Guide: Creating a Resume for Your Internship

Guide: Creating a Resume for Your Internship

While you’re still in school, applying for internships is encouraged as it will give you some experience in the workplace and open up more career opportunities in the future.

The most important part of getting an internship is creating an exceptional resume. Most companies don’t spend more than 2 minutes when reading each resume.

After all, they receive hundreds of them. This is why you should know how to write an excellent resume to attract HR at first glance.

If you don’t know where to start, here are the steps of how to write a resume for an internship in business:

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Begin With Your Profile

Your profile will be the first paragraph of the resume.

It is crucial to draft this part because you need to grab the hiring manager’s attention right at the beginning.

Your profile should contain your current position, your achievements, and your career objective.

Keep in mind that these three factors should be relevant to the position that you are applying for.

The key here is to be precise.

You don’t want this part to be wordy because the hiring manager doesn’t have a lot of time to read your whole life story.

For example, you should state your current position as ‘a third-year management major student’ not ‘a third-year college student studying in management major’.

The latter position is too lengthy and is not the way to write a good resume.

Next, you should write down the academic or work achievements as well as the experiences that you’ve had.

The last element in your profile should be what are you interested in or the skills that you wish to acquire.

These objectives should relate to the internship that you’re applying for.

Outline Your Education and Experiences

Although it is required to write down your education, there is no need to tell them about where you studied in kindergarten or primary school.

Stating your post-secondary education is already enough.

That being said, if your highest level of education is high school, make sure that you include it on the resume.

The education part should contain information about the name of the institute, the date of completion, and the degree that you acquired.

When it comes to experiences, many new graduates have problems in writing this part as they have never worked anywhere before.

Do not worry.

It doesn’t have to be professional work experiences only.

You can tell them about volunteer work, school projects, or any competitions that you’ve entered.

In the experiences part, detail the achievements that you acquired.

For example, if you’ve won in a business competition, make sure that you include the experience.

Sell Your Skills

You should include both technical and soft skills.

Let’s start with technical skills, also known as hard skills.

These are the specific skills that you have such as the ability to use Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and any other things.

Before putting down technical skills, you should consider which one is relevant to the position.

The other type of skills that you should include on your resume is soft skills.

These include your own personal qualities - flexibility, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and more.

Soft skills will show the hiring manager that you have the personal characteristics for the job.

These are the main things that you should put on your resume.

If you wish, you may insert language level and proficiency, certifications, and awards.

Make sure that you check for spelling and grammar errors before you hit submit!

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