The perks of doing your internship in Bangkok

The perks of doing your internship in Bangkok

For sure you heard about Thailand, its beautiful beaches and the charming scenery of the North, but what about Bangkok? If you are looking for an internship in Thailand, Bangkok is the place to be!

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the city has played a significant role in Thailand’s economy as an international travelers hub where people from all over the world join together to do business, pleasure and get a taste of the amazing Thai culture.

Living and working in Bangkok is like living in an urban jungle. Everywhere you look there are tall buildings, traffic, and amazing street food which will blow your tastebuds away.

Here are the 4 key advantages of living and interning in Bangkok, the most amazing and vibrant city in Thailand.

1.Opportunity to intern in multinational companies

Due to the fact that Bangkok has so many industries, it comes with a great number of job opportunities that offer a fit for every person.

It is not only work opportunities that wait for you in Bangkok, but it also offers numerous opportunities to invest in Bangkok’s start-up culture or even start your own company!

Bangkok opens the door to all kinds of people. Everybody has a chance to work in Bangkok no matter what your background or personal preferences are.

As a student, you should take this chance to discover more about yourself, what work you like and what job will help you develop the best skills, grow your intercultural experience and exceed your own expectations.

2. Living in an amazing urban jungle that never sleeps.

Bangkok is one of a kind city from many point of views but one that will probably jump to your eye during your Bangkok Internship is the architecture.

Its architecture has influences from all over the world; colonial-style houses, Chinese temples, Japanese condominiums and modern malls contrast the traditional Thai architecture, giving life to a kaleidoscope of colors and different structure types that make Bangkok the vibrant city it is.

Its a city where you will find hyper-modern buildings, being built around heritage sites and monuments, surrounded by religious buildings, statues, and beautiful parks.

Bangkok is home of 7 million people and at midday, it reaches 15 million people so how do these people move around? Well, Bangkok has one of the best public transportation systems of SouthEast Asia.

During your internship, you can move around the city thanks to its well-developed transportation system. Sky Train, Metro, Busses, and Longtail boats will help you explore this beautiful city.

3. Shopping!

Bangkok feels like it has unlimited stores, and it’s a true paradise for any shopper!

Bangkok is known for its low price shopping, which you can do in markets like Chatuchak weekend market, but cheap doesn’t mean low quality, markets such as Chatuchak are an occasion for a new stylist to expose in pop-up shops their creation and get known by selling their merch underprice. In the same market, you can find souvenirs, accessories, vintage items and even furnitures.

But as a capital Bangkok is not only cheap shopping but it also has luxurious shopping malls like IconSiam featuring high-end stores like Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co for when you want to treat yourself to something fancy.

All of this sounds already good? Well, there’s one last perk, Bangkok’s shopping scene never closes, you need a new pair of shoes at 1 AM? Just go to the nearest night market in your neighborhood.

4. Surprisingly delicious and cheap food

If you are going to do an internship in Bangkok I hope you are a foodie, Thais are notoriously foodies and they are very proud of their local cuisine, and they should be.

Bangkok, in particular, is known for its amazing street food, which you can find in any corner of the city! Don’t get scared by the look of these small food stalls dive right in. You’ll understand why they are so popular.

If you prefer to try the normal Thai restaurants there you can eat Pad Thai, Ka-Pow and any popular Thai dish. Usually, these places can be found in any street close to some office buildings or residential areas.

But the best place to experience Thai food is the Night Markets, such as the Rot Fai Train market. Here you can find all the street food, try the Thai delicious fish dishes, have a smoothie and enjoy the traditional mango sticky rice dessert, all of this while listening to live music and enjoying the vibe of a Thai open-air night market.

5. Last but not least, the costs…

In a world of economic crisis and trade wars keeping an eye on the spending its always important. And this is one of the major strengths of our Bangkok internship. Bangkok is cheap!

One of the reasons why Bangkok has become in the last few years a big destination for expats and interns is that Bangkok offers all the perks of a developed country but with a cheaper price tag.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well, it gets better, while doing your internship in Bangkok you might want to travel the country right? Well, inbound traveling in Thailand is very cheap and outside Bangkok, prices are even lower as much that a bowl of noodles will cost you less than a $.

Are you excited to explore this amazing city yet? We sure you are! Have a look at our Bangkok Internship Program and dive right into this adventure with AIP.

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