Things To Do In Sydney

Things To Do In Sydney

What do you think of when we say Sydney, Australia? A relaxing day by the beach and try the city’s best of the best fusion food? The not-so-white Opera House..? Or is it the fact that Thor: Love and Thunder shot some of their most remarkable scenes there and how you very much want to see them in-person?

If you are completely clueless, you will probably find this article intriguing and full of surprises because we will be taking you around to give you an idea of how you should plan your days during your Australia internship in, or a trip to, this populous city!

Before you go, we thought that it is best to keep you informed of a few things:

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And now that we established that, make yourself comfortable because you are in for a ride. Let’s take a look at our top 10 things to do in Sydney and get your engine started! Adventure is calling... It’s go time!

Top 10 Things To Do In Sydney

Technically, we could go on and on for days talking about all the cool and exciting things you can do in this cosmopolitan city. Stroll around the national park. Visit museums and galleries. Paragliding. Animal watching. Hiking. There are countless of things to do in Sydney!!

In this section of our article, we will be giving you 10 best outdoor-sy things to do in Sydney. This one's for you adventurers, wanderers, and nature lovers! (For those of you who are tight on the budget, stick around till the very end or jump straight to 15 Free Things To Do In Sydney to see our top picks of things to do in Sydney that are wallet-friendly.)

If money is not one of your major concerns, we will now welcome you to the adventurous world inside Sydney, Australia.

  1. Visit The Three Sisters

No, we are not talking about actual people here. Unless you have three Australian sisters, you know what to do… pay them a visit! The ‘Three Sisters’ here is a popular Australian sandstone peak that becomes one of the most astonishing Blue Mountain’s highlights!

There are two different routes to see this impressive natural site: the shorter route that requires you to get in a car/train; and the longer route that involves a 45-minutes walk! We highly suggest that you take on the more adventurous option (the longer route) not only because it will be ten times more rewarding but it encourages you to reconnect with nature. This is the perfect opportunity for you to wander along with native, wild animals and get closer to the traditional Australian way of life!

Once you have reached your destination and take in all the natural beauty, you can choose to take this adventure one step further and climb or abseil the mountain rocks! Of course, you should always know your limit.

  1. Find Yourself At Cockatoo Island

This island is right at the center of the iconic Sydney Harbor. Historically used as a shipbuilding yard and a naval base for the Commonwealth, this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s rich past is at full display among its panoramic verdant green backdrop. The Cockatoo Island is more than an industrial treasure, today, it serves as a camping site and hosts engaging historical tours and many Aussie-born enthralling seasonal events.

The island's vast terrain makes it easier for you to take part in ferry rides or a game of chess. Did you hear your stomach rumble? End your day off with a nice cup of coffee or a true Australian dinner by the beach. Now you can finally say that you have explored all of Cockatoo Island!

  1. Don’t Miss Out On The Fun At Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

Hidden gems can be found all over Sydney Royal Botanic Garden. In fact, searching for them should be a task itself! Spread across 30 hectares, Australia’s most emblematic Royal Botanic Garden is home to well over 8,637 different species of plants, making it one of the country’s most valuable scientific establishments.

You are encouraged to visit the Calyx where you can shop for all kinds of orchids and plants; join flower arrangement or ceramic painting workshops; and join an afternoon tea at the Botanic Garden Cafe! After, check out the historic Lion Gate Lodge and snap a picture or two to capture your time at Sydney Royal Botanic Garden!

  1. Stand Tall At Sydney Tower

What if we tell you that Sydney’s tallest man-made structure has some of the most insane outdoor activities would you believe us? Sydney Tower may not be something that you think of when you think of Sydney… But if you are daring enough, that notion is about to change for the better. Sydney Tower is not only the best place for you to get a full 360° view of the entire city, it’s also where you want to walk on a sky-high metal walkway!

If being 309 meters up in the sky already makes your legs quiver, you may be interested in having a feast at Sydney Tower. At their sky deck area, they offer multiple special international food selections for up to four different courses! We say that this is your chance to go on a robust and flavorful culinary experience..! Whether you walk on the metal walkway or not, one thing is for certain, you would not be short of stories to tell— and you would have one more awesome answer to give when one of your friends and families come asking for recommendations of things to do in Sydney!

  1. Join The Cool Kidz At Monster Skatepark

Skateboarding is making a big comeback in 2022. (To be totally honest with you, skateboards never go out of style!) Inside Sydney’s leading skatepark, you can shred fast on multiple ramps of different heights and sizes— from small ramps for new beginners to Australia’s only international standardized vert ramps, street designs with varying obstacles and terrains!

Monster Skatepark offers more than just a skateboarding experience. You can find anything from scooters to BMX bikes. Find your most preferred urban sports, learn from the professionals, and create your own freestyle tricks! You and your friends can definitely get a thing or two out of this adrenaline rush sports experience.

  1. Get To Know Your Favorite Wild Animals At Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo brings Saharan Africa to you! At this 21-hectare zoo, you would not only be meeting adorable animals, you would be able to get up close with them while camping (safari-style) or relaxing in their tree-top/ animal view rooms. If you are an animal lover at heart, you cannot let this fantastic opportunity pass by unnoticed!

It will take you days to explore all of Taronga Zoo. Not only because the zoo is located on a large plot of land, Taronga Zoo at night is nothing like what you think it is. Don’t frown at the sight of diurnal animals resting, you will get a chance to befriend new and unfamiliar nocturnal animals like Greater Bilby and feathertail glider!

  1. Sandboard Down The Dunes!

Forget cold winters because who needs that when you can have more fun sandboarding in the sun? Sandboarding does not only scream the ultimate weekend activity but an eye-opening experience that will leave your closest adrenaline junkies exuding extreme excitement! The best part is that you probably would not have to worry about coming up with group activities for the coming two to three weeks… since you already know where you are going ;)

Although sandboarding (used interchangeably with ‘the coolest things to do in Sydney’) can be done all year round, for safety reasons, they should be done at a specific time of day i.e. in the evening; and as a matter of preference at picture-perfect Port Stephens Dunes! Novice or not, sandboarding with your friends and family will for sure be one of those memories that you cherish for the rest of your life!

  1. Kayak in Secluded Sydney Waters

It would be a mistake to not give kayaking a try in calm Sydney waters. Start early in the morning— by early, we mean 5 A.M, if you want those stunning views all to yourself. Nothing beats a moment of stillness and uninterrupted peace as you paddle on in the tranquil sun-kissed water.

Aside from the ever-popular Sydney Harbor, some of the best spots to begin your kayaking adventure include Rose Bay, Pittwater, and Narrabeen Lagoon. To add sentimental values and deeper meanings to your kayaking experience in Sydney, you can participate in an eco-kayaking-tour where you positively contribute to Australia’s prolonged water pollution issues.

  1. Surf/ Scuba Dive/ Swim At Bondi Beach

If kayaking is not sporty enough for you, try surfing on wild waves at Bondi Beach. Travel seven kilometers to the east of Sydney’s CBD and you will find yourself among novices, amateurs, and experienced surfers in the deep blue waters! If you are new to surfing, Bondi Beach is the best place to be. Surf gears and private/ group surf lessons are at your service.

(source: Kelvin Li on Unsnplash)

Bondi Beach is also where you can find a large majority of scuba diving enthusiasts. North Bondi, in particular, is appropriate for advanced divers who would love to explore colorful Australian marine creatures. Once you have had your fun diving into the depth of Bondi waters, don’t miss the chance to swim in the historical Bondi Icebergs pool!

  1. Go On The Bondi To Manly Walk

You certainly do not have to look very far for a new challenge! Bondi Beach is the starting point of what will soon become one of the most memorable walks of your life! Take a walk along the coast. Kick back and immerse yourself in its scenic Milk Beach and Hornby Lighthouse in Watsons Bay— ideal for winter whale watching, as you complete this 20 kilometer route. (Shorter routes are available too!)

You can even choose to go on night walks for a quiet alone time if you don't fancy doing stretches and trudging in broad daylight. With your trusty head torch, stop to read educational information signs on native Australians' historical and cultural heritage and get a good view of them at night! Be mindful that only some sections of the walk are open at night.

  1. Bridge-Climbing At Sydney Harbor Bridge

The world’s tallest steel arch bridge carries more than 160,000 vehicles from Sydney’s CBD to its northern shore and further. But that is not all there is to Harbor Bridge! Aside from being one of the most romantic settings in the entire city—- which we will talk about in more detail in our following section—- Sydney Harbor Bridge is the terrific destination for you to indulge in an exclusive Australian experience: bridge climbing… among other activities like cycling and enjoying your sunset cocktails!

Bridge-climbing comes in four distinctive climbs, each introducing you to different sections of the bridge: the upper arch, the lower arch, and the summit. Throughout your climb, you will be given a pair of headsets to listen to the Bridge and Sydney commentary; harness; and if you are climbing the Harbor Bridge at night, a head torch. Conquer your fears and enjoy the panoramic city view from the top of the summit!

Romantic Destinations

Sydney is one of the most romantic destinations in the world to go on a date or a honeymoon with your significant other. Its picturesque sceneries, diverse food scene, multi-ethnical population and popular culture are only a fraction of what gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling!

Sydney’s romantic destinations often hide in plain sight. Create and capture memorable moments with your loved ones during the spring, autumn, summer, or winter that you can always look back on to in the future. It’s about time that we show you around Sydney!

In no particular order, these are our top romantic destinations that you can only find in Sydney, Australia!

  1. Blue Mountains And Wolgan Valley

When visiting Sydney as a couple, make a stop at this gorgeous mountain range, go on the Grand Canyon Track walk, snap a couple of pictures, or devour the million dollar view! Being only an hour away from New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are accessible by explorer’s buses, trains, and cars.

For a sweet and romantic date, you can also choose to stay a night or more at many of their boutique hotels. During the day, we highly recommend that you go take a breath of fresh air at their picturesque Everglades Garden and have a relaxing afternoon tea with fresh pastries at the iconic Hydro Majestic’s Wintergardens Restaurant! Or go on a walk at Wolgan Valley for a private pool or a mesmerizing campfire meal. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

  1. Palm Beach

Dubbed one of the best beaches on the country’s eastern coast, Palm Beach is an excellent destination to be for a romantic getaway. Only an hour away from the north of Sydney, this Australian Palm Beach is jam-packed with outdoor water activities. You and your partners can go swimming, surfing, and kayaking.

After completing some intense water sports, take a stroll along the beach and head over to the historical Barrenjoey Lighthouse where you can go whale watching and enjoy the scenic views— these are some of the best free things to do in Sydney! End your day with a nice seafood dinner for two at one of the local restaurants by the beach!

  1. Mollymook Beach

Next on our list of romantic destinations to visit in Sydney is Mollymook beach or beachside paradise. Characterized by crystal clear water, golden sand, and large selections of cafes and restaurants, the Mollymook Beach is known to be one of the most popular surfing spots for locals.

Another equally famous location at the Mollymook Beach is a giant rock pool, or as most Sydneysiders would call it, the Bogey Hole. Here, you lovebirds are free to explore unique rock formations, snorkel in the sea, pick a spot for a lovely beach picnic or enjoy golfing at nearby golf courses if you’d love a change of scenery.

  1. Carriageworks Farmers Market

You know what they say… If you truly love somebody, ordinary tasks can be pleasant and fun! Prove your love for one another at the farmers market in Carriageworks! Unlike any other farmers market in Sydney and New South Wales, Carriageworks’ is where you can find fresh, organic, and handpicked local produces. Quality guaranteed by their professional food experts and Sydney’s finest chefs, this is the opportunity for you and your partner to shop for a memorable romantic dinner for two!

Are you surprised to hear that this Carriageworks Farmers Market offers more than mere grocery shopping experience? Depending on the week, this market displays interactive, mixed-media artworks; unique and exotic food festivals; as well as other artistic performances!

  1. The Museum Of Contemporary Arts

Now, for some artsy free things to do in Sydney… Visit the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA)! Modern and contemporary art pieces do not only spark thought-provoking and interesting conversations but they offer you a chance to spend time together in a unique and refreshing way. Who knows, the time the two of you spend discussing the origin of an art piece could develop into something more.. *wink, wink*

(Source: Photoholgic on Unsplash)

The MCA has different artworks on display all year round! This means that from Tuesday to Sunday, spend a quiet evening sketching or capturing small moments to look back onto. Since the Opera House and Circular Quay are nearby, we recommend you take your date to Graze MCA on the Ground floor for a nice dinner or a cup of coffee with a precious city backdrop!

  1. Centennial Park

If a walk around an art museum is not your cup of tea, we suggest that you give Sydney’s Centennial Park a try! Across over 189 hectares, this open green space is filled with sports facilities, running tracks, and an abundance of natural recreational areas ready for you to discover and unearth.

At the Centennial Park, you will never be short of fun couple things to do. Sydney's playground offers you good selections of activities like picnicking, rollerblading and horse riding to strengthen your ties and try out something new for a change. You cannot pass up the chance to kickback and relax at this natural urban park!

  1. Escape Hunt

Want to take your relationship one step further? Surprise your significant other with team-building Escape-Room-style fun! Without phone or internet, search for clues and complete missions as you venture off to new adventures indoors, outdoors, or at home. There is nothing more rewarding and romantic than to solve a mystery together as a couple!

Escape rooms are not all fun and games, they are a great way to help enhance your communicativeness! You and I both know how important effective communication is to any relationship, romantic or not! Plus, they are a creative way to share an unforgettable experience between the two of you… We can’t argue with that, can we?

  1. Hunter Valley

Hold your thoughts, we know what you are thinking. This is not some boring rural countryside. Hunter Valley is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for romantic getaways. Hunter Valley is ideal for couples to spend their weekends learning about the rich history of Australian wine, take a cycling tour around, stop for regular wine tasting, and go on a private hot air balloon 2,000 feet above the ground!

Hunter Valley has its very own golf course. But because there is nothing ordinary at the Hunter Valley, this golf course is designed by the one and only Greg Norman! Mhm, THE Greg Entrepreneur-Turned-Professional-Golfer Norman. Not only would you be able to impress your partner with a wonderful wine tasting experience but with a wondrous golf course that will take their breath away!

  1. Barangaroo Reserve

Sometimes, it takes something as simple as a lunch date to keep your partner wrapped around your finger. It is a great way to express your unconditional and devoted love for them! Nothing beats a heartfelt and homemade lunch! When in Sydney, do not make the mistake of not choosing Barangaroo Reserve for your lunch date.

Overlooking the one and only Sydney’s Harbor Bridge, Barangaroo Bridge is one of the more exclusive picnic spots to have a private conversation and a small lunch with your significant other. With more than 75,000 trees across this modern parkland, you will not be disappointed by its natural serenity.

  1. Happy Endings Comedy Club

Believe it or not, humor compatibility is actually the secret to a happy and long lasting romantic relationship… Figuring out your partner’s sense of humor is how you tell if they share your values! So, ditch the average movie night, and go for a good laugh! Happy Endings Comedy Club adds the right amount of laughter to your not-so-ordinary date with your favorite person on Earth.

With pizzas, refreshments, and a nice comfortable seat, you and your partner are in for some of the most entertaining performances of your life! Fill your night with big, hearty belly laughs . We strongly recommend you to arrive ahead of time to secure your seats— don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

  1. VIVE Cooking Class

Whether the two of you would like to exercise your creativity or looking to spice things up in your relationship, take a couple’s cooking class! Attending a private or group cooking class gives you the opportunity to work with your partner to produce something fruitful. It also offers you a chance to connect with them on a more personal level!

VIVE cooking class provides courses on some classic Australian desserts, molecular cuisine, and a myriad of international dishes. What’s special about VIVE cooking classes is that they are taught by professional chefs. This means that by the end of your cooking class, you will end up with some pretty special final product that both of you can savor afterwards!

  1. Sydney Observatory

Stargazing with your significant other is arguably one of the best date ideas ever. It’s just like what you see on the big screen..! The two of you under the dark sky, engaging in deep intellectual conversations and enjoying each other’s company. To spice things up, get you and your date a nice glass of champagne.

At Sydney Observatory, where more than 430,000 Southern Sky stars are recorded and cataloged, things get even fancier. On top of a spectacular galactic view, you are in for a full LIVE musical performance and engross yourselves in exclusive talks from a panel of astronomers who will be educating you on the history and significance of all things astronomy!

  1. ClimbFit St. Leonards

Indoor rock climbing, bouldering, and roof climbs are what await you at Climbfit. With new climbing routes available every week, this extreme sport will build you up physically and mentally as you and your partner make your way to the top of each terrain. As a couple, you will be joining a group of ardent and friendly climbers on this adventure!

ClimbFit offers rock climbing for beginning, intermediate, and experienced climbers. Join their personal coaching sessions or group workshops and take some mental notes of useful climbing techniques and important safety procedures. We advise you to make the most of their gym and cardio training facilities to best prepare your body for what’s to come!

  1. Opera House

Next on our romantic destinations to visit in Sydney is ‘Straya’s one and only Opera House. Unparalleled in its modern expressionist architectural design, this national landmark is where magnificent global performances, conventions, and countless other events take place. If high culture is what the two of you find fascinating, Sydney’s Opera House is definitely one of the best places to visit as a couple!

Aside from indoor entertainment and events, Sydney Opera House displays light illumination occasionally to celebrate certain festivals and celebrations. Watching dazzling colors reflecting off Port Jackson Bay (also known as Sydney Harbor) with your significant other under the night sky should totally be on your list of couple things to do in Sydney!

  1. Newtown

Take your date back in time— don’t worry, you won’t be messing up any timelines. At Newtown's King Street you can stop by and shop for retro fashions, old books, flowers, fine wines, and even tea blends! You will also find yourself surrounded by boutique cafes and restaurants. Egyptian. Finnish. Italian. You name it! One thing’s for sure: you will be walking down this hippie old-fashioned street two hands full!

Of course, it would not be an accurate representation of what life was like in the 40’s without some fun. Take your date out for movies at Sydney’s coolest cinema and spend the evening ice skating at chilly Ice Zoo. Fill your homes with lush Newtown Garden Market’s plants. Or splurge away on fragrant natural candles at Hunter Candles. You cannot go wrong with anything at Newton!

  1. Clovelly Bowling Club

Clovelly Bowling Club is here to prove that beach volleyball and beach golf are not the only sports you can play on the beach! On top of riveting beach views, this revolutionary club offers you the chance to partake in amazing bowling experiences that you probably wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. We’re talking about barefoot bowling, competitive bowling, and social bowling!

Clovelly Bowling Club may not be one of those free things to do in Sydney; trust us, it’s worth every penny. If you are looking to do more than just bowl, pop open some drinks from their drink bars and ask your date for a romantic dance on their open dance floor; or get cozy and enjoy a movie together on the giant screen. Pretty sweet, right?

  1. Putt Planet

Perhaps your friendly competition is still on and you are looking for new ways to break the tie, let us introduce you to what could potentially be your next favorite activity together: Putt Planet. Unlike your typical mini golf courses, this one comes with a cultural twist… You and your partner will be having the most fun golfing on a plane (no kidding!); and their other quirky African themed setups!

After hours of golfing, fill your tummies up with a savory lunch or pastry if you are craving something sweet at Jungle Joker’s Cafe! Or, if you have your mind set on a more adventurous lunch or dinner, we say explore their neighborhood for scrumptious international cuisine: Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and plenty more..!

Indoor Things To Do

If you are the type of person who prefers to stay indoors and away from Sydney’s blazing heat, or rain, this portion of our article is for you. Check out some of the most captivating things to do in Sydney that you can enjoy— without having to step out. They are guaranteed to leave you feeling recharged and refreshed!

But before we jump into our list of indoor things to do in Sydney, we have to get a few points across. Yes, we have already gone through quite a few indoor activities in Top 10 Things To Do In Sydney and Romantic Destinations, and we won’t be repeating those. In this portion of our article, we will be going through activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends indoors; and excluding free indoor activities because, you guessed it, they are to be included in 15 Free Things To Do In Sydney.

That said, let’s get right into cool and interesting indoor things to do in Sydney!

  1. Get Your Hands Dirty At Clay Sydney

Who needs therapy when you can relax as you create your very own ceramics from start to finish? Wash your worries away with a nice glass of wine or a cup of coffee as you put your creativity to good use! You read that right, Clay Sydney lets you enjoy their therapeutic and soothing pottery workshops with chatters, drinks, and laughter with your people as you bring your masterpieces to life with or without the help of their lovely potter-tutors!

Clay Sydney Studio is open for private, group, and even corporate ceramics classes and workshops for you to develop and polish your pottery skills! Of course, you do not always have to travel to the studio to practice your craft, you know, if you really feel like staying in (how thoughtful!). Once you get a hang of how things are done in the studio, you can always give it a go on your own with their Home Kits and use their Firing Services for any final touches, if needed.

  1. Attend A Trapeze Class (There’s Loads To Learn!)

At Sydney Trapeze School, you will get more than their signature and the city’s only flying trapeze; aerial and ground skills. In each of their two-hour classes, they will be teaching and showing you (along with your fellow classmates) awesome acrobatics tricks like how to catch and throw another person as well as other flying techniques to bring the most out of the circus artist in you!

That’s not all. Surprise, surprise! Trapeze is not only fun to learn but it helps you develop your physical and mental health by improving your core strengths, motor skills, attitude towards risk-taking as well as confidence-building. To double the fun in your coming indoor trapeze class, we highly suggest that you make friends with your peers; or bring yours to the lesson!

  1. Meet Your Favorite Stars At Madame Tussauds

Considering the fact that you are unable to meet up and chat with your idols now, taking cool pictures with their realistic wax life-size figures does not sound too shabby. Inside Madame Tussauds Sydney, you will get a chance to walk up to and marvel at the replicas of your absolute fav celebrities, fictional characters, and historical figures from all over the world. Imagine getting a picture with Einstein inside his lecture room and Spiderman in Queens, NYC!

The fun does not stop there at Madame Tussauds Sydney! Step into the Party zone and get the party started with a friendly competition between you and your loved ones in Cheeky Putt and Table Tennis. With headphones on, channel your internal Taylor Swift/ Adele/ Lady Gaga and dance away in the ultimate Silent Disco party. And you would beg not to leave!

  1. Learn To Fly A (Virtual) Plane At Flight Experience Sydney

You would not want to pass up the opportunity to experience Australia’s top flight stimulation! We are just going to go ahead and tell you that real pilots frequent their services. It’s safe to say that they are the real deal. Perfect for those who want to get a taste of what it’s like to be flying a Boeing Airbus or a military aircrafts; or realistically speaking, anybody who is interested in trying out something new and different, this is where you should be heading to!

With the help of friendly instructors to guide you through the processes of taking off and landing, you will be learning a ton about airplanes, how to operate flight controls, along with other necessary skills needed to be a pilot! Once you have nailed down all of these things, you are more than welcome to have some fun with their virtual 15-minute or 30-minute mission and overcome aerial obstacles and challenges that lie ahead of you! You cannot get more real than that.

  1. Become A Ninja For A Day At JUMPd

In Sydney, you can also be train like a ninja. JUMPd is challenging you to put your physical endurance and strength to the test at their indoor Ninja Xtreme obstacle course that comes in 10 stations and up to 12 types of hurdles. To successfully complete this Ninja Warrior themed course, you will have to compete against the ticking clock, and yourself.

Thinking of training for this extremely-difficult-to-conquer Ninja Xtreme course? JUMPd got you covered with their trampolines! Jumping on the trampoline comes with many health benefits. For one, it’s a form of fun and active exercise. Not only that, you will be able to increase your agility, balance, and boost your immune system all at once.

  1. Skydive At iFly Downunder

IFly Downunder, the biggest indoor skydiving facility in the nation and the entire Southern Hemisphere, is available and accessible to novices, professional skydivers, and people of all kinds of abilities! As with most extreme sports, safety is the number one priority in skydiving which is precisely why first-timers and beginners are paired up with an experienced coach during their engaging and intense training!

Skydiving indoors keeps you safe and opens you up for more opportunities to have some fun! Once you have understood how skydiving works, you and your crew are free to design your unique dives in their provided safety spaces. Alternatively, you may want to consider their ‘Flight Club’ and participate in a friendly competition between family and friends for more fun!

  1. Have Some Tea At QVB Tea Room

From the finest aromatic tea blends to freshly baked pastry; beautiful looking food handmade by award-winning chefs; and the sumptuous venue inside the notable Queen Victoria Building, QVB Tea Room ticks all the boxes for a private afternoon tea or a walk down the memory lane with good friends.

With the ability to hold up to 200 seats, the charming QVB Tea Room is one of the most ideal places to host an important business meeting, a gala dinner, and a themed party. Apart from that, their ballroom and theater facilities make it all too easy to arrange a dance party, movie night, along with many other exclusive activities.

  1. Throw Some Axes At Maniax

Say no to darts and say hello to epic axe throwing! Ideal as a stress relief activity or a team-building activity with your coworkers and friendly competitions among your group of friends, the country’s only licensed axe-throwing locale, Maniax is the answer to what you are looking for. As you throw those axes at the target board, we say it does not hurt to socialize and make a couple of new friends!

Two of Maniax’s branches in Sydney are located at Inner West and St. Peters. (They are also scattered in other cities across Australia!!) Now, we trust that you know where to go the next time you are taking cover from the rain or are simply searching for awesome activities to do indoors— they serve you food and beverages to ensure that you won’t go hungry throwing axes! Go ahead and pick up your axe and put on a pre-provided Viking helmet. Let the party begin!

  1. Splash, Splash Away At Ian Thorpe Aquatic Center

Bored of your sweaty, old gym? Switch things up with a nice indoor pastime facility that comes with a highly distinctive wave exterior design! Named after 5-time Olympics gold medalist, Ian Thorpe, this multi-purpose sports center houses heated leisure/ 8-lane pools, a sauna, a steam room, a fully facilitated fitness club and personalized trainers.

Perfect your swimming forms, do long laps, and enjoy your carefree weekday or holiday in calm waters alone or with the company of your family and friends. What’s more, this massive indoor pool offers aqua aerobics for those who would love to take their aquatic exercises one step further!

  1. Ever Heard Of A Challenge Room? You Will Soon At Hijinx Hotel

In a team of 2 to 6 persons (this is a sign to bring along your closest friends and family members!), collect your scores, and make your way to the next Challenge Room. To win, go through all of the Hijinx Hotel’s 10+ increasingly difficult stages. Have fun with their mega sized ‘quick-play’ games in what we think is by far one of the best themed rooms!

Of course, they didn’t just go all out with their room designs and decorations, their food is well above average. Your awesome afternoon would not be complete without their impressive food and drink selections. Give their special concoction a try for an immersive and complete experience at the world’s first-ever Challenge Room Hotel!

  1. Karaoke Night At Goros

Sing your hearts out inside Goros private karaoke room. Express your inner artistic voices in either The Cat Room, The Tattoo Room, or The Dojo Room! If you thought those are some pretty cool names, wait until you actually see how they look in person. The walls are covered in artsy decors, need us say more? This should already be on your list of free things to do in Sydney!

Well, actually, we do. Goros Karaoke is, say it with us: FREE. You know what’s better than free karaoke? Free Karaoke with mouth watering Japanese food and drinks that deliver right to your room! And with that, you have gotten your little party night all figured out. Mark our words, you and your friends would want to come back to Goros for more karaoke awesomeness!!

  1. Go Old-School At Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice

We are not making this up, Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice is a thing. With their name displayed in flashy red and yellow neon sign, you can spot Frankie’s from afar. (Judging by its name, you know for a fact that you are in for something crazy good!). And, we don’t blame you if you mistake the place for some sci-fi movie set because honestly we do too.

Their ambience is everything. You can really tell that they put the time and effort into picking their tablecloths, candles, photos that you could only find at the antique stores, and old-schooled pinball machines. Top that off with catchy and nostalgic music, Frankie’s is the closest you can get to reliving your childhood. Come alone or with a friend, you will leave Frankie’s with a laugh smile on your face!

  1. Gear Up And Venture Into The VR World At Zero Latency

You can stay indoors and still explore new places inside Zero Latency’s virtual reality world. With futuristic and aesthetically pleasing VR headset, backpack, and controller, they let you be in charge of how you respond and react to what goes on around you inside many of their surreal gaming environments.

As the leading pioneer in free-roam virtual reality experience, Zero Latency holds nothing back when it comes to offering you the best of gaming stimulation. To alleviate your experiences and maximize the fun at Zero Latency, we strongly suggest that you invite all of your friends to participate in this epic virtual reality tournament.

  1. How About A Reality Darts Bar?

Don’t feel like running around in a virtual reality world but want to experience something similar? Drop those gun controllers and pick up your darts! La Di Darts, an augmented reality darts venue in Darlinghurst, Sydney, allows you to gain an equally engaging and entertaining experience.

How this works is that inside of throwing your darts at a traditional dart board, you throw them at unconventional boards on a projected screen. It makes more sense when you see it in real life… To keep you focused on what’s in front of you, you will be scoring those bullseyes in your private booth! (You can still share your pizzas, chicken wings, and burgers with your friends, though.)

  1. Check Out Brett Whiteley Studio

To end our list of indoor things to do in Sydney, we want to take you to Brett Whiteley Studio. For those who do not have a clue about who Brett Whiteley is, Brett is one of Australia’s greatest and most revered artists! Hence, why we are discussing his studio now. Other than Brett Whiteley’s original works, you can expect to see the historically important sculptures, artifacts, and paintings in full display inside Brett Whiteley Studio, where tens of thousands of Australian and international artistic collections are kept!

Occasionally, you can also find multiple performance art forms at Brett Whiteley Studio. From live musical shows to photographic and conceptual arts galleries, you will never get tired of wandering around this vast arts museum— because you can always read and learn about the fascinating history of Brett Whiteley himself!

15 Free Things To Do In Sydney

You almost made it to the end of our article..! That’s one big achievement! Now that you have gone through all the fun activities that you can do in Sydney indoors and outdoors, let’s take a look at some of its equally fascinating activities that you can take part in free of charge.

Not only do these activities bring joy and save you a whole lot of money, they have the potential to become your new favorite spot in Sydney! What you are about to uncover is something that locals are familiar with… that you should not miss out! By the time you finish reading this article, you are more or less an expert.

Without further ado, these are free things to do in Sydney!

  1. Wander In Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden

We are beginning our list of free things to do in Sydney with the Whiteleys. Are you surprised? We hope not because while most people know Brett from his figurative expressionist artworks, his beloved wife, Wendy Whiteley, an artist herself, left a different legacy. She was the one responsible for designing and nurturing her (and now one of the country’s most) stunning “not-so-secret” garden(s) that is located right around the Whiteleys favorite Lavender Bay.

What is now today’s public garden is filled with vibrant flowers, large and sturdy trees like the ginormous Moreton Bay fig and Bangalore palms. We cannot recommend this enough. Take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day to walk around this beautiful garden to put yourself in the right headspace!

  1. Stroll Around Hyde Park

Yes, you have heard of Hyde Park before. That one is in London. The “Hyde Park'' we are referring to here is in Sydney! Though, it is not unusual for you to mix the two parks up because Sydney’s Hyde Park is named after the one in London by an Aussie governor in 1810. Back then, this vast park was hosting a lot of cricket matches!

Hyde Park should definitely be up there with some of the very best free things to do in Sydney in our opinion. What makes this Hyde Park timeless is not only does it allow its visitors to stroll, jog, and run around but it doubles as a space where they can reconnect with nature and get educated on some interesting historical facts!

  1. Walk To The Adjacent Anzac Memorial

Other than the fact that this is probably one of the most educational free things to do in Sydney, it is awfully accessible— this heritage site is located in Hyde Park! Built to commemorate every single individual who has sacrificed for the country and given their lives during the First World War.

(Source: Dmitry Osipenko)

At the Anzac Memorial, and with the help of their kind guides, you will be able to soak in the architectural, arts, and historical knowledge all in one place. Scattered throughout the venue are centenary exhibitions, live performances, and virtual galleries where you can dive even deeper into this moment in history.

  1. Enjoy The Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail

To say that this Hornsby Shire single-track trail is popular is an understatement. Every week, more than 300 bikers visit Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail. Depending on the level of your biking skills, and your experiences, there are multiple routes for you to take. Though, you should probably be mindful of how narrow these trails can be— some of them can be extremely challenging!

Before you take on this adventure, be sure to keep your valuable belongings safe in provided lockers! Throughout this exhaustive 6 kilometers trail, you can occasionally park your bikes at the designated bike parking spots as you make your way across the beautiful Old Mans Valley!

  1. Go For A Heritage Walk At Harris Park

For us, nothing beats sauntering around Harris Park, in a multicultural Little India neighborhood. We would go as far as saying that this is one of the most eye-opening free things to do in Sydney. Why? Here you can find the perfect blend of Australian and Indian cultures that you cannot find anywhere else!

Along both sides of the streets of Wigram, are 20 different restaurants and bars where you can eat some of India’s deliciously spicy cuisine like mutton curry and butter chicken whilst listening to Indian music! Down the street are also where you can find traditional arts and crafts as well as an Experiment Farm Cottage.

  1. Appreciate St. Mary Cathedral’s Architecture

Admiring St. Mary Cathedral’s stunning architectural design costs you nothing. If you are passionate about arts and architecture, this may be one of your most enjoyable and free things to do in Sydney. Characterized by warm sandstone interior and exterior designs, high arches, and mosaic windows, St. Mary Cathedral is second to none in beauty and glory.

As a religious sanctuary, St, Mary is often the venue of choice for locals to partake in and celebrate ceremonial events and other important celebrations. Other than that, with four large organs residing inside St. Mary Cathedral and a handful of talented choir singers, you can experience a captivating musical performance live in person for free!

  1. Unearth The Past At The Rocks Discovery Center

Like buildings and architecture, rocks record and preserve millions of years of history. At The Rocks Discovery Center, you will be able to learn about the Aboriginal’s and Europeans’ past in four different time periods from Warrane (pre 1788), Colony (1789-1820), Port (1821-1900) and Transformation (1901 until the present day) through exhibitions.

This museum is also where you can find more than about rocks and what has occurred in images and archaeological artifacts recovered from deep under the sea and on land— some of which you can hold in the palm of your hands. You will be gaining a lot of knowledge on many interesting histories at The Rocks Discovery Center!

  1. See The Royal Australian Mint For Yourself

Rocks can tell you past histories, so do coins! If you are searching for a distinct and unusual way to expand your knowledge on history, you would like the idea of visiting The Royal Australian Mint! The Royal Australian Mint or The Mint in short is where you can find some of the world’s largest coin collections.

Not only is the entire coin museum tour free of charge, but it is where you can find people who share similar interests as you— if you are an avid collector! What’s great about The Mint is that they encourage you to start your own coin collection!

  1. Walk Around Little Vietnam

In a truly diverse country like Australia, it is not uncommon for you to find a wide array of multicultural communities like that of the Vietnamese! Similar to what we have previously explored in the fifth point on our list of free things to do in Sydney, Parramatta, Sydney’s very own Little Vietnam in Cabramatta is where you can find all kinds of Vietnamese-style eateries and stores.

You do not have to search far for superb banh mi or a bowl of pho made the traditional way. They are all accessible to you at Cabramatta. Sydney’s Little Vietnam is guaranteed to give you a hard time distinguishing between Sydney and Saigon!

  1. Check Out Some Bookstores At Oxford Street

Between present-day Hyde Park and Paddleton is Oxford Street, one of Sydney’s most historically significant thoroughfares. Pre-historically, the path which made travel to the Harbor’s southern headland possible was used as the main thoroughfare for many Aboriginal people. Today, you can still find traces of the past in the street despite having gone through numerous transformations.

Best known as the hub for classical bookstores, chick cafes, and the go-to place for international cuisine, Oxford Street is more lively than ever before. One of the highlights of this popular precinct is how animated it gets when the night stars are out! We highly recommend that you visit Oxford Street at night at least once, and wander around or go bookshopping— that’s another one of the many free things to do in Sydney’s most important street.

  1. Explore North Head

Hop on a ferry ride from the famous Circular Quay to Manly and immerse yourself in a panorama view of Sydney Harbor waters, iconic evergreen clifftop, and stunning skyline. Once you have thoroughly enjoyed the natural landscape, and if you feel courageous enough, stop by the spooky Quarantine Station and the historic shipwreck!

North Head is also a perfect location to roll out your picnic blankets. And if you are around the area during the popular holiday season, say on New Year’s Eve, you would be able to escape from city crowds and appreciate Sydney’s fabulous firework shows in a quiet and peaceful environment!

  1. Australian National Maritime Museum

Next on our list of free things to do in Sydney is the Australian National Maritime Museum. After you finish exploring their maritime gallery, engross yourself in lessons on ocean science; maritime archeology and history; and take a closer look into indigenous cultures! Or wonder at their wildlife photography exhibitions.

Alternatively, you can hop on board on their historic vessel ships and learn more about each of their particular type, class, and background. Since there are so many things to do and see at the Australian National Maritime Museum, plan your day trip carefully to experience everything fully!

  1. Admire The Arts At White Rabbit Gallery

Prepare to have your jaw dropped by how intricate and magnificent White Rabbit Gallery is! Sydney’s largest and most impressive collection of contemporary Chinese arts is only ten minutes away from Central (by foot). Works from all over the globe can be found at this grand White Rabbit Gallery in the forms of sculptures and computer generated artworks as well as some pretty controversial art exhibitions!

Expect the unexpected at the White Rabbit Gallery. Like a massive stone. Or a teahouse where you sit back; and enjoy your infused tea poured straight from the teapot! You can also choose to pair your tea with delightful scones or some handmade dumplings. Of course, if tea is not your thing, wine and juice are available.

  1. Take A Tour Around University Of Sydney

The University of Sydney or Sydney University is the country’s and world’s leader in education. Going on a campus tour gives you more than just useful information about your subjects of interest. It is a chance for you to learn more about the history and architecture of one of the country’s oldest universities.

Walk around the campus and explore its prominent Quadrangle building, along with gothic-inspired Great Hall, the Maclaurin Hall or the oldest building on campus, and the Nicholson & Macleay Museum where you can find some of the most intriguing collections of antiques and archeological artifacts around.

  1. Get New Inspirations At Sydney Conservatorium Of Music

What better way to end our list of free things to do in Sydney with harmony and joy than to take you to Sydney’s most prestigious school of music! Yes, that’s right, Sydney Conservatorium of Music is located inside the University of Sydney. They do not only provide music education at the Conservatorium, however.

You are welcome to attend the Rising Stars Concerts in which students at Sydney Conservatorium of Music perform every week at the Conservatorium of Music for one hour. This is your opportunity to enter and get inspired by the world of whimsicalness as they perform their ensembles, recitals, and orchestras!

Final Words

This article is a living proof that Australia’s multifaceted metropolis city is jam packed with extreme outdoor and relaxing indoor activities; obscure romantic destinations; and last but not least, free things to do. Not a day will go by in Sydney without you stumbling on something irresistible or somewhere breathtaking and unique at every street corner!!

Sydney will not disappoint you. And we hope that we did not with this complete guide to Things To Do In Sydney! Since we have come to the end of our lengthy article, we want to hear from you! How do you find our guide to Things To Do In Sydney? Is it useful in helping you find awesome things to do in Sydney for your current or upcoming trips? Let us know in the comments below!

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