Why are Remote Internships Perfect for College Students?

What are Remote Internships?

Working from home has never been easier or more efficient. Remote internships are internships that are completed virtually. Taking advantage of how effective technology is in today’s world, remote internships are perfect for college students that are looking to get work experience while adding on to their resume. Throughout your whole internship, you’ll be in direct contact with your supervisor, or manager.

Treat a remote internship as a regular job, you’ll be assigned work to do on a day to day basis. By the end of the week you should also report on the tasks you have completed. Remote internships are very planned out and organized. It’s important to prioritize work correctly!

Millennials and their lifestyle

Millennials are characterized in various different ways by different groups of people. All in all, millennials truly cherish freedom and the chance to grow from experience. A millennial values liberty, amongst everything else. Millennials cherish the idea of not being defined and locked down to one place. Working efficiently does not mean having to go to the office everyday, but means doing things that can have an impact for a good cause.

Remote internships are perfect for millennials! You’ll be working from home and you will have the liberty to customize your own work schedule. Be sure to complete the work on time and by the end of your remote internship, you’ll be able to include another valuable, and unique, experience on your resume.

Habits that will ensure a successful remote internship

Healthy work habits and certain characteristics can help you go a long way when it comes to doing remote internships. While working as an intern, or full time employee, it is essential to have an efficient and effective work habit. Being able to master these traits will make you stand out as an intern. What are some habits that will guarantee your success while completing a remote internship?

Being attentive is extremely important. It shows that you take initiative in what you are doing. Since you will be working remotely, be sure to be responsive and clarify, or confirm, the details of your task with your supervisor. Do not hesitate to ask questions or ask your supervisor to provide examples if you do not understand something. Take initiative in critical situations and come up with ideas while solving problems. You’ll be asked to work in teams, taking initiative does show that you have good leadership skills and communicate well with your teammates.

Open-mindedness is a very important trait when doing remote internships. Interns, sometimes, will not be asked to do the most satisfying work but it’s crucial to be open minded with a positive attitude. Being open minded while doing remote internships will help you think clearly and this leads to you being able to work effectively and doing your job properly. Also, communicating with your manager will be much easier if you try to learn as much from him, or her. Remote internships can sometimes be stressful, which is why it is important to remember that you are here to learn and get as much work experience as possible.

What’s your understanding of being adaptable at work? Side note, a chameleon is very adaptable to its surroundings and can camouflage anywhere based on things that are going on around it. Someone that's adaptable at work means that he or she has the ability to adjust themselves to the work environment and knows when to prioritize work. During your remote internship, you’ll be handed a variety of tasks and it is your job and responsibility to perform.

You’d imagine that communication skills are necessary during remote internships. Well, you are correct! Always remember to communicate very clearly between you, your team members at work, and your supervisor. Remote internships are done at home so it is always important to understand what you are doing. Communicating effectively goes a long way. Later on you’ll be dealing with clients and you must be able to explain to clients what your company does.

Last but not least, critical thinking. Your supervisor will be there to answer your questions but remote internships are not daycares. You’ll have to be able to work independently and come up with solutions on your own. Your supervisor will be evaluating you every step of the way so be prepared to figure out how you could have done things differently to achieve the same goal, or things you can continuously improve on. Avoid asking simple questions! Instead, suggest ideas that can contribute to what you, your team, and your supervisor are working on.

These attributes and characteristics will help you enhance your work habit. If you perform well and are very impressive, remote internships can lead to regular internship opportunities abroad or even better, land you a full time job! At AIP we always aim for our interns to have the best experience interning but we also expect you to be ready to learn and work.

Why should college students apply for remote internships

College students and recent graduates are the perfect candidates for remote internships. AIP has implemented the idea of working from home into our internship program and now, you will have the chance to work from home with a purpose. Remote internships really do allow you to intern from anywhere, anytime.

More importantly, remote internships can pave the way for a successful career. The nature of remote internships match well with that of college students, recent graduates, and millennials in general!

You’ll be handed work that is related to your major and work that is manageable. Remote internships really do allow you to grow as a person and gives you a good glimpse into what adulting is all about. Moreover, you’ll be able to use a wide variety of skills while learning about things you never knew you were able to do.

Apply for a remote internship with AIP!

Summer is already around the corner. It is time to jumpstart your professional career and enhance your CV/resume. Customize your own work schedule and #stayhome. Apply for a remote internship with AIP and intern anywhere, anytime.

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