5 Reasons Why You Should Do an Internship in Asia

Tuition costs are up, and many university students end up graduating with hefty student loans on their backs.

There is pressure to look for a job that would enable you to pay off these debts as soon as possible.

Thus, an unpaid internship may only seem to be a waste of time for you.

Even with years of burning the midnight oil and spending thousands of dollars for tuition, books, fare, lodging, and food to earn your bachelor’s degree, you may still be unemployed for months.

Even if you land a job eventually, the salary may not be enough to pay off your loans.

So you decide to take a master’s degree instead. Pursuing a graduate degree is a gamble as it will still not guarantee you a job that pays decently.

Prices of basic needs are soaring, and you need to scramble to get a job whether you are a bachelor degree holder or a master degree holder.

In addition to these factors, there are many people like you who are competing for survival in this time of worsening economic situation.

Internships provide you with essential relevant experience

With more and more students having bachelor's and master’s degrees, employers are faced with dozens or even hundreds of candidates for a single, entry-level position who have equally-appealing CVs.

Employers have all the money and time in the world to sit back and be picky, but you don’t.

There is one thing that can make you easily stand out from other candidates they are choosing from.

That thing is experience-- actual work experience that you can only gain from doing an internship.

An internship is a proof that you have real, practical, hands-on experience that can convince the company you are applying for that you have what it takes to use your university know-how to bring positive benefits for them.

To deliver what you learned in the books to life is an opportunity that an internship can give you. Employers prize those people who have experienced this opportunity.

The bonus is that the more diverse the tasks you performed in an internship, the wider are your career prospects.

The company where you had your internship may hire you

Some large companies use internship schemes as a way to cultivate and select potential talent that they can immediately employ after these people graduate.

If you apply for the internship programs of these companies and demonstrate excellent performance, they may consider hiring you if you apply for graduation and there’s a job vacancy relevant to your skills.

Even if they have no job openings after you graduate, if you leave a strong positive impression on your employers during the time you had an internship with them, they can at least vouch for you or refer you to other employers they might know of.

Bolster your networks through an internship

As you have noticed with what was previously mentioned, you get people to know you and back you when you perform well in an internship.

Identify key people in the industry and get their contacts to build your network that you can tap when looking for employment.

So not only do you gain valuable experience with an internship, but you also strengthen your social network as well.

Befriend a few key people working in the industry you want to work in, and they can shore up your reputation through word of mouth or formal recommendations.

Having a robust network, in turn, will pay off in the form of job offers for you.

An internship can help you determine your direction in life

Although you still plan on finishing the current degree you are studying, there might be some doubts lingering on your mind as to what you really want to do or to pursue as a career for the rest of your life.

Undertaking an internship can help you test your tentative desires if these desires are what you really want.

The real-world outlook an internship gives you can guide you on deciding what to do next after you graduate.

The rundown: you do need an internship

While you may not be required by law or by your school to take an internship, deciding not to take an internship may prove to be one of your most painful sources of regret.

Considering the job competition and increasing cost of living, there is a real urgency for you to get a job that will enable you to live and recoup your study expenses at the same time.

With the aforementioned advantages of having an internship, it is simply you can’t afford to ditch.

If you care for your future career and your finances, an internship is a must.

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