What Does Working As A Digital Nomad Look Like

In the wake of the digital or third industrial revolution; banking transactions; education; and even marketplaces have been shifted online. The increase in global digital literacy, which is responsible for an even more interconnected world, has given rise to numerous virtual job opportunities.

But not only did the third industrial revolution improve social, educational, economic, and technological access to inaccessible populations, it blurred the lines between work and leisure by giving the world the ability to practice their professions and travel simultaneously— something that we could only have dreamt of!

From then on, digital nomads were born. Digital Nomad refers to a person who earns their living with online jobs while traveling. Since digital nomads are always on the go, their workplaces tend to vary in location and their schedules may look different from those of regular nine to five employees.

That’s right, working as a digital nomads does not follow traditional ways of doing things. And that includes the work that they do!

Love to become a digital nomad? You might find our next topic on the list: ‘What Is A Digital Nomad Job?’ particularly fascinating!

What Is A Digital Nomad Job?

We know that digital nomads work according to their own timetable, in the location of their choice, in the areas of their interest; and that they are certainly not ideal for every profession in existence. You guessed it— physically active professions such as maintenance and repair workers; technicians; and doctors do not go very well with digital nomads.

However, this does not mean that other professions do not fall into the category of digital nomads-perfect jobs! Now, you may be wondering: what then are the best jobs for digital nomads?

That is one great question. But before we get to your question, let’s first look at the definition of a digital nomad job!

What Digital Nomad Job Is

Not being bound by time constraints, a digital nomad job can be anything from full-time and part-time jobs to side gigs. Digital nomads’ performances and works are entirely dependent on the level of their commitment and their time-management ability among other vital qualities such as their communication skills, self-motivation skills, and their eagerness to learn. Pretty neat, right?

Digital nomad jobs are not limited to ones that are creative and artistic or sales related, however. They range from entrepreneurs and journalists to data scientists and computer engineers! More on them later.

Remote Working

At this point, you are probably thinking: Well, then… How is digital nomad any different from any other remote workers? Aren’t they... the same thing?

Brilliant question! We know where you are coming from... So, let us explain!

Digital nomad is a type of remote work (or a practice where employees carry out their tasks in places other than a normal office). The only difference between the two is that digital nomads do not only work in a non-traditional setting— they work as they travel! You could say that digital nomad is a lifestyle!

Nomad Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

We reckon that we should not keep you hanging for long because sometimes, curiosity is a poison.

And now for the part that you have been waiting for… Here is your list of some of the best digital nomad jobs you can do anywhere!

  1. Entrepreneur

A digital nomad lifestyle and entrepreneurship are like a match made in heaven! They work better with each other.

An entrepreneur is a business owner with their innovative hat on. Since the nature of their work requires them to be actively involved in virtually every aspect of their own business from product or service development to selling and promoting them, entrepreneurs already do a lot of traveling to get their ideas flowing!

In order for you to become an entrepreneur and live life like a true digital nomad, you will need the following skills, and tools!

Skills needed: leadership skills, management skills, problem solving skills, strategic thinking skills, communication skills, customer service skills, teamwork skills, and financial skills

Common tools used: laptop, project organization sites or apps, and a handy pocket notebook to capture your aha! ideas.

  1. Accountant

Accountants’ work with taxes, financial reports, and payrolls. Their responsibilities consist of assessing financial risks, evaluating financial operations, offering financial guidance, and keeping track of tax payments– and more.

In the age of digital technology where everything is documented online, they do not need much to carry out their tasks. This makes accounting jobs highly suitable for a digital nomad lifestyle! Changes in scenery could definitely help lower stress that comes with the job!

To become a digital nomad accountant, you need the following!

Skills needed: proficiency in accounting software, data analyzing skills, critical thinking skills, time management skills, and accounting organization skills

Common tools used: laptop, tax software, project management software, and accounting software

  1. Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who build and maintain websites. Their role is to ensure that the sites run smoothly and appeal to their users in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Responsible for keeping the website's fresh, updated looks and flawless user experience, it is important that web developers are at the forefront of design and innovation. And for this reason, they can fully embrace the digital nomad way of life!

To become a web developer, you will need:

Skills needed: coding language skills, backend web developing language skills, communication skills, and time management

Common tools used: laptop, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Sublime Text, Invision Cloud, Envato, MySQL, and Github

  1. Programmer

Programmers are those who write and modify codes for software; applications to ensure their proper functionalities— or, put simply, they are one feeding computers instructions to follow to meet the needs of their clients! Programmers however do not only take care of those tasks; creating new features is also a part of their job description.

Working directly with computers, this particular line of work calls for a minimum amount of physical interaction on a day to day basis which makes it super easy for programmers to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle!

All aspiring programmers need:

Skills needed: data structure and programming skills, object oriented programming language skills, integrated development environments, cloud computing skills, and algorithm skills

Common tools used: laptop, UltraEdit, Quixy, Embold, Linx, GeneXus, Zoho Creator, Delphi, and Atom

  1. Data Scientist

Working towards understanding the current market trends, data scientists use large amounts of data to create new frameworks and form hypotheses. While a certain part of their job requires some coding knowledge like Python, C/C++ and more, data scientists’ daily tasks are closer to those of mathematicians.

Data scientists are some of the most ideal jobs for remote workers or digital nomads with most if not all of their work being on a distributed system.

To pursue a career in data science, you will be needing the following skills and tools:

Skills needed: mathematical skills, programming skills, machine learning, deep learning, statistical analyzing and computing skills, and data wrangling skills

Common tools needed: laptop, Apache Sparks, SAS, BIgML, D3, MatLab, Excel, Tableau, and ggplot2

  1. Social Media Manager

A social media manager’s job consists of overseeing the campaigns, creating content and developing social media strategies to gain more followers as well as reviewing social media analytics. The scope of a social media manager’s job does not go out of, well, social media.

The primary goal of a social media manager is to reach a high level of engagement from, and, attracting current and future followers, which hints at their need to constantly be on the lookout for their competitors’ social media game and what’s currently trending on social media. Yup, their work can be done from literally any corner of the world!

We can hear the digital nomad life calling..!

Anyone interested in becoming a social media manager needs:

Skills needed: communication skills, writing skills, creativity, efficiency and communication skills, flexibility, and customer-service skills

Common tools needed: laptop/ phone, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, Sprout Social, Agorapulse, Buffer, Audiense, Tailwind, and BuzzSumo

  1. UX/ UI Designer

UX/ UI designer’s jobs are similar but not entirely the same thing. While UX designers focus on developing or constructing the foreground of interfaces, UI designers work on the design and layout of how those interfaces would look like.

Both of their jobs do work closely with one another; and cover all of the interfaces on applications, websites, and other interactive media platforms. With both of their jobs being digital-based, digital nomad lifestyle can benefit them in fostering creative designs.

UX/ UI designers require the following set of skills and tools:

Skills needed: prototyping skills, wireframing skills, mockups, visual and software design skills, and information architecture skills

Common tools needed: laptop, Sketch, InVision Studio, Axure, Craft, Photo.io, Adobe XD, Marvel, Figma, Framer X, and Origami Studio

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts with the goal to communicate information, capture attention, and inspire customers whether that be to elevate user experiences on applications and websites, or advertise.

Their works can be seen on product packaging, interface designs, online advertisements or physical publications. To do so, graphic designers must be on a constant search for more innovative ways (not to mention being in the right environment). Digital nomad allows graphic designers to stay in tune with their creative sides to help them produce the next best designs.

Graphic designers will find require the following skills and tools:

Skills needed: creativity, communication skills, typography, presentation skills, and knowledge of branding

Common tools needed: laptop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop, Canva, and Affinity Designer

  1. Animator

An animator’s job is to develop a storyboard, design characters and background environments, and work with timing and pacing motion— either by hand or digital animation tools to convey stories with moving and believable characters and scenes.

This artistic work requires a great deal of time and commitment since animators need to produce flawless motion sequences with the average frame rate being 24 frames per second. Since animation production is a team effort, different portions of the movies, cartoons, or short films are divided among different animators.

And that brings us to one of the key perks of having an animation job: work can be done anywhere, you could be living life as a digital nomad and taking on an animation job (no one would tell!).

Animators’ must-haves tools and skills are as follow:

Skills needed: creative mind, strong visualization skills, eye for detail, drawing skills, color theory, computer graphic skills, and patience

Common tools needed: laptop, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, DragonFrame, and Autodesk 3ds Max

  1. Copywriter

A copywriter’s job centers around producing written content for marketing purposes from advertisements to websites in various industries across the board. Their work must reflect the client’s brand image or intention and appear to be as captivating as possible.

Like other writing professions, copywriters require surmount concentration, time, and space to bring their messages across spotlessly. Digital nomad gives copywriters what they need in order to produce their work to the best of their ability.

Skills needed: written skills, technical skills, communication skills, creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, and research skills

Common tools needed: laptop, Facebook Ads Library, Hemingway Editor, SEMrush Display Analytics, and Rhymezone

  1. Translator

A translator is someone who is able to transcribe texts from one language to another with high levels of accuracy. Translators differ in terms of their areas of expertise. Their translated works can be anything from legal documents, scientific research and reports, to business-related matters.

With the love for language and knowledge learning being the center of this profession, translators are perfect for a digital nomad lifestyle. Translators would most definitely enjoy absorbing new cultures and accumulating knowledge in more than one fields and languages.

A translator needs the following:

Skills needed: language proficiency, cultural competence, communication skills, writing skills, research skills, and organization skills

Common tools needed: laptop, Linguee. SDL Trade Studio, The Free Dictionary, Fluency Now, ProZ, and MemoQ

  1. Online Tutor

An online tutor’s job is to assist students or clients in solving problems; go over class materials, and class materials. It is the tutor’s responsibility to create interactive activities; monitor and evaluate students’ performance; as well as finding ways to boost them.

Different tutors specialize in different subjects and curriculums. To help students benefit from learning from some of the top tutors (and exposing them to a multitude of cultures), online tutoring sessions can be found everywhere on the internet. Online tutor is yet another one of the most attractive professions for digital nomads who love to make a difference in the lives of others!

To become an online tutor, you will need to get your hands on the following:

Skills needed: subject expertise, curriculum design, communication skills, and creativity

Common tools used: laptop, Zoom, Google Slides, Padlet, Thinkific, Teachable, and Kahoot

  1. Video Editor

A video editor refers to a person who handles post-production processes of videos, films, or any other footage to ensure a comprehensive and appealing end result. Video editors’ work however involve selecting and implementing sounds, or other media sources to enhance the final products.

Video editing is usually time consuming and requires a lot of patience. And they are not necessarily the easiest jobs in the world. Skills often come with a lot of practice and years of experience!

Video editor is another fascinating career for those who are interested in living the digital nomad life! In order to become a video editor, you need:

Skills needed: attention to detail, adaptability, self-motivation, communication skills, problem solving skills, and editing software knowledge

Common tools used: laptop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, iMovie, and Apple Final Cut Pro

  1. Video Creator

A video creator is someone who produces content in the forms of video. Working towards different goals and for different target audiences, video creators tend to incorporate camera footage, sound effects, graphics, special effects, and dialogue that are more suited to their genres such as travel, gaming, and educational.

Though video creators can sometimes be seen working in teams, this type of work can be carried out alone with portable vlog cameras and advanced smartphone devices. Since the primary purpose of video creators is to provide compelling content to their selected audience in large quantities, traveling and digital nomad lifestyles tend to become a common practice among video creators.

In becoming a video creator, you will need:

Skills needed: good understanding of online media platform, content research skills, video editing skills, and social media presence

Common tools used: laptop, camera, microphone, Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Headliner, Clipchamp Create, and Quik by GoPro

3 Types Of Digital Nomad Jobs

Digital nomad jobs can be divided into three kinds with each offering varying degrees of flexibility and freedom. It is however worth mentioning that you do not necessarily need to take on one job at a time. Digital nomad is all about a healthy and well-balanced work-lifestyle— and that is different for everyone!

Let’s get right into our digital nomad job types!


To freelance is to work and get paid hourly; per one project, or task. This type of digital nomad job offers a flexible timetable and gives freelancers more control over where and how much workload they would like to take on in a day.

Digital nomads as freelancers are those who travel from one place to another while constantly switching between jobs to sustain themselves in the foreseeable future.

Remote Work

Assuming that you have already got hold of what remote work is (and to those who jumped straight to this section of our article, you can quickly jump back and have a quick read here — we wouldn’t be able to tell either way). Now, back to ‘this’ remote work.

Digital nomads as remote workers refer to those who have a permanent job whose timetable is flexible enough for them to always be on the go.

Online Entrepreneur

We save the best and final digital nomad job category for last, as one should… Online entrepreneurs are typically bloggers, content creators, online consultants, and e-commerce business owners. They are, you know, the popular ones on the internet.

This particular kind of digital nomad job gives digital nomads the most autonomy. They are the business owners who have no storefront windows! And, in the best case scenario, their businesses can be financially self-sufficient enough for them to not have to worry about keeping their heads above water.

(Source: Surface on Unsplash)

Which Are The Best Digital Nomad Jobs For Beginners?

In Nomad Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere, we have listed 14 jobs we think are most fitting for digital nomads but digital nomad jobs do not need to be super technical or require any specific sets of skills!

The digital nomad lifestyle can be embraced by anyone and everyone so here are 15 digital nomad jobs for beginners (from the easiest digital nomad jobs for beginners to the least)!!

15 Beginner Digital Nomad Jobs

A few words of caution: Included in this list of beginner digital nomad jobs is something that you can start with very little or no experience at all. That said, you may find some of the jobs for novice digital nomads listed below a little… shocking, to say the least!

  1. Volunteer

It’s not some wishful thinking for wanting to be a helping hand to those in need globally. As digital nomads, you get to spread kindness and support to various vulnerable groups in multiple destinations around the world without needing experience in the field or a university degree for that matter.

Volunteering in fact is one of the most noble jobs a digital nomad could do. All that is required of you is a good heart and helping spirits! You can be working in both urban and remote areas as digital nomad volunteers to provide disaster relief, take care of rescued animals, partake in environmental conservation, etc. - you name it!

Some of the most well-regarded volunteering programs you can participate in as digital nomad volunteers include Grassroots Volunteering, Peace Corps, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), and The United Nations Volunteers. These are without charge, of course!

  1. Transcriptionist

As transcriptionists, you do not require any special qualifications, skills, or experience outside of your written and language skills. Although your interests in certain fields like legal, medical, or business could prove to be a great asset in transcription.

When only a few pieces of equipment is required to get the job done— laptop, transcription software, text expander software, and a pair of quality headset (and when your primary role is to translate audio recordings into written words), your job can be done from where you are in the world.

It is this convenience and easygoingness that attract many digital nomads to this particular line of work, which is why transcriptionists easily made it to second on our list of best beginners’ jobs for digital nomads!

To those who are keen on becoming digital nomad transcriptionists, transcription jobs can be found online at Aberdeen, AccuTran Global, Cambridge Transcriptionists, and many more.

  1. Voice Actor/ Actress

Voice acting is exactly what you think it is! As voice actors, you won’t be seen on the big screen; your voice will be in it instead. If you love working behind the scenes and enjoy acting, you have a shot at pursuing a career in voice acting!

From your auditioning process with your clients right up until the submission of your finished works, voice acting jobs can be completed without you having to be present in the studio. And we all know what that means— you are qualified to be a digital nomad!

As a digital nomad voice actor or actress, you only need a handful of tools and equipment to pack when you are working (and let’s not forget the traveling part). A pair of high quality headphones and microphones, a microphone stand, a pop filter and a laptop are the essentials for you to deliver impeccable results!

  1. Interpreter

Unlike transcriptionists, interpreters do not translate from audio to written languages. Instead, this field of work focuses on converting a form of verbal communication to another. Their work helps bridge the gap between largely distinctive communication types.

By incorporating the digital nomad lifestyle into the already gratifying profession, digital nomad interpreters have higher chances of expanding the scope of their knowledge and capabilities as they are more likely to gain multiple advantages from traveling, living, and meeting people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

Digital nomad interpreter gigs are accessible online across a number of fields whether they be finance, medical and educational; or for non-profit organizations.

  1. Proofreader

If you love reading, have a keen eye for details, and love correcting mistakes, you may find proofreading an extremely rewarding career! Proofreaders are people who double and triple check for inconsistencies and errors in formatting, grammar, and punctuation in books, research papers, and other forms of documents.

Since proofreading jobs can be completed relatively easily given the right environment. It is often the case that many proofreading works are carried out by digital nomads. Not only can digital nomads make use of the changing scenery but digital nomad proofreaders can enjoy the benefits of expanding their areas of expertise in several fields and languages as they encounter new people and discover different cultures.

For digital nomad enthusiasts, online proofreading jobs are available at Proofreading Services, Upwork, Wordvice, and Polished Paper, and lots more.

  1. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is someone who offers to write in the style, genre, and topic of their clients’ requests. True to many writing occupations, freelance writing calls for a lot of inspiration or self-motivation, dedication, and love for writing! And a laptop to type and conduct necessary research.

If writers have to grapple with their own ideas inside their heads for a long period of time, it would make sense for them to be in quiet and unhurried locations. Freelance writers can in fact make the most of their newfound freedom whilst adopting the digital nomad lifestyle. Digital nomad freelance writers schedule their own working stations and find new inspiration everywhere they go!

Freelancewriting.com, Contently, Scripted, and Skyword are some of the more reputable online platforms where freelance writers find temporary employment today.

  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent person who provides their client’s administrative support remotely. They are responsible for handling any phone calls, scheduling meetings and appointments, as well as managing emails

In all honesty, the job is pretty sweet if you are a digital native/ Millennial/ Gen-Zer. And if you are an excellent communicator and an organizer at heart! A virtual assistant’s work does not need a plethora of tools. Instead, you only need your laptop and your smartphone… With these two devices, and high-speed internet or Wi-Fi connection, you can scan and print documents from wherever you are in the world.

For this, virtual assistance is an ideal beginner’s level job for those who are looking to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle and improve their communication and management skills. Virtual assistant jobs can be found via Upwork, Indeed, Kelly, and Equity.

  1. Online Retailer

Another viable (and easy) job for digital nomads is doing online retailing! Online retailers could largely benefit from living a digital nomad lifestyle. A digital nomad life allows for them to be able to scout for the cheapest and most unique products and/ or services from around the world and enjoy the profits.

What’s more, living the digital nomad lifestyle can help online retailers better design, manage, and operate their businesses as they are able to draw in inspirations from a more international selection than most regular retailers.

Becoming an online retailer only requires you to have access to a couple of things: laptop with stable connection, e-commerce applications (or websites) to help you organize your business, e-retail marketplace, product sourcing of your liking, and you have everything you need to get yourself started.

Some of the most well known global online retail marketplaces to kickstart your digital nomad online retailer career are Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. With that in mind, all that is left of you to do is to figure out what you want to sell!

  1. Human Resource Clerk

A human resource clerk helps you get one foot into the field of human resources! In this particular job, you will be responsible for providing support in recruiting new hires, offering assistance in employee benefits analysis and assessment, as well as preparing and reviewing any essential documents in relation to job applications.

To work as a human resource clerk in collaboration with other members of the human resources team, you are expected to have excellent communication skills, good management skills, basic computer skills i.e. Microsoft Office Suites, and a high-school diploma.

Since the majority of this job deals with existing data, information, and documents, work does not necessarily require you to be present in office environments. This means that you are free to work from coffee shops or in a completely different country as digital nomads! Digital nomad lifestyle gives you the time and space to focus on tasks at hand and allows you to further enhance your management skills as you are in full control of when and where you work!

  1. Information Officer

An information officer is a term used to describe someone who works directly with electronically transmitted information or online databases, open access, and digital resources. Some parts of their work includes cataloging databases, conducting information audits, promoting relevant information to stakeholders, and offering other necessary online resources housekeeping.

With one laptop and a degree, you too can be an information officer! An information officer’s job is especially catered towards those who love to delve deep into new and industry-specific information. Since information officer responsibilities are accessible and must all be carried out online, they have the tendency into full digital nomads!

Despite being strictly limited to cities and urban areas, digital nomad information officers can jump into fresh sectors with more ease as they continue to expose themselves to different people, industries, and countries. Jobs in digital nomad information officers can be found in places like the United Nations Offices, Michael Page, and CitiBank, for example.

  1. Fiverr Jobs

For those unfamiliar with Fiverr, Fiverr is a freelance marketplace platform for digital services. Your entire interaction with your clients happens online via Fiverr— which means that you will also be receiving money via online transactions, also.

On Fiverr, anybody can put their skills into good use and make money from it! You do not have to be talented. Your skills do not have to be anything over the top or outstanding in any way, shape or form. The key to succeeding at Fiverr lies in your ability to tend to your customers’ needs! And that is why Fiverr is an entry level platform for those seeking to earn a living as digital nomads!

From writing, photo editing, and researching to designing logos and translation, Fiverr jobs play on freelancers’ different strengths. Being the world’s biggest digital services marketplace, Fiverr attracts a lot of clients from many regions of the world, making it a whole lot easier for you to live life as digital nomads!

  1. Real Estate Agent

When selling and renting out homes, buildings, and properties becomes what you do for a living, the idea of living a digital nomad lifestyle sounds extremely compelling. Considering the speed in which technology is evolving these days, working remotely as digital nomads could save them from all the trouble of having to spend long commute hours to get a fraction of their jobs done.

Instead of a physical tour of the property, digital nomad real estate agents can provide virtual tours of the property, arrange meetings and negotiate prices via online conference calls. This gives them the opportunity to spend the rest of their time hunting for newer sites and locations and broadening their international networks.

Short-term rentals are predicted to be on the rise in the coming years as the number of digital nomads across the globe surges. It has then become immensely popular for real estate agents to get ahead of the curve to help meet the rising demand for properties around the world. With a laptop, a smartphone, excellent communication and client-relationship management (CRM) skills, you can work in countries such as Singapore, USA, Poland, and more!

  1. Travel Consultant

Without needing a university degree or years of experience under your belt, travel consultants can excel at what they do with a well rounded and most up to date knowledge on everything that goes into planning and arranging travel trips, domestically and internationally. Travel consultancy could not be more perfect for a digital nomad lifestyle.

The upsides of being a digital nomad travel consultant are plenty. First off, you can gain updates on any changes in travel regulations and restrictions real time. You can also offer lesser-known and niche insights of living life abroad short term as you grow more familiar with your new environment. Lastly, your digital nomad lifestyle can help you gain new experiences working in culturally diverse and foreign locations (in other words, in addition to your experiences, you will also acquire more versatile cultural knowledge).

Your intuitive communication skills, customer service mindset, and good management skills are what you need to get started on your path to become a digital nomad travel consultant and work independently! Or with companies like American Express, Booking Holdings, and Expedia Group.

  1. Content Creator

Not to be confused with what many call “influencers'' or those who provide entertainment or educational materials for the general public, content creators in this context are referred to those who work in companies; whose primary roles are to provide written and verbal communications with customers on social media on the companies’ websites to promote a certain product or service.

A content creator’s work asks for you to have a great understanding of search engine optimization (or what most know as SEO), excellence in research and written skills, not to mention good knowledge of various social media platforms and creativity to generate appealing marketing campaigns.

Most resemble many other writing jobs, content creators must be able to work in solitude for them to capture their best and brightest ideas. Typically, a normal cubicle space is not ideal for content creators to unleash their creativity and maintain their state of flow. For this reason, content creators are more inclined to becoming digital nomads!

  1. Crypto (-currency) Trader

The final job on our list of digital nomad jobs for beginners is one that the majority of us is well aware of: cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency trading, or crypto trade, as we call it, is essentially doing exchanges but instead of tangible items and objects like physical money, you are exchanging the intangible crypto coins!

Cryptocurrency trading can be a hobby or a full-time job depending on how good you are at it. It certainly is not an easy job per se; despite being considered as an entry level or beginner’s job– mostly due to the fact that you do not need to obtain higher education to trade.

What instead is required for you to become a full-time trader (or at least to make a living out of it), you will need to possess excellent analytical and critical thinking skills. You will also need to be able to recognize patterns, be on top of world news, and know risk management by heart.

The digital nomad lifestyle fits in with the work that cryptocurrency traders do. If and once crypto traders adopt the digital nomad lifestyles, they will immensely benefit from the lowering transaction fees or exchange rates as they are constantly moving from country to country. Other than that, you can enjoy the benefits that come with living borderless-ly like working in total privacy.

Aside from your trusty laptop and smartphone device of choice, common tools used for crypto trading include Bitcoin, Coinbase Pro, and BitMEX. Getting into cryptocurrency trading is incredibly easy. For starters, create an account with the currency exchange and choose your preferred currency and fund your account before you go on to buy a currency!

With that, you can be a digital nomad cryptocurrency trader and start trading!!

To Tie It Up In A Nice Little Bow

You have made it. You have now reached the end of this article. Look at you taking one step closer to becoming a full fledged digital nomad!

We hope that, by now, you have gained a deeper understanding of what a digital nomad is; what typical digital nomad jobs are like; and have a clearer idea of where you can begin as a digital nomad— as well as, which direction you should take next in life!

If you can answer all of these questions, give yourself a little pat on the back— you did more than great! We could not be more proud of you!

This is the time for you to make prominent changes in your life. Ready to tell all your friends and family about your new and happier digital nomad life that you have in mind?

Now, go out there and live a proud digital nomad life!

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