Top Destinations For Internship Abroad In 2023

What’s that? It’s 2023, already? Yup, that’s another ‘Happy New Year’..! It’s time to make your New Year’s resolution come true and finalize your decision on where you want to do your internship abroad in 2023!

Here, we have compiled a list of what we think are the top international internship destinations to help you make better decisions on where to undertake internship abroad in 2023.

How to correctly choose where to undertake an internship abroad in 2023

Of course, it would be more fitting for you to intern abroad in destinations where demands for your field of interest are high. An internship abroad puts you in close contact with professionals in the field; gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas, gain valuable industry insights, and networking benefits.

High demands for a field oftentimes imply copious resources that you can exploit during your internship abroad in 2023. Since each internship destination specializes in different areas, interning in those destinations does not only speed up your overall learning process but opens up a range of niches for you to focus on. This means that after your internship abroad in 2023, you can save yourself and your future employers a great deal of both time and money.

Before saying yes to any internship abroad in 2023, it is important to take into account your personal lifestyle: your hobbies, personalities, and daily routine. Remember that you would be living approximately half a year in a foreign land, you will have to make a lot of critical cultural adjustments.

Where to do an internship abroad in 2023

Asia is a diverse continent with a range of exciting destinations to consider when deciding on where to do your internship abroad in 2023. From bustling metropolises to tropical paradise islands, you can always find something new and exciting to do. Here are some top Asian destinations to consider for an internship abroad in 2023:


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Singapore is a small but highly developed city-state in Southeast Asia that is a hub for finance and technology. It is home to many multinational corporations, making it a superb destination for internships in these highly competitive fields. Known for its strict laws and efficient government, our first destination on the list is also ideal for an internship abroad in law or public relations.

What makes Singapore an attractive destination to do an internship abroad in 2023 is its multicultural population. And that is synonymous with a variety of scrumptious food to choose from. Char Kway Teow. Laksa. Chilli Crab. The list goes on.... You will never get tired of how diverse everything in Singapore is!


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This rising world superpower is one of the most enticing destinations for you to do an internship abroad in 2023. Considering the prosperity of its economy and how quickly the country progresses over the past decades, China is the global magnet of international talents in multiple different fields like engineering, technology, and finance.

There is a lot to unpack and explore in China during the day from its ancient history to salivating food scenes and modern architecture. However, it is at night when China comes to life. Lavishing nightlife only adds to the colors of your internship abroad in 2023. With more than 687 cities for you to choose from, it will take longer than a 6-month internship abroad to cover everything this massive country has to offer.


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In one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan is famous for its perfect blend of modernity and distinctive cultural identity. Best known for highest quality standards, Japan receives global recognition in multiple different areas ranging from environment consciousness, effective government, and development.

If you are hesitant on where to do your internship abroad in 2023, take Japan into consideration! You may be amazed by how much you will learn and evolve in the land of the rising sun. It goes without saying that an internship abroad in Japan will likely become one of your most valuable assets in your career advancing journey.

South Korea

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Home to some of the world’s leading electronics companies, South Korea is where all the popular and the latest technological upgrades, fashion sense, and entertainment. The country’s immaculate combination of new innovations and old tradition captures the heart of the entire world. It’s about time that you hop on the trend!

Let’s avert our attention from giant corporations and study the country’s mushrooming startups. This new year is the year for productivity and positivity. So, start working towards your dream during your internship abroad in 2023! Draw inspiration from young entrepreneurs and create your very own hopeful and achievable future.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis with a thriving economy. Its growing reputation as the global financial hub makes Hong Kong a great place to do an internship abroad in fields such as finance, business, and law in 2023. All over the city, you can find major banks and investment firms in large numbers.

With a thriving ecosystem of incubators and accelerators, this rapidly-growing city is where you can find many start-up companies on the global stage. Aside from its business opportunities, Hong Kong is sprinkled with cultural heritage, tasty food, and stunning natural and human-made architectures.


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One of the lesser known facts about Thailand is the country’s growing creative and marketing industries. If you have been on social media long enough, chances are that you must have at least once come across those tear-jerking Thai advertisements online. Having received positive feedbacks from audiences around the world, Thailand is taking their creative game up a notch.

We cannot overlook its strong points, of course. Fascinating history and culture, natural glory, and world-class hospitality. Thailand is arguably one of the most breathtaking destinations to do an internship abroad in 2023! Holding multiple world records from home to the best soups and mesmerizing historical sites, there is a lot of depth and breadth to this gorgeous land of smiles!


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Rising as the leader in rice production, Vietnam is becoming a global hub for textile, business, and telecommunication. Rich natural resources, optimistic industrial growth prospects, and vast talent pools make the country an attractive destination for you to do an internship abroad in 2023.

Vietnam is undergoing heavy urbanization as a direct result of globalization. In fact, the country has emerged from its previous sluggish economic state to the fastest growing economies in the world during the past few years.

We hope that our picks of international internship destinations are more or less helpful in helping reach a conclusion on where you would like to pursue your internship abroad in 2023.

From bustling metropolises to tropical paradise islands, there is always something for you to enjoy abroad in the year of the rabbit. Do some research, consider your budget, personal preferences, and choose a destination that will provide you with a valuable and memorable internship experience.

Here’s to fresh beginnings and many, many wonderful internship experiences during your internship abroad in 2023. Click here to kickstart your international internship experiences with AIP today.

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