Why You Should Do An Internship In Peru

Hidden from the eyes of the world, Peru is home to all kinds of bewilderment and wonder. From historical heritages and natural monuments to fascinating gastronomies, more awe-inspiring nonpareils can be found in the world’s third-largest South American country!

Built on the foundation of solidarity and collectivism, this Hispanic speaking country is not only a divine haven on Earth, but an ideal destination for your internship abroad!

If you are looking for more reasons to help you make up your mind on whether you should make Peru your international internship destination or not, we have a few in store for you!

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Your Internship In Peru Will Most Likely Give Your Palette One Adventurous Ride

From the outside in, you may associate the Peruvian cuisine with four main building blocks of its traditional staple that is quinoa. corn, tomatoes, and yellow chili peppers. If you take a closer look at the Peruvian food, you would probably be able to identify a couple of foreign looking dishes like Wantan, Arroz Chaufa, Yaki Soba Saltado, and Ceviche Nikkei!

Confused? Let history itself explain.

In 1527, the country was under the control of the Spanish conquistadors, who were attracted to the wealth that the Incan empire possessed (gold, textiles, and foodstuff). And later ousted by Simon Bolivar in 1824. SPOILERS: they still do. The present-day Peru provides the world with 96.6 tons of gold in 2021, remains as the world’s leading textile producer, and is some of the best foodie destinations globally.

To escape the unstable circumstances back at home, the Chinese and Japanese resettled in Peru! With them, they brought their traditional method of cooking and a handful of cooking essentials. To the Japanese, miso, wasabi, soy, and rice vinegar; the Chinese, scallions, ginger, and more!

Your Internship In Peru Allows You To Swing Into A Lifetime Adventure

Visiting Peru is an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. And mind you, this is not an exaggeration! Peru is a country none like any other, having multiple world heritage sites including Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, and Historic Center of Lima. Undergoing an internship in Peru means that you can spend your leisure time exploring the actual and past of this stunning country!

With plenty of educational and fun opportunities scattered throughout the country such as paragliding, trekking, water rafting and ecotourism, you will find Peru highly irresistible to not pay a visit! But, wait, it gets even better (can you believe it?). You can visit the source of the Amazon river in Peru!! Love yourself some more adventures? Check out the Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca. Or visit Peru’s very own Galapagos island and akin yourself with exotic wildlife like the Humboldt penguins!!!

(Source: "Rainbow Mountain" by Johnson Wang)

Your Internship In Peru Opens Up Opportunities For You To Obtain Hands On Experience In Many Of The Country’s Emerging Markets

Not only is tourism flooding in Peru from overseas, domestic and border tourism, including short day and night trips, can be seen from neighboring Hispanic countries like Ecuador and Chile.

Aside from the fast-growing tourism industry, Peru is known for its international trade— thanks to their abundance in raw minerals; agricultural- and other high quality material goods.. For context, Peru is trade partners with two of the world’s economic superpowers: the US and China. The country is recently reported to export more than 10.96 billion USD to China and 6.24 billion USD to the US.

In the present, the Peruvian economic landscape is forecasted to rise above its performance last year by almost 18 per cent. Ongoing infrastructure enhancement projects and better developed policies are said to boost the country’s flourishing industries even further in years to come.

Undergoing your internship in Peru is a way for you to contribute to meaningful development outside of your home country. You will have the opportunity to witness your hard-work turning into fruitful and measurable results in ways that personally impact you as well as the economy of this fast developing country.

There you have it, our top picks of why you should do an internship in Peru!

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