea will guarantee you the opportunity to try all the delicious and popular Korean dishes. Korean barbecue restaurants are always a good time. Grill the pork, or meat, on the grill and dip it in the different sauces that come along with the exquisite appetizers. Korean barbecue can be indulged anytime of the day and the thought of it is just mouth watering.

Remote internship opportunities

Work from home is something that is implemented all around the world and with the advancements in technology and communication tools, you can finish up as much work at home, and at your own comfort. South Korea is home to a variety of startups and companies. A remote internship with Korean based companies can definitely spice up your resume, or even land you your next job.

But, what are some of the perks of a remote internship?

  1. Forget about commuting to the office! A remote internship allows you to work from home.
  2. Even though you’re at home, you’ll get the opportunity to work with various individuals, hence, you’ll have the chance to make valuable connections.
  3. You’ll be in contact with other interns around the world. By the end of your remote internship, you’ll be able to get professional references from a lot of people.
  4. Remote internships are very unique and it is certainly a good addition to your CV.
  5. Effective and efficient communication skills are essential! You’ll have the opportunity to use, and familiarize yourself with high-tech digital tools and applications.

All employers in South Korea treat internships as a real job and you should too! Just because you are working remotely, doesn’t mean that you can, “chillax”, more. Get ready to report to your supervisor, or manager, by the end of each day or week. Always remember, the key to a successful remote internship is organization and communication. If you communicate clearly between coworkers and your supervisor, you will know what to do. Organizing your time wisely and being able to prioritize work is also crucial.

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