Generation Z VS The World

Generation Z VS The World

In this day and age, corporations large and small are catering towards the younger generations— which hose surges in crossovers and collaborations between high-end and middle-grade brands with popular online influencers, viral internet idols, and fictional icons popping up literally everywhere. I mean even Balenciaga and Coach are diversifying their product designs to meet this generation’s likings!

Why, you asked? Generation Z has arrived and is in the house!

Generation Z’ is the term people use to refer to those who were born between 1997 and 2012 who have just entered the working world, in which case, welcome! Unlike their older peer groups, Gen Zers are more inclined to be less tolerable towards unjustifiable customs and beliefs. And while they may be perceived as the one driving the current global resignation and likely culprit for the anti-work movement, their importance will grow in the workforce.

Their disruptive and skeptical attitudes make them a reckoning force in today’s work environment as they continue to search for positions and companies that fit in with their worldviews. And that leads us to where we are today. We should start to listen to their issues (and concerns) with the current work environment, for our best interests (...and theirs).

Pointless Jobs

The rising numbers of Gen Z-owned start-up companies highlights one of the key challenges that this generation, and those who have come before them, face in every industry: the ever-growing mountains of tedious and futile “work”. Companies are ought to understand one simple truth about Gen Z, they will always be on the lookout for meaning in everything they do. The moment you present them with tasks that serve no real purpose — or ones that do not encourage growth, expect a handful of resignation letters.

Job Dissatisfaction

This generation has their idealized view of the world pictured out in their minds. They know what they want and they will stop at nothing until they turn those notions into reality. When working for those who do not share the same views in life does not bring them contentment... Why, then, should they work for you? They are free to choose to be under the commands of those who do; they are skilled and independent enough to do so too! Gen Zers could either find employers that share their beliefs or be their own bosses. Hence why you see many Gen Z startup companies popping up everywhere you go. (Of course, this option is only available to those who have the financial means to do so.)

Now that we have laid down the issues that generation Z face, let’s look at some of the ways in which we can go about solving them.

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Speak Their Language

If you can’t get them to understand where you are coming from; and you want them to continue to work for you, compromise. Or at the very least try to meet them halfway. Be at their level. Attune to their demands. Learn what motivates them to go to work. Find out what changes they would like to see in the company (and you should probably see what can be done to make them happen...).

They wish to take on more challenging tasks? Put them on those! They demand a change of scenery? Don’t say no to ‘that’! At the end of the day, it’s all about giving and taking. Once you have their requirements met, you can take the backseat— so to speak. It’s their time to showcase what they are really made of!

Offer Them (New) Internship Opportunities!

In case, it is practically impossible to have their demands met, we offer you another (convenient) solution!

Let them take actions! Provide them with internship opportunities! Internships are not limited to college and high school students. In fact, they could be an appealing solution to the mounting Gen Z work life issues. As interns march into the workforce, they enter alternating atmospheres with a blank slate. Unlike typical job enlargements or job rotations where interns will be tasked with either more responsibilities or circulations thereof, interns are able to approach old and current issues with bright, new approaches; determination; and excitement by diving straight into new fields; working on exciting projects in different positions.

This fits right into what this generation yearns for. But of course they are not the only ones who will get something good out of this. Companies do too! For starters, they won’t have to worry over issues like ceiling high employee turnover rates. Instead, they can take their time to focus on other areas of the business, like how to optimize the strengths of their workers. While it is true that more internship opportunities are available to most employees in large and middle size companies, they could totally reap the benefits by getting full access to new perspectives and innovative ideas as well as capable and versatile team members— which would be handy to many Gen Z owned start up companies.

The World Ran By Gen Z

Generation Z 'is' taking over the world. There is no distorting the truth. They do not shy away from going up against the status quo. They are fierce, demanding, and committed; yet optimistic and hopeful about the future. Many corporations run by Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers today are all adjusting their business strategies to meet the expectations and demands of this young generation. More and more Gen Zers are showing up as entrepreneurs, white collar workers, and consumers.

It is always wise to lend an ear to those who work for you. Especially if they are Gen Zers.

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