Co-workers, Corporate Culture, And Interns: A Search For Innovation

This is not an article on How Your Company Could Build A Positive Work Environment nor is it one that tries to make a point to make you question Why What Your Company Is Doing Is Wrong. This is an article about the establishment of relationships among co-workers. This is an article about you, and what you can bring to the table.

You, interns… are no ordinary workers whose sole purpose is to complete assigned sets of tasks before going home just to come back tomorrow to start it all over again. You spend a majority of your young-adult life in the office which, in all honesty, might as well be your second home... You are young; you are full of brilliant and creative ideas. If you see that something needs changing, or you want to contribute something positive to your company, manifest it into reality! You are an important part of the corporate culture! You have the ability to make substantial changes to your companies – I’m sure you don't need me reminding you...(yeah,’s okay, I know what you’re thinking... bear with me).

Giant Corporate Culture Wall

“But this is how we’ve always done things!”

The moment you try to propose new, fresh, and exciting changes, no matter how grandeur or minute they may be, you will always end up hearing that one disapproving statement that will leave you with a bitter aftertaste of disappointment in your mouth. You shoot your shot. You fail to persuade them… Many factors are responsible for this mentality: companies with traditional organizational structures and business models that do not facilitate innovation, poor leadership qualities, and short term business outlook. The path leading you towards positive change in your company’s environment and culture is not easy. But does it have to be this way?

Now you are probably thinking: But, what can we do? We’re powerless! To that, I say: Keep. Pushing. For. Change. If you want it, go after it! See it through! So what if thousands of people before you have tried and failed… they are not YOU. Repeat it to them. Who knows, perhaps you could be the first to ever bring some positive change to your company.

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If You Can’t Win By Force, Win By Numbers

Hey – you are not alone in this! You have your co-workers with you! They are on your team (if not, try to recruit them in.. additional work for you but the result could change everything). If the change you are trying to make is something that resonates well with your co-workers, consider your job half done. The more support you can get from your colleagues, the higher the chances are for them to stop and listen to what you have to say.

Or With Figures And Stats

Use your numbers. Numbers, evidence, are important and effective in crucial decision making processes because they represent facts. They help increase credibility of your arguments and claims. Back your ideas with statistics, figures, and numbers. If a large crowd happens to be ineffective against your bosses, try supporting your claims with something realistic and probable that will make them go wow. Instead of going up against, try flipping it around. Don’t go against the current, flow with it! Demonstrate to them how your ideas could be useful and beneficial to them. Then you will sound much much more convincing..!

Change Your Target

What do you do when none of the above works? You change your target! If you can’t go through this door, find another one! Present your incredible ideas to someone who holds more power than you. This person could be your senior or someone who has been with the company for a really long time. Let them fight with you! Team up with them. Technically speaking, persuading them to buy your ideas should be less of a hassle than talking to your boss. Once you get through with them, proceed; plan and work together with them from there. Things should appear to differ quite significantly by then. In cases that they do not cooperate with you, consult them.

What You Can Do Now

As interns, everything is a first for you. You are new to the company, new to the corporate world and its culture; you are even new to your co-workers! Pushing for changes can be daunting and extremely challenging for you... Know that you are not alone in this quest for positive change, many thousands of interns all around the world are with you! Do what you can and give it your best! Fortune always favors the BOLD.

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