How To Put Virtual Internship On Resume

How To Put Virtual Internship On Resume

Have you completed a virtual internship? Or perhaps you are just about to start your virtual internship? Don’t know if a virtual internship will be enough for you to convince your future employers that you are the right person for the job? If this is what you are going through right now, we are elated to tell you that you have come to the right place!

To boost your self-esteem for you to go on and nail the interview process and land the job, in this article, we will be going over all the things that you need to know about how to put virtual internship on your resume professionally!!

Before we go into the details of how to put virtual internship on your resume, we reckon that we should debunk some myths first. Virtual internships are not any less valuable than in-person or on-site internships! You should not be ashamed of undertaking or having done an eye-opening work experience — because being able to work virtually is an asset!!

How To Write Remote Internship In Your Resume

There are a few things that you should take notes on if you are looking to master how to put virtual internship on your resume. Remember that your remote or virtual internship can be included anywhere in your resume. And they all serve different purposes. So, be deliberate with where you want to add your virtual internship experience!

These are where you can mention your remote internship experiences.

  1. Resume summary

Adding virtual internship in your resume summary makes it a whole lot easier for your employer to take notice of past experience working remotely which opens up new opportunities for you to work in a more non-conventional professional environment like hybrid-work.

  1. Location

When writing out your previous work experience for an onsite internship, you have been told to follow the same order of things: your internship host company’s name goes first… their location comes next… you then close it off with the starting and ending internship dates. To add virtual or remote internship, you simply replace the location of your internship host company with ‘Remote internship’. It’s as easy as that!

  1. Work experience

You could also opt to mention your remote internship in the work history section of your resume. Here, all you have to do is to describe your assigned tasks with an additional line stating that you have completed them off-site in your home office, for example.

  1. Remote work experience

Alternatively, you could create a new section solely for your remote work experience. This is one way in which you can demonstrate your flexibility and adaptability on your resume! Dedicating an entire section to remote internship is also considered one effective way for you to mark key specific sets of skills that come together with remote work experience.

  1. Skills

Other than that, you can choose to add ‘remote internship' to your long list of skills! Since your list of skills is one of the first things that your potential employers look for in a resume, it is highly unlikely that they would skip over it!

Things To Highlight

We trust that you now have a solid idea of where to add your virtual internship experience on your resume. We would like to move on to discuss the things that you should underline when adding remote internship experiences on your resume! Take this as the most essential part of our entire breakdown of how to put virtual internship on your resume..!

  1. Incorporate your internship title

It is always a good idea to keep your resume concise and to the point. By stating your internship title, you are letting your hiring managers know of the scope of your work experience right off the bat. What’s more, being too generic with your internship position does not only harm your chances of landing the job since it gives off an impression that you are not fully committed to what you do which could hint at your attitude towards work!

  1. Include why your remote internship is unique

The reality is that you are probably not the only applicant with remote working experience. This does not mean that you cannot turn your virtual internship into something that is worthy of acknowledgement, however. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell them why your remote internship experience is unlike your competitors’. And give them a reason to consider you as a potential candidate!

  1. Emphasize your key achievements

It is only natural that you want your recruiters to acknowledge the things that you have worked so tirelessly for. Cramming everything on a single piece of paper, however, will only tarnish your reputation in the eyes of your recruiters. Remember that they are not only reading your resume, they have yet to go through many many more!

Therefore, it is crucial that you quantify your impact. Bring in those figures and percentages. Bear in mind that your task is to accentuate how ‘you’ have brought about positive change to your host company as a remote intern.

A word of advice: it is wise to keep this at the back of your head during your job interview because nine times out of ten they will ask you to identify or elaborate on what you have written!

  1. Mention hard skills

Granted, virtual internships are only applicable to a handful of career choices and will most likely enhance your soft transferable skills rather than your highly preferred hard skills… That did not stop you from bringing your own experiences and knowledge to the table, did it? We thought so. Now, you know what to do, put that on your resume!

In a list, include how the things that you have in your existing toolbox— whether they be your experience in the field, existing knowledge, or hard skills— help you bring out the best in your virtual internship experience!

  1. Highlight transferable skills

If transferable skills are what you get from virtual internships, put a spotlight on them! The truth is you may not meet all the qualifications in the job post.. And don’t have to. All you need is relevant transferable skills. The more of these you have in your toolbox, the higher your chances are of landing the job!

Examples of transferable skills are communication skills, critical thinking skills, leadership skills, creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

  1. Tailor to your position and company

A strategic resume is not mentioned enough. Being attentive to detail and customizing your resume to what your potential recruiters are looking for is how you score a point before the interview process begins.

While it is true that the skills you have obtained during your virtual internships are highly transferable, tailoring your resume to their demands demonstrates that you have those key specific skills that they are looking for. This makes it harder for them to say no to you now, doesn’t it?

Why You Should Include Online Internship In Your Resume

Earlier on, we glossed over how online internships are a valuable asset today. In this section of our article: how to put virtual internship on your resume, we will give you the reasons why you really should put online internships in your resume.

Virtual, online, or remote internships are effective ways to show your employers that you are a self-motivated, resilient, and responsible individual. Moreover, they suggest that you are a passionate and open-minded person..! All of which makes you a more attractive candidate for any given job.

5 Ways To Boost Your Resume With A Remote Internship

Outside of how to put virtual internship on your resume, we figure that you should be aware of some of the perks and benefits that come with getting a remote internship… because there is so much more than being cost-effective and convenient! This is how remote internships can make you stand out from the crowd in today’s increasingly competitive job market!

  1. Close resume gaps

The working world is ruthless and cold—- having a gap in your resume certainly does not look good nor does it look professional in the working world. Getting your hands on online internships is one of the best ways for you to have higher chances of getting selected and being passed onto deeper interview rounds!

Online internship is a great way for you to fill in the gaps in your resume with something that goes towards the development of your future career. Not only does it build up your resume and strengthen it with an array of skills and extra experiences, but it also makes a BOLD statement about who you are as a person (i.e. you are an active person/ a learner/ a go-getter) and what your work ethics are like.

  1. Communication skills

Communication works differently offline and online. Without non-verbal language to help you navigate the emotions of others, you are more likely to misunderstand and/ or misinterpret important messages online.

Undertaking a virtual internship forces you to develop new communication styles and make use of limited online resources to convey effective communication. Being well versed in online communication will give you a competitive edge in the digital world today!

  1. Time management skills

Remote internship is the ultimate test for self-discipline and time-management. While you have the freedom to choose where you want to work, you have to juggle between staying on top of your tasks, being flexible and active, and holding your own hand through the new and unfamiliar challenges that may come your way. It is safe to say that a remote internship helps prepare you for any future uncertainties.

  1. International work experience

Virtual internship is one of the more viable options for those of you who would like to experience an international working environment without having to travel or pay extra for it. Undertaking a virtual internship also means that you will be able to attain valuable learning experiences and fresh insights from people all over the world in the fields of your interest.

Being in an international environment will also train you to view the subject of your interest in a bigger picture. Your ideas and worldviews will be challenged. You will be pushed beyond your limits. You will come out of your virtual internships with a broader and more well-rounded perspective!

  1. International network

Another essential aspect of doing an internship virtually is that you will gain strong cultural competency. Asking your teammates for their ideas, if you are missing any important details about a particular task, or if they are fluent in a third or fourth language through various online mediums is not only a way for you to grow and expand your networks but it enriches your knowledge on cultures outside of what you are accustomed to!

For virtual interns, staying in touch with people whom you have met during your internship requires them to do more of the same: initiating and maintaining conversations. Being connected with international contracts online also makes it more manageable for you to nurture your relationships with them. Who knows your global network may become useful for your future career advancement further down the line!

There you have it! That’s everything you ever needed to know about how to put virtual internship on your resume.

We hope that you find our article more or less useful in helping you craft your resume! Now, go knock those interviews out of the park!!!

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