Ways To Get An Internship After Graduation

Internships are every university student’s first step towards their future career choices. When it comes to deciding when you would like to do your internship, you are presented with two obvious options: interning while studying or getting an internship after graduation.

While undertaking your internships during your university years means that you can walk straight into the professional working world after graduation, you may be missing out on the benefits of carrying out your internship after graduation!

Benefits Of Interning After Graduation

To give you a better understanding of what the benefits of undertaking your internship after graduation are, we have listed them down for you below.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

  • Trial And Error

Being fresh out of university means that you have time on your hands to experiment on various sectors and industries. Your first internship after graduation may introduce you to an entirely different field that is unrelated to your studies during your undergraduate years. Once you have got a deeper understanding of what your preferences are career-wise, not only would you save yourself a great amount of time, but you would be able to adopt clearer career goals!

  • Professional Network

Getting yourself an internship after graduation is a great way for you to build a global network of professionals in the field of your interest. During your internship, there is a high chance that you will get to know and meet a number of experienced professionals who may be able to help you land your dream job or offer you valuable career advice! You know what they say: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!!

  • Earnings

You will also get paid doing your internship after graduation! Even if your university offers similar internships as part of their undergraduate course requirements, you are less likely to be receiving any monetary compensation because, well, they are already providing you with your course credits… offering you payment would leave them at a loss which they have no reason to be!

How To Get An Internship After Graduation

Getting your hands on an internship after graduation is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you are empty handed. To secure your internship after graduation, we suggest you follow our fool-proof tips below

  1. Go On (The Right) Online Internship Search

We get it. You have browsed all those Google pages, nothing really piques your interest. Don’t lose hope! You can narrow your search down by visiting job websites like Indeed and Glassdoor. To optimize your search— because you are looking for an internship after graduation, specifically, try applying filters for location and industry.

  1. Check Out Companies On Social Media

When following their many social media accounts, you are not only receiving information about their latest releases or promotional updates, because their posts consist of so much more! From time to time, you will start to see that they are putting out posts about job opportunities— they will let you know that they have certain vacancies. Click on the links attached to their recruitment texts. They will direct you to their job boards!

  1. Be Direct And Start A Conversation!

Those social media account managers are not helpful as you’d like them to be… should you back down and give up? Of course not! No. Seriously, we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves. We go to Plan B (B for Being Direct). If they don’t provide you the information that you are looking for, you slide into their DMs. Want to become an intern for a start-up company? Go on and initiate a conversation with them! They would be more than happy to offer you an internship after graduation… They need those fresh new ideas!

  1. Internship Shopping At Career Fairs

And if those don’t get you anywhere, we highly recommend that you get outside and visit job fairs— mostly hosted and organized by universities and career centers. Typically, you will find opportunities for full-time and part-time jobs as well as internship after graduation. One of the perks of attending these events is that you don’t have to travel far and wide to create professional connections because they are all grouped together in one place. Convenient, right?

  1. Consult Career Experts

We left the best for last! If you have tried all of what we have listed and are left without any internship after graduation… We encourage you to seek guidance from professional career psychologists. They are the ones you want to go to for advice. Perhaps they could point you towards a couple of useful resources that could help you obtain your much needed internship after graduation!

How To Tailor Your Resume And Cover Letter To An Internship

To get hold of an internship after graduation, you must build a strong and attractive resume. Skills and years of experience in hand, you are more than halfway through landing your internship after graduation! Follow these simple guidelines to secure your internship.

  • Be Descriptive About Your Achievements

To avoid getting frowned upon by your potential employer for handing in poorly written resumes, you should be extra attentive in using the right words to convey the right meanings because you can only type so much on a one-sided sheet of paper! So, quantify the outcome or result of your contribution. Mention and explain how you completed certain tasks and how they made you the person that you are today.

  • Keep The Relevant Information, Discard The Rest

For your resume to catch the attention of your recruiter, it must be easy-to-read and comprehensive. To achieve this, you must keep your detailed descriptions short and straight to the point. This means that you should cut out minute details or information that are most likely going to pose issues during many of your future interview sessions.

  • Personalize Your Cover Letter

To persuade your future employer, you can also choose to write up a unique cover letter. Fill your cover letter up with your professional and individualistic experiences which include but are not limited to personal background, passions, and interests.

  • List Of Internship To Get After Graduation

Now that you have an idea of how to secure your internship after graduation, we reckon that you might be interested in learning more about which internships to look for— which is why we have made you a list of internship opportunities you could get your hands on!

  1. Business Internship
  2. Consulting Internship
  3. Manufacturing Internship
  4. Finance Internship
  5. Import & Export Internship
  6. Supply Chain & Logistic Internship
  7. Law Internship
  8. Non-Profit & NGO Internship
  9. Environmental Internship
  10. Hospitality & Tourism Internship
  11. Engineering Internship
  12. Medical Internship
  13. Health & Fitness Internship
  14. Human Resource Internship
  15. Video & Photography Internship
  16. Information Technology Internship
  17. Marketing Internship
  18. Art & Design Internship
  19. Interior Design Internship
  20. Graphic Design Internship

You have now reached the end of our list of ways to obtain an internship after graduation. Congratulations— yes, this counts as an achievement!

With your new insights on how to get an internship after graduation, we wish you best of luck in finding and securing your dream internships!

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