Remote Internships: Road to Employment

Remote Internships: Road to Employment

In the wake of the pandemic, our way of life has considerably changed and has challenged all facets of life. Not only has our way of socializing changed, but our way of learning and working has evolved as well. One of the changes that took place is the way people completed their internships and the way they interact with the global world through remote learning.

The rise of Remote Internships

Internships are opportunities for students to get a feel of what they are doing before entering society. It is vital for students to have an internship experience because it can lead to new opportunities, and even guarantee to turn an internship into a job offer at the end of the internship.

Since the advent of the pandemic, almost everything got set up online and because of the rapid advancements in technology, working and learning from home has become very convenient. Progress made with technology coupled with the pervasive nature of COVID-19 has resulted in people permanently working remotely. A report from Remote Global shows that by 2027, there will be an increase of people working remotely with almost 50% of millennials doing freelancing.

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A Gartner, Inc. survey of 800 global HR executives on March 17 found that 88% of organizations have encouraged or required employees to work from home, regardless of whether or not they showed coronavirus-related symptoms. Nearly all organizations (97%) have cancelled work-related travel, more than an 80% increase since March 3.” ( Source: Gartner, press release, “Gartner HR Survey Reveals 88% of Organizations Have Encouraged or Required Employees to Work From Home Due to Coronavirus”, March 19, 2020.

Our research shows that only a minority of employers plan to downsize or ask employees to take unpaid leave,” added Brian Kropp, the chief of research for the Gartner HR practice.  “Instead, most organizations are focusing on measures such as more effective use of technology and freezing new hiring to cut costs.” (Source: Gartner, press release, “Gartner HR Survey Reveals 88% of Organizations Have Encouraged or Required Employees to Work From Home Due to Coronavirus”, March 19, 2020.

In regards to internships, the idea of remote internships has begun to gain traction. Remote internships are internships that can be completed virtually from anywhere in the world. While remote internships may appear modern and only a temporary trend that will fade away in time, many students and businesses have begun to turn to remote internships as an alternative option. There are a number of reasons for this but the main appeal of an online internship is its financial advantages and its long-term benefits to many interns as well as employers. Moreover, in the case where students are struggling with combining an internship with any studying that they have to do, they can always get some online help and get all the tasks done on time.

AIP prioritizes a student’s experience of a wholesome internship. At AIP, we provide students with the opportunity to explore diverse online internship programs. And by placing students in the ideal host company for an internship, students have a chance to showcase their skills and increase their chances at a full-time job with the host company they intern with or with any other company of their choice.

What are the Advantages of Remote Internships?

For Interns:

A survey conducted by Yello showed that when employers opted for a virtual internship, 51% of students were grateful that their internship was not cancelled. Even though some interns are worried about how much experience they will gain from a remote internship, employers and coordinators are set in offering meaningful career development programs to ensure a valued internship experience.

Remote internships also guarantee sufficient financial benefits for the interns, especially for those who are financially supporting themselves during their internship. Internships at home require only a laptop, well-connected internet, and a comfortable space to work in.

According to the reports from Remote Global, interns are estimated to save up to $4000 a year due to reduced food, travelling, and living costs. But internships from home do not mean that students are excluded from experiencing the diversity and cultural differences of an international internship. Most of the elements of completing a physical internship will still be present. This means that students are still able to interact with students from all around the world through their screens and are still able to learn about diverse cultures.

Since traveling overseas has also become difficult, online internships can save up travel costs and transportation fees. The time and effort needed to relocate houses and apartments also becomes unnecessary. On top of that, if they are provided a stipend during their internship, students are able to generate profit and save up during this time as well.

For Employers:

Remote internships do not only benefit the students but the employers as well. Having students intern from home can save the company a lot of money. Employers do not require spending a lot of money on equipment, time, and other resources that would be needed if the internship was done physically.

As mentioned before, remote internships have always been inevitable with the increase and advancements in technology. Therefore, employers who are able to get ahead of the game and adapt to these new virtual forms of communications are more likely to succeed in the market.

Since a lot of employees have already shifted to online working for the foreseeable future, it only makes sense to also complete internships online. In this way, students gain the skills and knowledge of how the company is functioning and are able to contribute to the financial progress and success of the company in the future.

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Remote internships allow employees to train their interns and expose them to how companies will be conducting business from this point onwards. Having remote internships prepares the interns for the current state society is in at the moment. The faster that students are able to adapt to the current global climate, the more effective they will work and assure employers of the kind of employees they will become. In turn, the company is able to progress and succeed at an exponential pace in a competitive market.

Statistics from Yello showed that many remote workers say that they are more likely to work with the same company or organization if the work is continued online, and this is 13% more than onsite workers. On top of that, employers can see their resignation rate drop by 50% when they are allowed to work remotely. This is a huge advantage for employers who do not have to spend money and resources on searching for new recruits.

We remember how difficult the 2008 recession was for both employers and student job seekers, and we know that the COVID-19 outbreak poses similar challenges. The good news is that today’s technology makes hiring, onboarding, and remote work easier than ever before. As companies big and small consider internship next steps, we encourage them to adapt by offering remote options rather than cancelling internships altogether. Continuing to invest in early talent development is crucial to the success of the future workforce, and is key to ensuring a lasting talent pipeline for your organization.”, said Jason Weingarten, co-founder, and CEO of Yello. (Source: “Virtual Internships Statistics and Trends: A 2020 COVID-19 Impact Report”, April 10-15, 2020).

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