Why You Should Consider Doing an Internship in Vietnam

Why You Should Consider Doing an Internship in Vietnam

A hidden gem is something extraordinary yet usually unseen by others. Vietnam, or, “The Land of the Blue Dragon”, is enchanted by its wondrous magical charms that never ceases to amaze anyone that visits. What’s interning in Vietnam like? Well, there’s no shortage of casual living when you are there and not only will interns learn more about a new culture, they will get to actually experience it. Need a way to spice up your resumé? The answer is simple, intern in Vietnam and there are a number of reasons why interns should do so.

A High Demand for Foreign Interns

Realizing the economic potential that Vietnam has, Japan and South Korea have invested heavily in the country. Emphasizing on expanding their roots in Vietnam’s retail market, powerhouse companies in both Japan and South Korea have a desire to grow in Vietnam.

This means a higher demand for employees and foreign interns should take advantage of this opportunity. An international presence is essential for growth and this is what a lot of these international companies are trying to do. It’s a head to head battle between these two countries jockeying for position and the power struggle is gaining its momentum. Be as it may, there are a lot of new job opportunities in a wide variety of different industries and specialized workers with an international presence is rare in Vietnam. Believe it or not, companies need employees that are hungry to gain experience and at the same time are able to communicate with international clients. It’s prime time to look for an internship in Vietnam.

Pioneering its way to dominance, the agriculture industry is of phenomenal importance in Vietnam. ‘Fraid not, Vietnam’s dynamic growth into other various emerging fields is also a “booming” trend as of late. Fields in the areas of electrical engineering, machinery, food production, vehicle manufacturing, and information technology are vastly abundant and integral in modernizing the country into a new age. A lot of doors are opening for interns all around the world to kickstart their professional careers.

Balancing Work and Leisure Activities

Overworking is contagious to the body, soul, and mind and like everything else, balance is key. There’s a Japanese word, Karoshi, which literally means death from overwork and it sounds as depressing as going out alone on a Friday night. So, how do interns cope with a work schedule consisting of being in the office for seven hours a day and five days a week?

Office workers in Vietnam are given a full 90 minutes for their lunch break. This is so that workers can take power naps after their lunch break. While working overtime is extremely beneficial for a company, it is not highlighted in Vietnam and offices operate on very precise opening and closing hours, which means interns can leave as soon as the office closes. This type of schedule will award interns the chance to actually explore the wonders of Vietnam.

Full of ecstatic and jaw dropping sites, Vietnam’s attractions are all defined by their serene beauty. Love to get a tan and bathe in crystal clear waters? Ha Long Bay and the coastal city of Nha Trang are all tropical paradises for beach lovers from anywhere around the world. Extremely rich in history, it would be a shame to not visit Vietnam’s historical sights. Places like Khai Dinh Tomb and Con Dao Prison Complex paint a canvas that illustrates Vietnam’s history. A blended mix of work and leisure is necessary and life in Vietnam guarantees that. This is a once in a lifetime experience that interns do not want to miss.

It’s Affordable

Living in Vietnam has a lot of perks and one of those perks is that it’s extremely affordable. The best way to put it, from a financial aspect, is that interns need not worry about spending here. Forget about the outrageous overly expensive accommodations of the western world. It’s a fact that interns will be able to buy a meal for less than $5 in Vietnam. On the other hand, the lifestyle of neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea are much more lavish and posh.

Here’s a tip, interns should travel to Vietnam, work there and absolutely take advantage of the only growing economy. Credit problems can be an issue, however, it is necessary to have a credit card when living abroad. Got credit problems? Here's how you can repair your credit. Second, gain as much work experience from international and well-known companies while widening your perspective on culture and working abroad. Lastly, after the internship has run its course, return home feeling successful and super accomplished at the fact that, not only did you live in a foreign country, but worked there as well.

Local Vietnamese Cuisine at Its Finest

What’s a trip without being able to eat good food? Rest assured, the food in Vietnam is incredible with exquisite taste. Trying local cuisine is a way of learning about a new culture, plus, eating is fun. What’s a good local Vietnamese dish?

“It’s Pho-tastic”, is a very common phrase whenever Vietnamese cuisine is brought up into conversation. As cheesy as it sounds, Pho is still the most popular Vietnamese cuisine. Everyone in the world knows what it is! Pho noodles are extremely soft and they go down really well with the warm broth and the toppings. Already tasty, pho is actually also nutritious. Some of the ingredients in a chicken noodle pho dish are chicken legs, ginger, spring onions, and certain spices that will make the dish very exciting. Want to get more creative with the recipe? Just add some bean sprouts, mint, lime, or chilli.

Intern in Vietnam!

Take on Vietnam and be one with this beautiful and amazing country. Pack your bags, book a flight for Vietnam and experience the wonders of this country. Considering an internship in Asia? Look no further. Let AIP help you explore this magnificent country by clicking the button below and join thousands of other interns in Vietnam!

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