Supply Chain Internship in South Korea

In an increasingly interconnected world and a growing population, the demand for goods and services is also doubling. In order to match this demand, supply chains have been established by companies to efficiently distribute their products to the consumers.

In South Korea, the supply chain infrastructure is stable and strong enough to support its manufacturing industries. Some of the country's most popular industries include electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, shipbuilding and steel. Ranking at number 63 in terms of growth rate, the industrial sector contributes about 39% of the country’s GDP.

In order to learn more about the complex operations of a supply chain infrastructure, an internship abroad is the first step into entering this industry. It is a great opportunity to explore and expand on your current knowledge of the industry as global situations are always changing.

South Korea’s Supply Chain Industry

The purpose of supply chains is to deliver products and services to a customer in different parts of the world. It is a complex network of transforming raw materials to finished products and then getting the products ready to be transported and distributed to the final consumer.

South Korea is deeply integrated into the global market and it is a major contributor to the industry. Being the 14th largest economy, Korea has grown to become one of the main supply chain hubs in Asia. With its strong manufacturing infrastructure and a stable economy, the country’s supply chain systems will continue to aid in the process of global trading.

When it comes to supply chain infrastructure, South Korea has a strong system set up. The country has 71 airports and 466 heliports. This makes it easier for freight companies to enter and exit the country. South Korea also has strong marine transportation that is able to transport goods across oceans with its impressive number of vessels, container ships, bulk carriers, cargo ships and oil tankers.

Cargo ships

Fig 1. Cargo Ships (Source: Pexels)

Starting an internship in the supply chains industry is a great first step to learning more about global trade and the international markets. With the constant changes in the economy, it is important that industries are ready and prepared to adapt to these changes.

The spread of COVID-19 has been the latest setback for the global economy. For South Korea, the pandemic has affected its international trade and exposed vulnerabilities within its supply chain infrastructures.

Being South Korea’s largest trading partner, China has shifted in its role of importing products and shifted gears to expanding its own production of goods and services. With this shift, South Korea’s exports to the country have fallen exponentially.

In order to strengthen its supply chains, South Korea has decided to work together with the U.S. and ensure that at least the critical products are being shipped worldwide like semiconductors and medical supplies. Despite the pandemic, South Korea’s economy has stayed relatively stable and the country has managed to effectively maintain its supply chains.

Start now!

If you are interested in the supply chains industry, South Korea is a great place to start. Since South Korea is the supply chain hub of Asia, an opportunity here will open up many more doors for you in your career.

With AIP, your internship in South Korea will not only benefit you professionally. You will also grow and learn more at a personal level. During your internship, you will get the chance to grow your professional network and form connections that can benefit your future career.

South Korea

Fig 2. South Korea (Source: Pexels)

But beyond building up your resume and career, you will also get the opportunity to explore the beautiful country and interact with the locals. You will be able to learn about their diverse culture and explore their history. Your internship with AIP will not be an ordinary one. You will grow and develop yourself at a professional and personal level.

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