Video and Photography Internship in Singapore

Video and photography are one of those select few career fields where what you do and learn practically outweighs big time what you read and learn from the books.

You can pursue related courses to photography and video production and editing to get a basic overview of the technicalities involved in these fields, but it’s only when you work on your first video or photography project that you truly begin to make sense of how things work out.

If you’ve found your career calling in video and photography, then you should try to get as much on-the-job learning experience as possible.

An internship like international video & photography internship in Singapore is an excellent way to get real-world work experience in these areas, build some good professional contacts, and add impressive achievements to your resume.

Learning Video Production/Editing and Photography in Singapore

Singapore has been seeing a major surge in the mediums of video and photography for a while now.

The need for creating striking photographs and videos that leave a lasting impact hasn’t escaped Singaporeans, this includes not only commercial and advertising purposes but also private events and travel.

No matter what genre of video production and photography you are interested in specializing, Singapore will offer the right work opportunities for you.

An international video & photography internship in Singapore will teach you everything you need to know about professional and engaging content creation, this content could be corporate photographs and videos, commercials, events coverage, feature films, digital videos, etc.

In Singapore, video and photography opportunities are limitless; an internship here would be a great way to take advantage of these opportunities and get your career started in these creative fields.

3 Key Skills You Learn from International Internship in Singapore

Careers in video and photography provide a great deal of flexibility.

You can work as a freelancer or you can work with an agency.

You can also start by serving as an assistant for a professional photographer/video professional, learn the ropes from them for some time, and then when you’re ready you branch out on your own.

You have multiple paths ahead of you that you can choose from, but all these paths require you to possess a certain common skill set.

These are the skills that you need to equip yourself with before you make more serious career choices, and it is these skills that international video & photography internship in Singapore would instill in you.

Let’s have a look at the kind of prowess it takes to initiate a rock solid career in video and photography fields.

Technical Know-How

If we talk about photography, you need to get more than just acquainted with the cameras. In fact, working with cameras should become a natural process for you.

You should know the different components that make up a camera and the functions of each of the components, how to adjust lighting and shade for your photographs, what light sources you can use and how, what are the different photography printing techniques, understanding other hardware involved like tripods and lenses, and so on.

Now that digital photography has almost become a norm, you should also be well-versed with good photograph editing software.

If you are more specifically interested in video production and editing, then you’ll need to give special focus to technical competencies like using audio and video editing software, script interpretation and direction, appropriate music selection, master the process that starts from gathering raw footage and lasts till fine-tuning it to a final finished state, etc.

This technical knowledge builds up over time as you do more and more of field work.

But even as a newbie, who wants to explore what’s out there and figure out the perfect career path for themselves, it’s a good idea to be at least a little aware about these technical subjects.

International video & photography internship in Singapore would help you tremendously in getting your learning in these subjects started.

Vision and Creativity

Just the way an artist perceives his art form before even beginning, as a photography or video professional you too should have the ability to conjure up the vision of the ultimate product that you want to render, right at the outset.

Producing unique photos and videos is, after all, an artistic expression.

You also need ample creativity as you approach this vision of yours.

Developing a visionary and creative mind isn’t that difficult as you might think.

The more projects you work on, the more you’re likely to hone your mind in this direction.

International video & photography internship Singapore presents you with exciting projects throughout the internship duration.

This way you are regularly practicing your mind to imagine freely and think creatively.

By the end of your international internship in Singapore, you will find your mind to be much more opened up and constantly inspired.

Interpersonal Skills.

Video production and photography are not only about the hard technical skills, they’re also about the subtle things, like interpersonal skills, which are very much entwined with the job.

This is because you collaborate with the people to produce a product for the people.

You’d be surprised how important people skills are in preparing you to work in the real-world industry.

As you’ll see during your international video & photography internship Singapore, interpersonal skills are helpful in earning the trust of your clients, understanding the human emotion behind the content, ensuring that you gel along well with others in your team, establishing long-lasting partnerships with peers, and more.

For your international Singapore internship you’ll be working with a diverse set of people, and as such your interpersonal skills would naturally be put to test.

Especially, if this is a personality trait that you think needs some more work for you, international Singapore internship is perhaps going to be the best opportunity for improvement.

This is just a brief outlook on the significant learning that you can extract from international video & photography internship in Singapore.

The internship goes on to offer many more learning experiences all of which make it completely worthwhile.

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