Celebrating Songkran During Your Internship in Thailand

Celebrating Songkran During Your Internship in Thailand

Thailand is home to multinational corporations and up and coming startups that are on the rise and rise. An internship in Thailand is very exciting and holds a lot of opportunities for anyone that really wants to kick start their professional career.

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is extremely vibrant and also acts as the center of interaction between a lot of industries. Whatever your desired career may be, an internship in Thailand has got you covered. Thailand is home to many popular festivals unique to its own culture. One of the festivals that Thai people celebrate every year is Songkran. But, what is Songkran?

Songkran: A Thai National Holiday

Every single country in the world has their own way of celebrating a new year. A very common example of this is Chinese New Year, a traditional Chinese holiday that is celebrated throughout the world. Thailand has an extremely unique and beautiful culture that everyone around the world wants to experience.

This traditional Thai holiday is no exception. So, what is Songkran? Songkran is a national holiday in Thailand and it symbolizes the new year. Honestly, Songkran has been going on for a while. It’s been ingrained into Thai culture and Thai people for quite some time now.

Songkran Back Then VS Songkran Today

In the olden days, Songkran was a way to respect elders. Really, who would anyone be without their elders tending to their wants and needs. What Songkran really meant was, “washing” away your sins from the old year. In simple terms, it is a way to start the new year fresh and clean.

We all want to start the new year on a good note right? I mean that’s literally what all the hashtags (e.g. #newyearnewme) mean. Anyways, Songkran today has strayed away from the conservative tradition by a bit, (actually it is a whole new thing in today’s world). Songkran used to last for three days, from April 12th until April 15th.

Today, most companies, offices, or even schools, close for around a week and people celebrate Songkran by SPLASHING water at one another. Literally, people buy water guns and they splish splash all around Thailand. April is also when summer begins in Thailand so what better way to feel refreshed, am I right?

A Long Awaited Spring Break for Interns in Thailand

Think of Songkran as a long awaited Spring Break. All interns will get a week off and you can celebrate Songkran however you want! Whether you’re traveling around Asia, or looking to get frisky and crazy in Bangkok, it’s a long overdue weekend and you should reward yourself by celebrating!

An internship in Thailand will never be complete without attending events during the Songkran holiday. So, put on your swim trunks and prepare to get wet and wild for three days! Be sure to check out the wonders of Thailand in 2020 before celebrating Songkran, we’ve got you covered on (almost) everything Thai.

Songkran in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and Thai people that reside in Bangkok do not hesitate to go all out during this festival. So, how do Thai people actually celebrate Songkran in Bangkok? Celebrating Songkran in Bangkok is a combination of festivities from the past and present. Traditional and contemporary, the festivities of Songkran begin in the morning and end late at night.

The official, and opening ceremony, begins at Wat Pho, one of the biggest and most gorgeous temples that overlooks the city. The festivities at these temples are meant for people to pay respect to their elders and give grace to the past with hopes of a brighter future in the new year. The more contemporary festivities are held throughout the city.

The areas that are heavily affiliated with Songkran festivities are located downtown such as Khaosan or Silom Road. It is the biggest party, or water festival, in Thailand and no one takes it lightly!

Contemporary Songkran (Places in Bangkok to celebrate Songkran)

Internships in Thailand are important but an internship abroad means experiencing a country’s culture. At AIP, we understand the importance of balancing work life and leisure activities.

Songkran is a majestic water festival and here is a list of the places you should visit to experience this gloriousness to its full capacity. Prepare for an ecstatic celebration when you visit these two locations during Songkran in Bangkok!

Khaosan Road- This road is one of the most legendary places to go splishing and splashing during Songkran. Whether it is Songkran or not, you’ll have to visit Khaosan Road during your internship in Thailand. Anyways, people from around the world celebrate Songkran at Khao San Road and even though there aren’t any foam parties or EDM music blasting, Songkran there is still one helluva time.

Silom Road- Located in the heart of Bangkok, Silom Road is another popular destination during Songkran. Popular amongst all age groups people gather around noon and the whole street is closed down for 2-3 days. Prepare your water guns and get splashin’ when Songkran hits Silom.

Siam- This district in Bangkok is known for its glamorous shopping malls, whether that be Central World, Siam Paragon, or MBK center. Already packed with people on a daily basis, Songkran here can be very packed but it is still a crowd favorite. Siam is in close proximity to Chulalongkorn University, one of Bangkok’s most popular and prestigious universities, so expect to meet a lot of teens celebrating Songkran in this area.

Be Safe!

With events such as Songkran, safety is something that should not be taken lightly. The Thai police force monitors all Songkran events closely to make sure that everyone is safe and following the rules.

At AIP, the safety and well being of all our interns is of crucial importance to us so all we ask is, be safe! Be aware of the dos and don’ts of Songkran before attending the events and festivities!

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