Architectural Design Internship in Vietnam

Architectural Design Internship in Vietnam

The economic recovery of Vietnam

Vietnam has gone through remarkable social and economic growth throughout its history. In 2019, when the pandemic hit, Vietnam's economy was greatly affected by it because of how integrated it was with the global economy.

But because of the effective measures the government took to contain the virus, Vietnam was able to minimize the spread of the virus and eased restrictions on social isolation. This allowed business operations to resume in the country which, in turn, increased Vietnam's GDP by 4.48% in the fourth quarter of 2020 and expanded the economy by 2.91% from the previous year.

With businesses reopening in the country, the chances of an internship abroad have also increased. Vietnam provides a wide variety of opportunities that allows young adults to explore and learn, while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy the diversity of the country. One of these opportunities is in the landscape architecture field.

What is Architectural Design?

Architectural design is a concept that focuses on the elements, the aesthetic and the function of a structure. Architectural designers work with the space and elements of their surroundings to create a coherent and functional structure. Its design is meant to create a space that flows well with its environment.

While an architect or a 'registered architect' requires a license and extensive education and training, an architectural designer does not. An architectural designer is one step below an architect and they do not require a license or a professional education in this field. Most of the time, architects and architectural designers usually work together in a project as a way for architectural designers to get hands-on experience.

Why choose Vietnam?

The Culture

The ancient architecture in Vietnam holds a lot of historical significance. It reflects the journey the country has gone through and the many obstacles it has overcome. The country’s modern architecture, on the other hand, shows the current state the country is in. It portrays the social and economic state the people live in, as well as where the social and economic state the country is in on a global scale and it can predict where the nation is heading to.

Vietnamese architecture has been significantly influenced by Chinese and Western styles. But a part of its architecture has been created and moulded over time which uniquely reflects the Vietnamese culture. An architectural designer internship in Vietnam allows you to learn more about the business and about the evolving styles of architecture in the country. It will also provide you with a hands-on experience in the field and you will get the chance to directly apply the knowledge you have learned throughout your education.

The Ly Dynasty

The Cost

On top of having beautiful natural landscapes and a rich culture, Vietnam is also financially affordable to live in. Places like Hanoi are relatively inexpensive, compared to places like Bangkok or Tokyo.

With delicious street food, numerous foreign restaurants and a variety of inexpensive transportation methods, Vietnam is a great country to live in. And living alone is not as expensive as you would think if you are willing to share and even cook from time to time.

The people

Vietnam’s people come from different, historical backgrounds and they speak different languages. However, one thing that ties them together is their love for their culture and country. This love is also extended to foreigners and people who are eager to learn more about their land. In Vietnam, you will always be greeted with a smile and a friendly greeting.

Despite the devastating history, Vietnam has gone through, the resilience of the people is evident in the way they conduct themselves and how they choose to always look ahead. This is not suggesting that the younger generation has forgotten what happened in the past. But it implies that people now are more determined to carve out a new image for Vietnam and for its people. One that is filled with hope and smiles.

Colonial French

Styles of Architecture

From wooden stilts to colonial French, Vietnam’s landscape architecture has gone through dramatic changes over the centuries. The changes can be attributed to multiple factors, some of which are social, economic, cultural and even environmental.

AIP provides you with the opportunity to intern in Vietnam with the best-suited company to bring out the potential and the talent within you. By interning in Vietnam, you will be able to learn the history of the buildings, the temples, civilian houses and many other infrastructures. You will also learn how to go about the design process of an architectural process.

On top of that, you will be able to experience the country from a unique perspective and fully grasp an understanding of the culture. Some examples of landscape architecture in Vietnam are:

The Ly Dynasty: Deeply influenced by Buddhism, the architecture during this time incorporated a lot of reliefs and motifs. During this period, the most common features in Vietnamese architecture were rounded statues, decorated roofs and bannisters. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is an example of the type of architecture during this time.

The Le Dynasty: During the 16th and 17th centuries, this style of architecture had houses still constructed with wood, but the structures were more slender and lighter, decorated with flowers, dragons and phoenix patterns. The structures would also have multiple layers within the roof to make it appear lighter. An example of this is the Citadel of Hue.

The Le Dynasty

Colonial French Architecture: The impact that the French left when they invaded Vietnam in the 19th century was felt across all corners of society, including the way buildings were constructed. The French style of architecture can be found in different parts of the country with its neo-gothic structures, marble floors, chandeliers and marble ceilings. St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi is one of the structures that was built during this time.

Modernist Architecture: This is the most current architectural style in Vietnam. The 20th century is deemed to be the golden age of modernist architecture. You can see how some features of modernist architecture are influenced by Western ideas like skyscrapers, but other structures are accompanied by light and slender shades and screens to present a unique kind of modernism.

So why Architecture?

Architecture, at its core, has a big influence in the way society is structured. Not only does it provide shelter to the population, but it reflects a country's values, successes and its struggles through history. By pursuing an internship in architecture, you will learn how to structure the physical environment we live in.

It will allow you to push your creative boundaries and construct something physical out of it. An internship in architectural design will allow you to draw in skills from both art and science, intertwining sociology, economics and psychology. To have a well-designed architecture means being successful in connecting a structure with individuals. By doing so, you will be able to conjure up a feeling that is not quantifiable, but it is just as fulfilling.

You will be able to draw inspiration from past architectural designs and also shape the future of a whole society with new and innovative styles. By completing an internship in architecture, you will get to learn first-hand the business and the mechanics that go into creating and constructing a full-sized building from scratch.

modernist architecture

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