Why It Is Important That Your Internship Organization Values Diversity And Inclusion

Why It Is Important That Your Internship Organization Values Diversity And Inclusion

It’s time for us to say good-bye to our tall, super-fit, and urbane friends! I mean our stereotypical working men and women from our school textbooks… They are outdated. They give us the wrong impressions of people we will meet at work… and they certainly are not real life depictions of what a workplace setting looks like!

Stereotypes often promote devaluation among targets. Since these targets have already been grouped together with generalized presumptions of who they are, breaking free from stereotypes would be messy and complicated, to say the least. It requires a lot of work and it will take us years and years to work our way around the problem– but let’s not let that discourage us…To diminish these stereotypes, we need two things: diversity and inclusion.

Let’s start small by looking at their definitions, shall we?

Diversity, noun, is associated with a series of differences in gender, race, size, disability, and identity.

Inclusion, noun, refers to the support and opportunities people who are otherwise marginalized ought to have.

The benefits of diversity and inclusion for companies

Diversity and inclusion can easily be incorporated into business strategies and goals. It doesn’t require a lot of steps, say, they want to increase the number of diverse employees in their company, all they have to do is make sure that everyone is on the same page through meetings and pass along the message; make it official! But why should any company care one bit about diversity and inclusion?

Companies want to achieve more diversity and inclusion in their workforce to enhance their reputation… because what better way to attract more talents than utilizing what they have to their advantage! Their highly dynamic work environment can bring them a fortune by generating better overall performance, and better quality work.

That’s not all, a multicultural workforce can also bring out the best in their employees' inputs. They can perform better for shorter periods of time; companies get to lower their costs and gain more! Who can say no to that, am I right?

What’s in it for you?

1. In a diverse and inclusive workplace, you are more likely to work alongside talented people, have your ideas and worldviews questioned, and exchange your ideas with them. When searching for future employees, companies that embrace diversity and inclusion have a sea of employees to choose from. This means that they can go for the best of the best!

2. The more these employees feel welcomed and at home in highly inclusive workplaces, the more likely they are able to be open about their ideas with their colleagues. Their engagement would also increase. As a result of that, they could bounce off even more creative ideas with each other – and you will be able to learn a lot from them! This guarantees that your ideas and contributions will be heard and well-appreciated. If you love sharing thoughts and ideas, you know where to look …

3. You will be in a positive company culture. In an environment that cultivates trust, openness, respect, and growth, you can look forward to a high level of job satisfaction! For some, job satisfaction matters more than money! Why? – You get to explore and go an extra mile to achieve your goal. And, get this, you will be able to do your part as a team player and grow side by side with the company!! Think of all the things you can learn and do..!

4. You get a boost in your mental health! Our physical health should not be our only priority! When in an uplifting work environment, it is normal for you to feel less pressured and overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have to do. In return, you put in more effort into your work. Thus, producing better results. This could ultimately foreshadow your long-term stay with the company… and that brings you today's luxury: luxury of a peaceful state of mind!

Of course, you can take this a step further and apply for or join the companies that value diverse and inclusive workforces!

Source: Adam Jang, We Like You Too :), Unsplash

So… What good does it do for the world?

A diverse and inclusive workplace helps promote equal opportunity for marginalized populations including BIPOC (that’s Black, Indigenous; [and] People Of Color). This inclusion goes beyond employment opportunities; it’s the chance for them to voice their opinions, take actions, and contribute to society in ways that were unthinkable to them before.

It’s empowering. It’s encouraging. It’s inspiring. Inclusion in the work environment promotes active participation; out-of-the-box problem-solving; and dynamic collaboration that foster transformative changes. Inclusion instills confidence in current and future generations in ways that generalized and stereotypical textbook illustrations can only dream of achieving. Those around you and those who follow your footsteps will see their own reflections in you, the work that you do, and what you and your company stand up for.

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