Top 5 Destinations For internships In Blockchain

Top 5 Destinations For internships In Blockchain

Since its innovation in 2008, blockchain technology has made many headlines all across the world. Due to its powerful influence on today’s financial markets, the industry for blockchain is opening up new opportunities for advanced industries such as healthcare, supply chain, fintech, and more.

In order to meet the rising demands in this vastly successful sector, future workforces are required to gain proper training experience and the right education. One way to achieve this is through internships.

With the industry being popular in so many destinations, we narrow down five top destinations for you to do an internship in!

The UK

The UK welcomes blockchain technology by launching a sandbox project as a controlled experimental environment for its emerging fintech industry. The financial market infrastructure makes way for local and international companies to explore astonishing opportunities in their respective industries.

The UK houses one of the most innovative and digitally competent populations in the world. With high levels of investments in technology, arts, and design, the country is the ideal setting for the development of the blockchain industry.

The rise of the popularity in the blockchain industry in the UK prompts for an increase in London-based entrepreneurial businesses. Supported by financial funding and favorable regulations the blockchain industry definitely has a future and a place to stay in the creative and versatile market.

South Korea

South Korea is moving away from the global craze of cryptocurrency and shifting its attention towards other uses of blockchain technology. Hence, making it one of the most sought after countries to explore the depth and breadth of this popular industry.

The digital landscape of South Korea has already paved the way for applications of the technology in both public and private sectors. Implementation of the technology has already been made visible in the storages of confidential governmental data, medical information, and financial transactions.

The government has pushed forth an initiative to create a flexible and favorable business environment in seven designated zones: Gangwon, Busan, Sejong, North Gyeongsang, Daegu, South Jeolla, and North Chungcheong —- with billions of won into each individual sectors ranging from healthcare and ICT to fintech and tourism.

The future for blockchain is bright for South Korea. With decentralized applications for other blockchain usages and almost half of the Korean workforce pouring investments in blockchain, the Korean market is more than ready to become one of the major international hubs for blockchain investments in the near future.


In a country that has always been grappling with issues of fraud and piracy, protection of online information comes as second nature to Japan. And as one of the most well-known destinations for innovation and technological advancement, it is atypical to see Japan at the forefront in the development of blockchain technology.

The market for blockchain industry in Japan is being tested out and implemented in four different segments consisting of banking, financial services, healthcare, insurance, sustainable development, and supply chain management in their sandbox regime.

What contributed to the rise in support for said technology however is the increase in interest and demands from companies and the general public. Out of 430 companies on the Japanese blockchain market, over 64% put their focus on blockchain.

Additionally, Japan has made development of the blockchain industry a crucial part of their national strategy and to drive the quality of the country’s infamous service sector. That said, the Japanese blockchain industry is predicted to continue to be on the positive outlook in decades to come.


Leading the way with 7 of its most promising government funded projects, many of Singaporean companies, including but not limited to startups and SMEs, aim to develop the best and most efficient use of blockchain technology in areas of fintech, healthcare education, and sustainable development. The Singaporean government has already started making use of blockchain technology as a method of verifying test results for COVID-19.

Not only do Singaporeans gain benefits from financial funding, the governmental policies are also in favor of more blockchain usages as growing numbers of companies, both local and international, are exploiting its benefits. Efforts from the government’s side can also be seen in their endeavor to connect their National Trade Platform to those of other countries, using the blockchain technology as a medium.

Like South Korea, as early as 2016, the Monetary Authority of Singapore had been experimenting with the idea of a regulatory sandbox for technological development for financial institutions to provide rooms for innovators to grapple with the creative fintech products and services.

All these factors combined, Singapore has to be on your list of top 5 countries to explore the world of blockchain technology in.

(Source: Shubham Dhage on Unsplash)


Thailand is another go-to destination where you can find enriching experiences in the industry. Despite the market for the technology emerging in 2018, many local unicorn and mega sized businesses namely Bitkub, CP Group, and BCGP have tremendously contributed to the exponential growth of the market for blockchain technology within the country. One of the most well-received applications is cryptocurrency.

As a part of the national strategy and in the government’s attempt to push for adoption of blockchain in large quantities as a major part in their national strategy — or Thailand 4.0 development roadmap — cryptocurrencies, a highly commercialized and popular use of blockchain technology, can now be used interchangeably with e-banking as a method of payment nationwide.

Nonetheless other areas of development such as cybersecurity, healthcare, AI, and social media are not to be neglected by the Thai authorities and those in power. With relentless efforts from all parties, the future is hopeful for Thailand to soon evolve to become one of Southeast Asia’s coin bases.

That concludes our list of top internship destinations for you to kickstart your career in the blockchain industry!

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