Why You Should Do Internships In Blockchain

Why You Should Do Internships In Blockchain

Our technology has come a long way since mainframe computers. We came up with a palm-sized mashup between telephones, computers, and cameras some fifty years ago or so. Today, we have developed something even more advanced..!

Known as an information storage system with a high level of security thanks to networks of computers, today, blockchain technology plays an important role in areas like cryptocurrency, supply chain management, and more.

Since the industry is relatively new – only having been established in the early 20th century – it has so much more potential to transform our livelihoods and our interaction with information in the future.

In order to turn that into a reality, the industry calls for creative and innovative minds like you to join their search for a safe and secured future. Doing an internship is one way to play your part. Here are five reasons why you should do an internship in the blockchain industry.


An internship in the blockchain industry allows you to gain a more in-depth understanding of the technology in settings that overlap with the blockchain industry (i.e. in areas of logistics, healthcare, and energy). In other words, you will be rewarded with two different areas of expertise instead of one!

The internship itself involves more than just cryptocurrency and trading, you can be doing software development, cyber analysis, developing protocols, and so much more. Versatility in their experiences could make you more desirable in the eyes of the employers and help you switch between different lines of work.


Getting an internship in the blockchain industry means that you will get a chance to meet many talented and high profile professionals. Sure, you can meet them anywhere: online and offline; but the chances of you being noticed and remembered by them are slim.

Therefore, being in the same company and having face-to-face conversation could draw out your better traits. Plus, who knows, one day, they could be offering you another career opportunity. Even if they don’t, you could make use of the names and reputations of those whom you have worked with or under in your cover letter for your next pursuit. It’s a win-win situation on your end.

Hard Skills

In any technological line of work, you are guaranteed to acquire new knowledge and adopt hard skills such as cryptography, blockchain programming languages, and web development. An international internship in the blockchain industry is an opportunity of a lifetime which enables you to work with new and cutting edge technology in real-life settings.

Since the development of blockchain will be of higher degree of complexity, high levels of technological competency would be required for those who are seeking to fulfill those roles. Hence, gaining those skills earlier on could increase the chances of you being put in an even higher position in the corporate ladder faster than those without.

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Job Outlook

Internships in this field of work helps set you up for a successful career growth. You will have no trouble finding a job in the future where blockchain technology is already widely discussed among large corporations like Amazon who are integrating blockchain as a part of their services. There is no doubt that blockchain will be dominating all aspects of our lives. In a future world of tech, you will not be short of jobs.

In fact, the earlier you start studying blockchain, the higher your chances of landing a job in big tech companies like Meta and Google! Working in largely funded companies could only mean one thing: you will get to work on cool and interesting projects — meaning you can go WILD with your imaginations! At the end of the day, opportunities like these could make you one of the leading experts in the field!

And if that doesn’t excite you, well, you can pursue many other opportunities… The possibilities with blockchain are endless!

Personal Development

Let’s be honest, you may only be reading this article out of your curiosity for blockchain. Or, the industry piques your interest, for the time being. That is totally fine..! But, hang on, doing an internship in blockchain might actually prove to be useful to you.

An internship in this field provides a space for you to feed your curiosity and for you to enhance your personal development. It might end up benefiting you in the recruitment process since completion of such internships indicate that you are a learner for life; flexible; and self-motivated. These made it to the top five qualities that employers look for in candidates!

That wraps up why you should do an internship in the blockchain industry! We hope that they are more or less helpful in your decision making process.

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