What you need to know before visiting Spain

Spain is a diverse and complex country where you will find unique cultures and traditions. Therefore, it is incorrect to assume that the whole country practises the same customs, speaks the same languages, eats the same food, or even experiences the same weather.

In order to help you experience Spain in an authentic way during your internship, a list of things you need to know about the country has been provided below.

Spanish is not the only language spoken in Spain

Spain is a huge country with different languages being spoken in different regions. While Castilian Spanish is recognized as the official language of Spain, various other languages are spoken in the country.

For example, in Catalonia, Catalan is mostly used by the public for both written and spoken forms of communication. In the Basque Country in the northern part of Spain, Basque is the language used and in Galicia, Galician is spoken which shares many similarities with Portuguese.

The best time to visit Spain is in Spring and Fall

Depending on which part of Spain you are planning to go to for your internship, the climate will vary. However, if you want to visit Spain when the climate in most parts of the country is pleasant and there are not that many tourists, the months between March and early June or September-November are ideal times to visit.

If you prefer to experience the Spanish heat and the cooling beaches, mid-June until the end of August is the best time to visit Spain. You will get to experience the high season in the country’s most popular destination.

If you enjoy partaking in winter sports like skiing, the months between January until early June are the best time to visit Spain, particularly the north of Spain. But depending on the kind of trip you want to take in Spain, the conditions will vary.

Spain is a big country with a lot to offer and so you will not be short on a variety of activities and experiences during your internship.

People eat at relatively late hours

In Spain, and in most parts of Southern Europe, people eat their meals at a much later hour compared to people in Northern Europe. Spaniards usually eat breakfast around 8:30-11:00 am, lunch around 2 pm and dinner is eaten between 9-10 pm.

Food is very important in Spain and so each meal is not rushed. They are great opportunities for people to socialize and get to know each other better. But just in case you do start to crave some food before these times, don't worry! Tapas are usually available throughout the day in most restaurants.

Public Transport in Spain

The public transportation system in Spain is very efficient and affordable. Unlike other European countries, you can travel long distances in trains and find it to be quite reasonably priced.

But while public transportation is easily accessible to go around in and between cities, it is difficult to do so when you want to travel to smaller towns. Therefore, it is advised to rent a car so that you can explore the countryside and small towns in the outskirts of Spain.

Spain Streets

Fig 1. Madrid, Spain (Source: Pexels)

Renting a car is not expensive at all when it is outside of the high season. It is also recommended that a smaller car is rented because the streets and parking spots in Spain are quite small.

Experience Spain the way the locals do!

One of the best ways to learn more about a country is by taking part in activities that the locals would. Eat at places where they would eat, go to places that are rarely visited by tourists and foreigners and embrace the culture at its core.


Fig 2. Spain (Source: Pexels)

This is a great way to learn and experience authentic Spanish culture. During your internship, this would be a great chance to see a side of Spain that you’ve never seen before. You will also discover a new way of travelling and taking adventures.

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It is a place for you to expand your horizons and discover new facets of the country.

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