What skills are Asian markets and industries looking for?

What skills are Asian markets and industries looking for?

Asia is a region undergoing rapid change, and with that change, there's a shift in the skills in demand. To thrive in this vibrant and diverse environment, understanding the current trends, growth trajectories, and unique intricacies of the job market are paramount.

How different skills will be needed to adjust with the future of work in Asia

The Asian workforce is at the epicenter of global shifts. Here are a few skills imperative for this:

  • Adaptability: Asia's business landscape is diverse. Adjusting to different cultures, practices, and economies requires a high level of adaptability.
  • Digital proficiency: From the tech hubs of Bangalore to the skyscrapers of Shanghai, digital skills are paramount.
  • Language and communication: With so many languages spoken, being multilingual or at least understanding the basics of regional languages is a major advantage.

What should students or those looking to work in Asia be focusing on?

Technology: Asia's technological advancements have been nothing short of impressive. Familiarity with AI, blockchain, and data analytics is sought after, especially in the rapidly growing tech cities.

Project management: To handle dynamic Asian markets effectively, project management is indispensable.

Cultural awareness: Building relationships in Asia often requires a nuanced understanding of local cultures.

Green technologies: Asia's drive for sustainable growth makes skills in renewable energies and sustainable practices highly valuable.

Training and development: Internship opportunities are on the rise, providing a foothold for those new to the job market. Investing in courses focusing on the Asian market is also beneficial.

Mindsets: Having a growth mindset and being open to new experiences are invaluable. Asia, being a vast mix of traditions and innovations, requires individuals who can blend both worlds seamlessly.

What will come next?

For students and young professionals eyeing the Asian market, the question always is – what's next? Here are some key points to consider in kickstarting your career in Asia:

Staying curious, as keeping an eye on market shifts can provide hints on the next big thing. Subscribing to Asian business magazines or portals, following key voices and experts in this area can also lead to new insights.

Engaging in internships, especially cross-border ones, can provide first-hand perspectives into the market. They're also a great way to connect with industry professionals and gain hands-on experience.

Networking is crucial because it's often about who you know. Joining Asia-focused business forums or groups, and building relationships can open doors to opportunities you didn't know existed.

Continuous learning is a must, because the skills most in demand will constantly be shifting. Staying updated with the latest technological advancements is vital.


As Asia continues its trajectory of growth and development, understanding the skills in demand becomes imperative. Adaptability, technological acumen, cultural awareness, and the right mindset are the keys. By keeping an eye on current trends, seeking internships, and embracing continuous learning, one can seamlessly integrate and thrive in Asia's dynamic job market. So, gear up, stay curious, and seize the opportunities that Asia has to offer!

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