How are employers implementing "work from home" and remote internships?

How are employers implementing "work from home" and remote internships?

Working from home

Wow...who would have thought that one day, this would happen. Working from home, completing our daily tasks at our own comfort. To many people around the world, work from home is, truly, a blessing in disguise. Think about it. You are actually able to complete all the work, done at the office, without having to physically be there for eight hours a day and 5 days a week.

Work from home is a perfect example of a silver lining, there’s always something good that happens amongst the craziness going on in our world. Like it or not, with the advancements in technology and communication tools, work from home is here to stay. Yup, and here’s why.

How do employees benefit from, “work from home”

Sure it takes a bit of getting accustomed to. Like everything new, adjustment is key. However, this is fairly easy to get used to. I mean, afterall, what you really need is a computer and a responsible attitude, right? Anyways, what are some of the benefits of working from home? Check them out right here!

  • A very flexible schedule. Take your own breaks. When a family member or friend calls, there’s really no need to shorten the conversation or hang up on them anymore. Eat your meals when you’re hungry, not when it’s break time. Get creative with the time that you have but most importantly, remember to work!
  • Customized workplace. This is entirely up to you. Turn on whatever music that gets you going and gets the “brain juices” flowing. If you want to work on your bed, do so. No one is stopping you. Sometimes working in a very calm and relaxing environment can make you achieve wonders. Just make sure to be in a professional setting during zoom calls or meetings with your clients, fellow work colleagues, or your boss.
  • Comfortable clothes. Yes, this is the time you’ll get to wear boxers, or baggy sweatpants, to work. Remember, the top half of your body matters during meetings and zoom calls, so please dress your part and be professional!
  • Making calls has never been easier. Since you’ll be in your own room or working place anyway, you won’t have to “fight” for a conference room when you’re dealing with clients. You’re the only person present in the room anyways so forget about having to deal with all the noise and chit chat from your talkative co-workers.
  • ZERO office distractions. That’s right, you’ll have your own place to yourself. In a way you won’t be bothered by any typical office distractions that linger around. Think of it this way, you’ll get to avoid colleagues babbling about things that you never even cared about, or the sound of the broken air conditioner rattling behind you.
  • No commuting necessary. This is something that everyone tends to overlook. The daily commute to the office. It takes time and money. When you’re working from home, your daily commute is walking from bedroom to the other room, or simply, just staying in bed (because that works too).
  • Save money. Lunch and all those in between meals in the afternoon can be very pricey when the office is downtown. Not having to spend money on take outs everyday really helps! Plus, you won’t have to add money, every two days, to your transportation card.
  • Forget rush hour and everything that comes with it. It is a blessing to not have to commute during rush hour, especially if you’re stuck on the train (or bus) like sardines in a fish can. It’s horrible. You’re working from home, so there is no need to deal with any of that.

Why employers should implement, “work from home”

A lot of companies around the world have implemented the idea of work from home to ensure the safety and well being of employers, and employees alike. Social media tech giants, Twitter, believe that you can be as productive working from home. Twitter was one of the first companies to implement work from home since the outbreak of COVID-19 and they have come up with a very catchy hashtag, #LoveWhereeverYouWork. Jennifer Christie, the vice president of the Lead People team at Twitter, believes that the company is, "uniquely positioned to respond quickly and allow folks to work from home given Twitter's emphasis on decentralization and supporting a distributed workforce capable of working from anywhere."

Technology has paved the way for infinite possibilities in today’s world, especially if you are already working in the technology industry. Why is that? Well, naturally, tech jobs require loads of attention and hours of intense focus. What better way to deal with this than working at home. It really does reduce all the distractions that workers get when they’re at the office.

Anyways, employees are not the only ones that get benefits from the whole idea of working from home. Employers and companies can also benefit from this. Working from home can really save the company a lot of money, employers can keep track of their employees easier (through efficient communication techniques), and most importantly the level of productivity could remain the same, with the high possibility of increasing.

Employers implementing work from home can hire employees from anywhere in the world. The internet and technology knows no bounds, therefore, there are no limitations to who employers can hire. What does this mean? Geographical barriers are no longer a problem and the talent gene pool is definitely bigger. That’s an amazing feature for any employer to have. Furthermore, employees are also happy with work from home. This relieves all the stress for any employers having to deal with all the “heat” at the office. There are a lot of benefits from working at home and research has proven that it is useful, for employers, longterm.

Remote internships. What are they?

Remote internships belong to the subset of “working from home”. The idea of remote internships are pretty self explanatory. Remote internships add an extension from the whole concept of normal internships. A remote internship is a bridge between internships and working from home. Think of remote internships as working from home with a purpose. You’ll be tasked with assignments and jobs throughout the week. This way, you’ll learn to manage time wisely and really organize and prioritize your, “to do list”.

All the features of work from home are implemented into remote internships. Since they are already in the same category, expect remote internships to work the same way as regular remote work! There are endless possibilities when employers implement remote internships. Most importantly being that, employers can hire anyone from around the globe. If you’re willing to work, and possess the skills necessary for the job, you are the perfect candidate.

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