8 Reasons why you should intern in 2021

8 Reasons why you should intern in 2021

Completing an internship in 2021 has proven to be much more different compared to the conventional way of doing an internship. With the surge of the pandemic, many students and young adults preparing to do their internships had to resort to completing them virtually.

However, this has not discouraged the students or even employees from conducting these online internships. In fact, online internships have been encouraged because a majority of companies have now shifted to online work as well.

It is predicted that future employment opportunities may involve a hybrid of working on-site and being able to work remotely. Therefore, it is important for students and young adults to be able to adjust to the style of virtual internships before they enter the workforce in the future.

Here are the top 8 reasons why starting an internship in 2021 is important

1. Gain work experience

As a student or a young adult, it is vital to have some kind of work experience before entering the workforce. Employers today do not look only at how well you perform in the classroom, but also at how well you can adapt and perform in a working environment.

The more experience you have, the higher your chances are of getting offered a good job with good pay. This is because employers will view your experience as knowledge of the current job market and it will display your level of competency in the work you do. That is why an internship is a great place to start and increase your work experience

2. Expand your network

Starting off with an internship will expose you to a number of possibilities and you will be able to meet different people. In this way, you can build your professional network. This is important as it will not only build up your communication skills and your confidence but will also help you stay on top of the latest market trends, assist you in connecting with potential clients, partnerships and mentors.

 Colleagues working

Figure 1. Colleagues working (Source: Pexels)

Building your network during an internship will be very useful in fostering your future career. Networking is a good way of establishing a good rapport with potential employers and it will help you gain access to resources that will potentially help you construct your career prospects.

3. Learn more about yourself

An internship is a great place to start for students and young adults who are still struggling to find their place in the world after university. By doing an internship, you will be given the chance to explore and experiment with different roles, expose yourself to different challenges while building your skillset.

Moreover, it will encourage you to push yourself and adapt to new environments by stepping out of your comfort zone. Only by doing this will you know your true potential and how much you are capable of.

 Man at desk

Figure 2.  Man at desk working (Source: Pexels)

Internships are when you are able to really explore your interests and your passions. And this will set the course of where your career will take you.

4. First-hand knowledge of the Job Market

With a global market that is constantly changing and evolving with the growing demands of the consumers, businesses all over the world are compelled to follow suit. If they want to continue to be a player in the market, companies and organizations have to adapt to the changing climate.

This is when internships are important for you. They provide you with a window into the workings of the multitude of markets and businesses that are most vital to the economy. It gives you some insight into how companies can evolve and adapt over time.

Woman Working

Figure 3. Woman working (Source: Pexels)

You will also learn all the tips and tricks of how to operate in such an environment while being acquainted with the latest laws and regulations regarding company policies.

5. Put Theory into Practice

Internships are a great opportunity for you to put into use and show off all the things that you had learned in school and university. The transition from classroom to work office can be overwhelming at times. Internships can be a great way of bridging that gap and offer a smooth transition for you to enter the real world.

Internships also offer a great platform for you to put your knowledge into use without any fear of making mistakes. It is a chance for you to explore all facets of your skills, learn and understand the industry without being overwhelmed with the pressure of getting things right on the first try.

By putting your theoretical knowledge into practice, you will be armed with more knowledge when you enter the workforce. You will have an edge over other candidates who do not have that much experience. This is a great advantage to have as many employers look for experienced candidates who know how to work and adapt accordingly.

6. Make yourself more attractive to Employers

As mentioned earlier, employers are more likely to hire candidates who have more experience and are able to adapt to a changing environment. Employers nowadays do not look at only your grades and how well you did in school. They are also looking for skills that could help the company or organization grow and become more influential in the industry.

Having an internship in your portfolio will show that you not only have experience but are also willing to learn and work outside your comfort zone. An internship is also a good stepping stone into the working world because employers will see that you are not just entering into the workforce blindly and that you have some knowledge and skills to contribute to the team and to the company.

7. Develop your skills and confidence

As a student or a fresh graduate, the confidence that you have in your skills and abilities may still be relatively low without having any prior work experience. By doing an internship, you will be able to enforce the skills and knowledge you already have and build on them.

You can use the internship as a chance to even garner new skills and knowledge. This will increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities. Internships help build your character and future employers will see that reflected in the way you conduct yourself and how you work.

8. Give yourself a competitive edge

When employers see that you have completed an internship or two, you are more likely to be considered for a job position. Past experiences are placed in high regard today and if you have a few internships under your belt, you have higher chances of catching companies’ attention.

Remote Working

Figure 4. Remote working (Source: Pexels)

They will see you as competent and having enough experience in the job market to be able to accomplish tasks and assignments they may assign you. Internships in your desired field will make it easier for you to get the job you most desire.

Employers will lean more towards your portfolio or resume if they see that you have already established the basics of what is needed for the job you are applying for.

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Although internships are conducted virtually now, it does not take away from the importance of doing an internship. Increasingly, internships are considered to be the next step after traditional education because they will place you with higher chances of getting recruited for a full-time job.

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