Best 6 Korean Festivals To Visit

Best 6 Korean Festivals To Visit

In a nation as culturally diverse as South Korea, you would probably be able to locate a variety of traditional ceremonies that are comparable to Hansik. This is a usual ceremony that commemorates the beginning of farming season and takes place on the 105th day following the winter solstice. Or a name that is associated with religious importance, such as Chopail, often known as the "birthday" of the Buddha. Despite the fact that they are still relevant in today's culture, several freshly emerging and incredibly unique Korean festivals have established themselves as permanent traditions in South Korea. This complex nation has a lot in store for you to discover and enjoy. In light of this, we have compiled a list of festivals that are not only entertaining but also original and unique in order to help liven up your day(s) in South Korea!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Starting Our List Off With Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival!

From mid-January to early February in Gangwon-do, you are welcome to participate in Hwacheon Sancheoneo's extreme annual trout ice fishing activity. Catch them with a bait or a lure where you are recommended to sit and wait patiently in the cold.

If that does not sound so pleasant to you, you can also choose to jump right into the water with your fellow participants and fish those trout with your bare hands! And devour them fresh afterwards...

(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

Don't Prefer The Cold? Check out Boryeong Mud Festival!

On Daechong beach, you can find yourself among many others having the best time of your life in mud! First incorporated as part of a cosmetic promotional campaign in 1998, Boryeong mud used in this fun-tastic Korean festival was originally used in cosmetics for its enriching skin purification effects. It is now known to help balance out your pH level and enhance your circulatory system!

Today, the festival takes place for the total duration of two weeks every mid-July.

(Source: Torn Tackies)

Ignite Your Souls At Jeju Fire Festival

Every late February up until the beginning of March, for three days, you will be able to witness fire shows, torch marches, and other fascinating sports contests to celebrate the Jeju people’s traditional method of livestock caring, known as bangae in Korean. Bangae often started with burning down fields of crops between late winter and the beginning of spring.

Jeju Fire Festival is also a way for people to pray for good luck and welcome a good harvest in the spring. Today, we can see spectacular shows accompanied by fireworks at Saebyeol Oreum.

(Source: Hyunwon Jang on Unsplash)

Cool Off At Water Bomb Festival

This one of a kind Korean festival is more than just water splashes and water gun fights. You will be having the largest pool party of your life with numerous water-themed activities and chilling lounges for you to enjoy for the span of three days! Oh, did we forget to mention that K-pop idols and international DJs will be joining the party, too?

(Source: Water Bomb)

Looking for something ultra-fun to do? Join Ultra Korea!

At this Seoul festival, you are most likely going to find your favorite EDM, House, and Techno artists. Avicii, David Guetta, Snoop Dogg, MIA, Skrillex have all been to Ultra Korea. This music festival will not disappoint any music-lovers because this is an outdoor event that encourages you to dance and sing your hearts out for two days.

(Source: Ultra Korea 2019)

Get Your Hands Dirty At Gwangju World Culture Kimchi Festival!

This Korean festival is sure going to leave you begging for more kimchi deliciousness! After you have visited all the booths serving endless rows of kimchi, hand-sourced from all around the country, you can compete in the kimchi master competition to win a grand prize and be crowned the kimchi master.

This festival typically lasts from late October to the beginning of November every year.

(Source: Daebak)

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