Your Easy Travel Guide to Australia

Located in Oceania between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, Australia is the smallest continent and one of the largest countries in the world. It is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and beauty. And it is an enchanting place full of rich culture, diversity.

Australia is an enormous country with so much to offer and so much for you to discover. This is only a short introduction to what you can expect when visiting this beautiful country.

But before you embark on your journey and start your internship in Australia, you will need the following documents to facilitate your travelling process and ensure a safe and comfortable journey:

  • A valid passport
  • The appropriate visa type
  • A medical certificate that was taken 72hrs prior to departure showing a negative COVID-19 test
  • A completed Australia Travel Declaration form before departure

Once the borders to Australia open to foreigners, you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa; subclass 417 and subclass 462. With this visa, you can complete your internship in Australia for a period of 12 months.

Australia’s 5 Major Cities

Australia is home to more than a hundred amazing cities. But the main cities that you should definitely visit when in the country are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Known as Australia’s Harbour City, Sydney is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is a beautiful city with a number of attractions, whether they be natural or structural. The main one that comes to mind is the Sydney Opera House.

It is architecturally unique in its construction, like billowing sails or shells balancing along the edge of the harbour. It has been recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the world and to this day, it remains to be one of the most mesmerizing sites in the world.


Fig 1. Sydney, Australia (Source: Pexels)

Another site not to be missed is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is locally known as “Coathanger”, this bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Built in the 1930s, the Sydney Harbour Bridge connects the harbour’s north and south shores in a single curve.

You can also take this opportunity to climb the 135-meter high summit on the bridge. A group of up to 13 people at a time can take a climb up this magnificent bridge throughout the day, beginning with a dawn climb and ending with a night climb.

Sydney is full of beautiful sites to see and different places to explore like the Darling Harbour, the Queen Victoria Building and the Sydney beaches. If you decide to choose Sydney as your destination for an internship in Australia, you will not be disappointed by what it has to offer.


Melbourne is the coastal capital of the state of Victoria and the second-largest city in Australia. It is considered to be the country’s most cultural and cosmopolitan city with an array of attractions and beautiful landscapes all around the city.

When in Melbourne, you can visit a number of destinations. One of them is the Eureka Towers. They are the tallest residential buildings in the southern hemisphere where you can see the view of the whole city.

Another place you can visit is the Immigration Museum. In this museum, you will learn of the origins and journeys of the thousands of people who migrated to Australia.

If you are looking for a place to relax, St. Kilda is the place for you. It is one of Melbourne's beachside attractions. You can enjoy the view and some refreshments at the end of the pier or the bars and restaurants of the St. Kilda Sea Baths.

Bondi Beach

Fig 2. Bondi Beach (Source: Pexels)


Being the third-largest city in Australia, Brisbane is a beautifully modern and cosmopolitan city. However, while it is continuously expanding in urbanization, it has not forgotten its Aboriginal roots. This can be seen in many cities all over Australia, and in Brisbane, it is evident that the Aboriginal culture is thriving.

In Brisbane, you can explore and learn more about Aboriginal culture, heritage and art. You can visit the Southbank and explore the Parklands with an Aboriginal guide to learn about the significance of the land.

You can become educated in the ancient knowledge of the land while watching meaningful cultural performances. This can be an opportunity for you to uncover the deep-rooted ties of the country to the world’s oldest living culture.

While you are in the city, you can also make plans to climb Brisbane’s tallest mountain, Mt. Coot-tha. The path on the way to the heavily forested mountain is tranquil and scenic in its beauty, offering a wide view of the city in all directions.

An internship in Brisbane will open up your imagination and challenge you in different ways. You will not only be exposed to the rapid modernization of the city, but you will also learn more about the culture and history of the Aboriginal people. By applying for an internship with AIP, your internship journey will be facilitated according to your preference and you will be placed with a host company that best matches your passion and interests.

Famous foods in Australia

Australia has an array of unique and delicious foods and beverages that everyone should try at least once when they visit this country. Some of the honourable mentions are listed below:

  • Vegemite

Even if you have never travelled to Australia before, you would have heard of what vegemite is and its polarising nature. Either people love it or they hate it. Unique in taste, it is rich in B vitamins like B1, B2, B3, and folate, which helps kick start your day.

The way it is normally eaten is by spreading the vegemite on a piece of buttered toast lightly. This will ensure that the taste and the smell are not too overwhelming. While it continues to evoke extreme reactions from the people, it remains to be one of the most popular foods in Australia.

  • Pavlova

This sweet meringue-based dessert topped with a variety of fruits and whipped cream is an all-time favourite in Australia. It is crisp on the outside but soft on the inside. It is one of the staples during Christmas lunches all across the country.


Figure 3. Pavlova (Source: Pexels)

This dessert was named after a Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and is disputed between Australia and New Zealand as to where this beloved dessert first originated from.

  • Flat White

Another dispute of origins between the two countries is the Flat White. Both Australia and New Zealand claim to have created the beverage sometime during the mid-1800s. Australia’s coffee culture is considered to be one of the best in the world, with its adventurous and daring flavours and techniques.

However, the Flat White is probably the most popular style of coffee found around the country.

  • Lamingtons

Lamingtons are another popular national dessert. It is a sponge cake coated with a thin layer of chocolate and coconut shavings. If you want to add a little more sweetness and flavour to the lamington, you can find some filled with raspberry jam or cream in between two halves.

The dessert is usually paired with tea or coffee to balance out the sweetness of the lamingtons.

  • Chicken Parmigiana

Another classic dish in Australia is chicken parmigiana. It is a staple on every pub menu in the country. It was originally eggplant-based but now has evolved into a chicken schnitzel topped with tomato sauce, melted cheese and prosciutto ham. This is usually served with a side of salad and chips.

Chef in Kitchen

Fig 4. Chef in the Kitchen (Source: Pexels)

There are many more traditional cuisines that are unique to Australia. When travelling around the country, be sure to try them and enjoy the delicious foods that Australia has to offer.


Getting around Australia is relatively easy. There are a number of transportation options that are available that will make your travelling around cities much more convenient. The cheapest way of getting around the city is by public transportation like the bus, the tram, the train or by taxi.

These transportation options will allow you to explore the cities in a convenient and affordable way. All these transportation options are completed with air conditioning, WiFi and even USB chargers.

Other options include renting your own car to navigate around the country in a more flexible way. This may cost you a bit more but it will offer more security and minimal restrictions. You can also use an app that allows you to book shared rides. By using apps like DiDi, Ola, GoCatch and Taxify, you can easily book a car and share a ride with people who are going in the same direction as you.

Another exciting way of getting around the city is by water taxis and ferries. Since many of the cities in Australia have rivers and harbours like Sydney and Brisbane, water taxis and ferries are used to navigate these waters effectively.

Transportation in Australia

Fig 5. Water Taxis and Ferries in Sydney, Australia (Source: Pexels)

This option of transportation is affordable and offers a great view of the rivers and harbours. It is also more convenient if you are planning to visit places like the Sydney Opera House. A cheaper and healthier option of travelling around the cities is cycling.

It is very easy to acquire a bicycle in Australia. There are services like Share in Melbourne and CityCycle in Brisbane where you can rent or hire bicycles for a few hours. Going around the cities with a bicycle is fun, adventurous and convenient. It allows you to see the cities in a different light.


The currency mostly used in Australia is the Australian Dollar. It is one of the most traded currencies in the world, right behind the Euro, US dollar, Japanese yen and the British pound on the world’s foreign exchange market.

The Australian dollar is not only accepted on mainland Australia, but also on territories claimed by Australia like on Christmas Island, the Cocos Keeling Islands, Norfolk Island and the Pacific Island states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu.

Nightlife in Australia

There is a long list of after-hour activities you can partake in to have fun and relax in Australia. The country’s nightlife includes a number of pubs and clubs, bars, restaurants, open-air cinemas, dinner cruises, live music venues theatre performances, opera shows and many more.

In Sydney, there are a number of unique bars and one of them is called the Grasshopper. It is called a ‘laneway bar’ as it is situated along a dark alleyway. You can grab a sensational drink from their elaborate menu and get some late-night snacks and dinner.

The St. George Open-Air Cinema is another aspect of Australia that you can experience besides pubs and clubs. This classic movie venue will feel like you have travelled back in time. From where you are seated, you can see the screen breaking from the water surface with the Opera House and the sunset in the background. Viewers are also provided with a three-course meal with a glass of wine of your choosing.

Nightlife in Australia

Fig 6. Nightlife in Australia (Source: Pexels)

If you want to experience the city of Melbourne at night, a cruise along the harbour is just the thing for you. You can enjoy a 4-course evening meal on the open-air decks of the Spirit of Melbourne cruise. This cruise is a statement of luxury with the most scenic view, food and ambience. It is sure to become one of the most memorable nights of your life. Australia is an enormous country with immaculate beauty.

An internship in Australia will benefit you both in your professional and personal life. And by applying for an internship with AIP, your journey will be facilitated and made easier for you. We believe that an international internship will broaden your knowledge of the world and hopefully enlighten your path to self-improvement.

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