Why You Should Consider Doing An Internship In The UK

Every year, students from around the world travel to the United Kingdom to pursue educational opportunities in science and the humanities. However, the UK has more to offer than excellence in their world leading education!

Though the education system in the UK is prestigious in and of itself, the knowledge provided by the educational system is inadequate in providing useful and applicable skills for those who are new to the workforce in the IoT era. The current job market calls for work experiences and abilities far from what is taught in modern school settings. Thus, students leave their classrooms to seek other opportunities like internships — the perfect way for students to get a glimpse of the working world and explore their career options!

Here are five perks of doing an internship in the UK:

The UK Is A Popular International Hub

The UK is known to be Europe’s number one epicenter for multiculturalism. In fact, a whopping 35% of the total population in London are foreigners. To put into perspective, that’s 3,317,000 people (which is larger than the entire population of Manchester, its business Capital of the North!!).

An internship in the UK offers you a chance to work shoulder to shoulder with global talents. Having been in different fields, experiences, and backgrounds, your workplace environment will most likely be filled with brilliant ideas, long discussions, and creative problem solving solutions. So, not only will you gain necessary technical skills for your future endeavors by the end of your internship; you will be equipped with essential teamwork skills crucial to your career success in the long run.

To put the cherry on top, you will be able to accumulate rich and diverse cultural knowledge in the process! In a highly globalized world of today where increasing numbers of companies are expanding outside their home country, cultural competency could make you more desirable in the eyes of many hiring managers.

A Wider Range Of Professional Opportunities

If you are working towards earning your undergraduate degree in a particular field, the chances are that you may only have your eyes set on that one industry; field;— and, for some, company. This line of thinking is practical when it comes to future planning. However, this does not always have to be the case. In fact, you can go into fields outside of your studies (with experience, of course).

Interning in the UK’s international environment can help broaden your career opportunities. That is your opportunities will not be limited to merely what is offered to you domestically; you can work in a wider variety of fields and industries, anywhere in the world. Perhaps your next workplace may not even be in-office!!

The UK Work Culture

In the UK, the management and organizational structure work a little differently than other parts of the world. They are less hierarchical; more approachable and laid-back. Other than that, they are catered more towards their workers’ livelihood and well-being. They offer paid sick leaves, medical insurance, and other employee friendly incentives. These key characteristics of the UK work culture makes the UK a popular choice for international job seekers.

"UK" Looks good On Your CV

The UK is home to many internationally recognized companies such as BP, Unilever, and Tesco. Interning in large corporations would boost potential employers’ confidence in your abilities to carry out your tasks in the near future since their assignments normally have more breadth and depth; and they are inclined to be on the practical side of the business.

Having the UK’s name on your CV is an equivalent of a golden seal; it is a strong indicator that you have strong determination towards your goals, and that you are resilient and hard working. These traits could distinguish you from the rest of the crowd and get you your dream job since more businesses begin to put more value on personalities over skills today.

Travel Opportunities Inside And Outside The UK

(Source: Ian Cylkowski on Unsplash)

There is a lot to see and do in the UK alone: London, Edinburg, Cardiff, the list goes on... But the geographical location of the UK allows for you to travel to the rest of Europe (and other parts of the world) with ease and at a more affordable price. Your time spent traveling could be used as a time off for you to refocus on your goals before stepping foot into the professional world.

Take this time to put your people skills to good use and draw inspirations for your future from the different cultures, lifestyles, creations, and even people inside and outside of the UK. You will never know when these networks will become useful in your future professional or personal life.

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