How To Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival

Every year, at the end of the rainy season, when the full-moon soared up the sky on the night of the 12th lunar month (usually in the first half of November), it is the start of the Loy Krathong Festival. Known as Thai Festival of Lights, Loy Krathong is one of the most enchanted, and well-known festival in Thailand after the New Year's Festival, Songkran. Loy Krathong holds annually all over the country, people gather around the rivers, lakes, or canals to pay respect to the water goddess and make wishes for the coming years by Loy (releasing) the Krathong (a banana trunk decorated with banana leaves, flowers, and candles). For that, you will see hundreds of thousands of Krathong golden up the water as well as the flying lantern (Yi Peng) filling up the sky sending misfortune into the air. If you are in Thailand during this lunar time period, don't hesitate to be part of this picturesque event!

How to get a Krathong?

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Image by Mod via Learn Thai With Mod Traditionally, Thai people prepare their Krathong at home with friends and family to better enhance the relationship and enjoy the time together. However, only a few people still make their Krathong due to the more hectic lifestyle in the status quo. During the Loy Krathong period, especially on the day around sunset, there are plenty of Krathong to buy around the main festival sites. You can literally see the traditional banana leaf folding method or even ask the vendors to personalize your Krathong if you are feeling creative. To maximize your experience in this festive occurrence, you can have a go yourself making your own Krathong. You might have to pay a little extra to the vendors, but that is definitely worth your bill.  

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Image by Edward Faulkner via Flickr Thais have become more innovative in their Krathong craft and design, aside from the authentic banana leaf Krathong, lotus, baked bread, or even potato slices have been conventionally used as of feeding the aquatic animals. Be aware to buy Krathong made of natural materials, not the artificial one, such as styrofoam, glossy paper, and plastics, which are polluting and destroying the environment.

Where to Celebrate Loy Krathong in Bangkok?

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Image by Backyard Travel Now that you are ready to rock the festival with Krathong in hands, take your Krathong to the nearest river, beach, or any watery area, make wishes and release with the outgoing tide. If you cannot make up your mind where to float your Krathong yet, here are 4 location guides for you to take part in the festival.

1. Wander through a Public Park

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Loy Krathong is celebrated nationwide, so most of the public parks are open late night for the festival. It is a good idea to go for a public park since there is no entrance fee and the majority of Thai people usually celebrated there, so you will surely get the glimpse of locality and the real atmosphere of the event.

Suggested public parks:

Lumpini ParkBenjasiriBenjakiti Park

2. Go for a Riverside Malls:

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Image by Khaosodenglish This is another cheap way to enjoy Loy Krathong and might be the most zestful one as well for the teenagers or young adults. Most of the river malls, you do not have to pay any entrance fee or even the activities fees. They usually have some traditional dances and games for you to enjoy as well.

Suggested Riverside malls:

AsiatiqueMaharaj Lifestyle MallRiver City

3. Book a Riverside hotels/restaurants

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If you need some sense of luxury and exclusivity, this is the best way to enjoy your Loy Krathong Day. There are many riverside hotels and restaurants in the big cities in Thailand, especially . The price ranges from the 5-star one to the affordable yet, spectacular river view. This will be the experience you will miss after leaving Thailand and regret if not participate in, indeed! Don't forget to reserve beforehand!

Suggested Riverside hotels/ restaurants:

Le Normandie Bangkok Mandarin OrientalSala Rim NaamArun Residence in Bangkok

4. Book a Cruise Tour: Recommended Chao Phraya River

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Image courtesy of anekoho at One of the best ways to relish the festival is to get yourself into the heart of the tide. Look for some good cruise tours that worth your money, book the tour, and get yourself literally float in the river! You will be surrounded and lighted up with uncountable Krathong and beautiful scenery of nightlife along the river; while enjoying the foods (most of them offer you a buffet) and performance on board. If you are happened to take a cruise along Chao Phraya River, not only you can enjoy the float lighting Krathong, but the charm of the Bangkok old town and the alluring of traditional Thai temple are going to impress and deep-rooted in your travel memory.

Suggested cruise tour: along the Chao Phraya River

Chaophraya CruiseChao Phraya PrincessLoy Nava

Tips for more fun

Join Yi Peng (floating lantern festival)

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During the Loy Krathong festival, there is another fascinating event you should never miss, Yi Peng. Yi Peng is basically a festival whereby people launch Khom Loy or floating lantern into the sky. It is truly popular for both Thai and foreigners recently, particularly in tourist destinations like Chiang Mai or Phuket. Once you reach your Loy Krathong destination, most of the time you can purchase Khom Loy altogether with Krathong. Once you purchase it, all you need to do is to light the candle at the center, let it heats, lifts off the ground, and enjoy the view up right in front of you. It is pretty much a mini version of hot air balloon festival per se.

Pay attention to your Krathong and Khom Loy

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Image by Thaifold ChiangMai It is widely believed that if Krathong floats away from you, your wishes will come true and the coming year will bring you good fortune, if it floats back, your wishes might not be accepted by the water goddess. The same goes to Khom Loy, if your Khom Loy crashing back to the ground, it will bring bad luck and your request is neglect by God. So keep your eyes open! Let's see if your wishes are delivered! If you have any comments or suggestions on Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand, please comment them down below Like and Share if you enjoy the article and... Don't wait! Apply now for your adventure in Thailand!!!APPLY NOW! or LEARN MORE

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