Why you should include your blog on your job application

Why you should include your blog on your job application

The rate of applying for jobs has climbed higher every year, and many applicants have signed up for this competition to take their desired positions. In a world surrounded by competition, there is no doubt that everyone tries their best to shine by showing what they have and what makes their skills more special than others. It is quite disappointing that all people have to fill up their abilities only on one or two pages. It is considered as a good way to give a concise explanation to show how much they understand about themselves.

The first step that everyone does is preparing the resume as a weapon to fight with other candidates. How to create a good resume and CV? Make it look nice as a professional and explain your talents, abilities ,and working experiences. So what is the difference? Because everyone also has these kinds of job application. The answer is you can include something else into your resume to make it look more interesting to catch up with HR’s attention. Today we will talk about why you should put the blog to your resume/CV.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online diary that everyone uses to tell a story about their lives, what they have done, and what they are interested in. It will bring a bright spot to a business road if many people really like your lifestyle and start following. It means you may become a full-time blogger and create a network connection associated with the business field.

Adding your blogging experience to your resume is a good idea to present your personality, interests, or how strongly you are passionate about the position you are applying for. At first, you might think that your blog is just your hobby, but this time you can use it to convince your employer and fight with other applicants.

Before we talk about why we should add the blog to the resume, you have to make sure that your blog is appropriate to apply for a job. This means that you are really putting your effort into making your blog organized, and it is actually effective to show it. Even though there is not any relevant to the company you are applying for. The blog is a reflection of your personality and your perspective through your writing and reading skills. It does not matter the topics you write on your blog because it is just one of your hoppy. Moreover, it also presents what you are interested in and who you are.

Why Blog?

Someone said that a resume or CV is enough to apply for jobs. In fact, as it has been mentioned before that your skills have to be set in one or two pages with statistics and working experiences. The blog is a collaboration space where the employer can see a real you like attitude, ability to innovate, think, and communication skills. It will help them know what type of person you are and how likely you may fit with their organization. To make it simple to understand, the blog can explain yourself more than the resume or CV does.

Tell Them What You Got

Who says creating a blog is just a piece of cake? There is a difference between “doing it” and “create it”. “Doing it” means you do something because someone has forced you or due to your duty to get your work done, no matter whether you would be happy to do that or not. It differs from “creating it” in the way that you have to put so much effort and time into your work. Creating a blog has helped you gain lots of skills to write down to your job applicant. These are some examples of marketable blogging skills to see what you can include in your resume and CV.

  • Content Creation: You have been through many steps of collecting ideas before you published the content in the blog. It means that you have done many creative ideas to identify new topic or new content that makes the audience interested in continuing reading and following your blog. It will lead you to get a job as a marketing content and content writer.
  • Writing Skills: For some of you who have spent much time writing blog content for several years, It absolutely affects your writing skills better than you thought. You know how to write on another level, find your mistakes, have a wide range of vocabulary, and play with words and tone of language. When you check or edit your content, you also have improved copywriting skills.
  • Doing Research: Done a lot of research helps you distinguish which source is the most reliable and relevant for using in your blog posts and understand what other people are interested in at that time. You also have collected the SEO skills for keywords to make it possible for people to find your blog.
  • Graphic Design and Photography skills: A lot of bloggers learned graphic design by themselves, like photoshop, Canva , and illustrator. Many bloggers know how to draft and create their vision into reality, such as images, logos, and brand building. Free stock photos are beneficial, but sometimes we can not use them. Using your own photos is building your photography and editing skills to use the editing software to change your photos get better.
  • Social Media Management and Marketing Influencer: Nowadays, people have been using digital communication as an effective way to communicate worldwide. To kill two birds with one stone, you have to connect with readers and followers of your blog through social media. The method to make your blog get more attention is to use social media on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, which each of them works differently. It means you are adapting methods to reach your audience and practicing social media marketing skills.

Many people incorporate their hobbies into their careers, it is fascinating for those who have the possibility to do what they love and are able to get money from it. Creating blogs gives you lots of skills that open the door to many careers you might not know. Creating good content and well organized will lead you to go on another level like marketing content, graphic design, content writer, and influencer marketing. However, it is significant that you have to make sure that your blog is in an appropriate structure or formal to add in a job application, such as the blog posts, pictures, details in a blog, and the tone of your language. Learning in the classroom is not enough; the best way to learn and understand is to keep practice and learn from mistakes. Turning your hobbies to discover the best part of you and gain experiences as much as you love!

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