Ten Reasons Why Interning Abroad Increases The Chance Of You Being Successful

Ten Reasons Why Interning Abroad Increases The Chance Of You Being Successful

So, you dream of spending a year or two abroad before work… trying things out to see what fits… you know about international internships, but are not convinced that you are making the right decision..? The short answer is yes. Yes, you are. Getting an internship abroad could very well be your first step towards success!

And if you are looking for some explanations…

Here are ten things that no one told you about doing an internship abroad:

You Are Put In The Situation Where You Have To Learn

Obviously, you have to learn…you are in another country. You are guaranteed to learn something by the end of your internship. But more importantly, you will be learning outside of your workplace too! What you will learn could be something as minute as picking up one commonly used word in another language or something mind-boggling like how some 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are made in China yearly. You are learning something new. Everyday. And you will continue to do so for the rest of your life.

You Have To Make Things Happen!

You are a do-er(note: this does not mean that you do not plan at all...). You’re automatically in the top 1% of the population! Pursuing an internship internationally requires some degree of commitment. If you are committed in doing them, you will be unstoppable as you gain more experience and become wiser. Keep up the good work and soon you will see the fruit of your hard work.

You Have To Be Creative

Oftentimes when you end up in a sticky situation, you find yourself dumbfounded at some of your solutions. You lack necessary resources and time to process the situation thoroughly. Yet, you somehow manage to come up with a legit solution. When interning abroad, there will be multiple multiple occasions when you solely have to get creative!

You Have To Learn Another Language

Picking up an additional language, as your second, third, fourth, or fifth, will definitely make you more marketable by today’s social standard. Not only will you be able to communicate in those languages but you will also be perceived as someone who is talented and capable. Acquiring an extra language helps increase the density of gray matter in your brain! What’s more, you are likely to strengthen your muscle memory and enhance your cognitive abilities! The bottom line is that once you know that additional language(s), you will most definitely will earn people’s respect. I can vouch for that.

You Have No Choice But To Take Risks

When interning abroad, you will have to take huge risks. It’s inevitable. Doing some research on your destination, your company, and your role could spare you hours of downward spirals of stress and anxiety. But let’s be real, no matter how much research you do, you probably would not be able to get the full picture. Sooner or later, you will have to give in to your thoughts and make a move. You will thank yourself later for it! This will be your first step towards a future where you do not hesitate to take the bull by their horns.

You Get To Walk In Everyone’s Shoes

You get to see things from other people’s point of view. You will come out of this being more empathetic as you grow and be more understanding of what goes on around you. These attributes are essentially what people believe a great leader possesses. And you could be one!!

You Need To Be Adaptive

Adapt or surrender. Natural selection! Survival of the fittest! Your time at a foreign internship company will be the ultimate test of your adaptability as you juggle between unfamiliar work culture, your personal expectations, and your setbacks. Once you manage to acclimate to the changing environment, not only will you survive – you will thrive. In the real world, adaptation could also be translated to recognition, fame, and glory. Need I say more?

You Are Forced To Face Challenges

This is a different ball game than the one you are used to because you are new. You will be encountering quite a few difficult challenges during your stay. But fear not you will be tackling them head-on. You might not be hitting the nail on the head most of the time but you are feeling more confident about yourself. That, is self-confidence. Notice how this is a running theme in successful people! With the right amount, it will take you far in life.

You Have To Plan, Plan, Plan, ... And Plan!

If you are anything like me.. you act on your impulses… and that is not much of a good thing when it comes to work-life. During your time interning, you will be calculating everything from the amount of money you need for a day to the exact time the last night bus leaves the bus-stop – down to the seconds. You will plan out your day. You will come up with a schedule. You will actually stick to it (yes... really… you will this time). You will form a routine. And routine means efficacy!

You Are Always On Your Feet

You keep tabs on what goes on around you. You are most likely to be the first to respond to change which would give you an advantage over everyone else. You will be the one who sets the bar and be a game-changer!

There you have it: ten valid reasons why your internship abroad would set you up for success! It’s time for some self-(re)discovery!! Start your journey today by clicking the button below!

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