What Is A Global Perspective?

What Is A Global Perspective?

A global perspective is viewing and understanding how political, environmental, social, technological, cultural, economical and legal issues interconnect with one another; and how they work on a larger scale. It is needless to say that global perspective applies to people of all levels of society, regardless of their backgrounds!

Despite its goal of better-ing the future, global perspective is a skill that very much focuses on current changes and/or problems that are occurring around the world which include anything from cryptocurrency and blockchain, global warming, epidemic and pandemic to macroeconomic matters like poverty, discrimination, malnourishment, and so much more.

Technological and digital advancements of today have made global perspective a crucial yet fundamental element to the ways in which we proceed forward into future unknowns. Yes, this is why global perspective has been included in the curriculum of so many secondary and tertiary education globally! But what is the significance of global perspective? That is what we will be discussing next in this article!

Importance Of Global Perspective

Global perspective does not only benefit the world around us but it develops us personally. And here is how.

  1. Global perspective breeds innovation, creativity, and employability

Global perspective has been scientifically proven to boost inventiveness. The change in your point of view on how the world (really) operates triggers two key components of the brain: temporoparietal junction and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, both of which are responsible for “mentalizing and exploring” alternative solutions to certain issues in contrast to the brain’s pre-programmed ones.

Furthermore, constant and continuous exposure to new information and insights is also believed to be beneficial in helping us develop better decision making skills since options that were previously inaccessible are now available to us. This makes you more open-minded and understanding towards others which will most definitely boost your likelihood of landing a job!

  1. Global perspective leads to real-world change

Perhaps we have always wanted to make real changes to the world around us but lack the right mindset to do so. Looking at our current skills, knowledge, and resources through the same lenses over and over again limits our ability to optimize each of their unique functions and properties. Global perspective allows us to see things from another angle; and subsequently, act with our newly gained information.

Though what has already been done elsewhere may not always be the answer to your specific question, they may not be applicable to the problem that you are facing where you are at, but they could potentially turn into one! Adapt and adjust them to best suit your situation. Sometimes all it takes to desirable change is to merely shift your perspective by one degree.

  1. Global perspective makes you hungry for new ideas

Global perspective exposes you to different ways of thinking, experiencing, and doing things through unfamiliarity. Of course, with a global perspective, it was never the question of when or where you put yourself into those new challenging situations and notions but what you gain out of it.

Once you have been exposed to and influenced by new information and different ways of seeing things— feel a sense of fulfillment and a level of satisfaction having obtained those insights— you will stop at nothing to search for more. You will find the old and familiar notions uninteresting and non challenging. You are putting yourself on the path of transformation, growth, and change!

How Can I Become More Globally-Minded?

Now that you have gained an understanding of what and how important global perspective is, let’s look at how you can become more globally-minded!

  1. Follow the world news

The news helps you stay on top of what is happening around the world and it alerts you of any important changes and developments. Aside from broadening your language skills, reading, listening, or watching the news allow you to exercise your global perspective skills free of charge. What a convenient and easy way for you to grow your knowledge and cultural competency!

  1. Enjoy international music, series, or tv shows

Not only is this a fun way to keep you entertained after work or during the holidays, consuming international media is a great way to expose yourself to new and interesting traditions, languages, and culture around the world. With a wide selection of options for you to choose from, all thanks to the evolution of digital media, you can shop around for your new favorites!

  1. Do an international internship

It is undeniable that an international internship requires a level of devotion and passion to a specific field— and lots and lots of resources. An international internship builds you up with the right amount of exposure to an array of foregin, skilled professionals who are guaranteed to help you develop and enhance your global perspective skill!

In our opinion, doing an internship overseas is by far the best option for you to gain an authentic international experience (for more information on your internship options, feel free to visit AIP’s website here)! With an internship abroad, however, you will get a chance to gain more than just global perspective. You will be able to attain area-specific knowledge, valuable work experience, vast webs of professional networks on top of many other useful sets of skills.

We hope that you find our article on What Is Global Perspective? interesting and more or less useful in helping you grow and enhance your very own global perspective!

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